Challenge Double Agents : Full Trailer Breakdown

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I will be breaking down the trailers of the Challenge Season 36 Double Agents as I do every season. There are no spoilers in this article that you won’t figure out by watching the trailer super slowly. YES, there are spoilers, but they are spoilers via inference and analysis. Essentially, if I see something with my eyes in this trailer, it is not a spoiler.

This past weekend, I had posted a breakdown of the teaser trailer. MTV just put out a Full 90 Second Trailer and I break it down in both article and video format. If you prefer videos, watch it here:

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Moving on to the Article Breakdown:

We get three beautiful shots of Iceland to start the trailer.

The first real Challenge shot we get is of players swimming to a giant carrier boat (the water looks freezing). They then do a widescreen and a close-up shot of players walking to the daily challenge (we got the close-up in the 30 second teaser).

The trailer then gets a bit spicy. There is a shot of plane, and then of four players running a vast stretch of land. I know it’s hard to tell, but yes, there are four players. Of which, two of them are wearing blue tops, and the other two wearing yellow-green tops, making you think they are partners. Why I think this is so spicy is because we generally only see players run these type of stretches during Finals or Purges. So either that’s part of the final, or someone is getting purged.

They then show us the plane and some skydiving. Skydiving is a bit of a cliché at this point, and not enough to get me excited during a Challenge trailer.

We get two shots we saw in the teaser trailer. One is of two players swimming under water, and the other is a helicopter flying above a boat.

Then we get a close-up shot of two players climbing ropes. I am guessing the helicopter from the previous image lets it down, and they have to climb up and release themselves, similar to the final daily challenge of Rivals 1 (which Leroy won, Wes came in 2nd, and CT DQ’d). What’s important to note is that both men and women are climbing the rope, and on Rivals 1, they had the women climb a ladder since they didn’t think women could climb a rope. That’s what you call progression.

MTV likes to put graphics with cryptic phrases. They put up five of them reading as, “In a world of secrets, danger, and spies, trust your allies.” The graphic flips with word allies into lies. Ironically, they flip from the color red to blue, and I generally associate blue with truth, and red with lying.

There was a widescreen/zoomed out shot of this in the 30 second trailer. My thoughts are confirmed. They are bringing back the Trust Fall Challenge from the Duel 2. In the background, a Devin sound byte appears saying “this is the most mental game we’ve ever played.”

We get a scene of Wes defusing a fake bomb with some codes on it. There is then a screen saying, “access granted” which I guess happens when you successfully diffuse the bomb.

TJ welcomes the cast to the Challenge Double Agents. Tori and Leroy give two generic promos that add nothing to the trailer.

After spending a majority of his life avoiding getting cuffed to a female, Cory gets handcuffed to rookie Gabby Allen by TJ. We get another shot of the underwater swimming challenge.

TJ tells the players they better be ready, and we see the players take off running to start a daily challenge. One of the three players visible is Wes.

Some useless landscape images and skydiving.

There is a sound byte of Devin saying, “You can lie, manipulate, double agent.” Meanwhile, the scene is of Cory and I believe Ashley carrying a battering ram type object through a swampy terrain.

After those meaningless shots, we get a sick look at the elimination arena. It looks immaculate. TJ tells the players there are only 10 Skulls this season. Does this mean there are only 10 eliminations? Last season, the final had 9 players with Skulls, and likely would have had 10, had Big T not been a medical DQ. So it actually might not be different from last season at all.

We then a get a look at an elimination. The players are battling in the same elimination that Leroy and Nia torched Bananas and Nany in on Exes 2. Players get their hands and feet tied to a pole and have to use their core strength to move and reach the finish-line. Spoiler alert: you can clearly see the player’s name on the jersey, and Ashley is competing in this elimination. It also seems like she has a malfunction and her head almost hits the floor.

Nicole Z tells someone they might have to make a deal with devil, which I assume is her. Then a shot of Wes pops up, so it could easily imply him as well. Then we get a shot of Kam and Josh talking strategy in a very hush-hush look.

They give us cool images with the elimination arena being covered in fire, and a helicopter over water in a daily challenge. These images don’t tell us much though.

We get a zoomed out image of a helicopter holding a big cargo net with weight attached to it. Players are holding onto this cargo net, with my guess being the team who holds on the longest wins. Big T in the background has a sound byte saying “This game only gets bigger, crazier, and more intense.”

Josh gets into a fight with someone and yells “I can scream louder than you.” He took a page out of Trump and Bad Girl’s Club with that retort. Nam Vo and Lio Rush are looking perplexed, though it could be to something completely different than the argument Josh is in with someone.

We get a shot of CT smiling with bloodshot eyes. There is another look of the cargo net challenge. I can clearly see Nany, Kam, and Big T holding on. It looks like Nany is about to kick someone off and to their impending doom.

The highlight of the trailer is CT throwing a shoe behind like you would throw a banana in Mario Kart. Wes gets hit directly in the face by it and sells it like he just got murdered.

There is a sound byte of Tori saying, “you never know who your partner is going to be, you don’t know if you’re going to get stolen or you’re gonna steal somebody else.” Maybe this means if you win an elimination, you can choose a new partner, similar to turncoating on War of the Worlds 2, except exponentialized. Imagine being able to switch from Josh to Darrell as your partner?

While she drops this sound byte, we see a human hamster ball daily challenge and then a panned out look of all the players.

We get a more extensive look at the Trust Fall challenge. Amber Martinez and Nany are struggling, Nany pleads to her teammate to not let her fall. We then see Nany fall, and if you look, someone else is falling at the exact same time. Through some zooming, I saw that one of the men to drop their partners in that moment was Leroy. Also, I was able to make out that Nam and Lolo, as well as Theresa and Jay as partners. When they give a second shot, you can see Lio Rush is still in contention for this daily challenge late into it as it seems a few have dropped at that point. There is also a shot of CT reeling some rope in.

They then give us a shot of Kyle looking dead on the floor during a physical elimination. There is then a clip of Cory asking Tori about a rumor that upsets her and she asks where he heard it from, MTV splits the screens and put a shot Lio Rush in the middle looking suspicious.

Another shot of the Strung Out elimination. Cory, Jay, and Leroy look shocked by something that likely happened in elimination. An American male looks disheveled after an elimination, I believe it is Devin. My guess is they brought in Marie or Bananas as his mercenary to take on. Just kidding (or am I?).

Cory in the background drops the sound byte, “I just don’t know what to believe.” It could be from his conversation with Tori.

Near the end, we get a shot of a big semitruck with what looks like a big wrestling ring on top of it. We then see Fessy wrestling with I believe, rookie Joseph Allen, and Aneesa (or Theresa) wrestling Big T. There is then a clip of Fessy saying, “we starting this season with a BANG!” Cue cheesy explosion clip, and then the last footage we see is rookie Natalie Anderson wrestling Nany.


The people we see most prominently in this trailer are:

  • CT
  • Wes
  • Fessy
  • Nam
  • Lio
  • Leroy
  • Cory
  • Tori
  • Kam
  • Ashley
  • Big T
  • Nany

People we see a decent amount:

  • Josh
  • Devin
  • Jay
  • Kyle
  • Amber M
  • Aneesa
  • Gabby
  • Nicole Z
  • Theresa
  • Lolo
  • Natalie

People we either don’t see or basically don’t:

  • Darrell
  • Mechie
  • Joseph
  • Nelson
  • Amber B
  • Kaycee
  • Liv



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