The Challenge Double Agents Teaser Trailer Breakdown

Allan Aguirre
7 min readNov 14, 2020


I will be breaking down the trailers of the Challenge Season 36 Double Agents as I do every season. There are no spoilers in this article that you won’t figure out by watching the trailer super slowly. YES, there are spoilers, but they are spoilers via inference and analysis. Essentially, if I see something with my eyes in this trailer, it is not a spoiler.

MTV put out its first 30 Second Trailer and I break it down in both article and video format. If you prefer videos, watch it here:

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Onto the written breakdown!

MTV opens the trailer with a beautiful landscape image, and then counters it with a picture of a landscape in a nearby area with a more ominous look. They also have Leroy saying in the background, “if I have to play a dirty game, that’s what I’m going to do.” MTV uses the perfect sound byte from the perfect player since Leroy is someone known for being a good guy/fan favorite, and he is talking about playing dirty.

We then get three real game images. One looks like the Strung Out elimination that Leroy and Nia defeated Bananas and Nany in on Exes 2. The next photo is of Aneesa, looking like she is getting ready to go into elimination. If Aneesa sees an elimination this season, it will be her 20th career elimination, setting the record for most career elimination appearances (she is currently tied with Cara at 19). The last image is the man talking in the background, Leroy. Also, Leroy is looking fresh this season.

There is then a sound byte of Aneesa saying, “you’re gonna have to make a deal with devil.” It is followed by a small clip of five men running at the start of a daily challenge. Looks to me like Wes, Nelson, and Lio Rush are in the frame, as well as two other men, one of which who is quite tall (guessing Josh or Nam). When Aneesa says the word Devil, a slimmer CT is seen laughing menacingly.

TJ announces to the crowd, “Welcome to the Challenge, Double Agents.” Tori then gives a generic “this is crazy” line.

There is then two screens with words creating a question: Will These Double Agents Get Double Crossed? Season 25 was Free Agents and had a Kill Card elements that was similar to the Double Cross from Dirty 30. Maybe we see a hybrid of the two seasons, hopefully with no purges or dumb twists. In-between the two screens is a scene of the players walking to the daily challenge wearing pants, beanies, and padded jackets. Expect another cold weather season.

A Big T sound byte appears in the background as she says “this game only gets bigger and crazier.” We then get a look at some daily challenges. There are giants wires in the sky connected to what look like players. My guess is these are safety/bungee cords as it seems like they players connected to the bungee cords are holding onto another players hands, similar to the Trust Fall daily challenge from the Duel 2. There is then a shot of a helicopter flying over a boat. It may be for a swimming challenge.

There is then a shot of two players inside of a giant hamster ball. It is reminiscent of the giant inflatable ball challenges from Vendettas and Free Agents. Then we get a shot of Big T tackling CT, who is holding a pillow. Since CT is holding a pillow, I am guessing he is letting her practice against him, in case she ends up in a physical elimination. If not, Big T is simply proving to be the alpha of the house.

There is a daily challenge with women hanging onto a giant cargo net apparatus. It reminds me of the challenge from Invasion where players had to hold onto a rope as long as possible and Camila almost choked herself out. From the helmets/bodies, I can discern that Nany, Kam, and Big T are competing in the challenge, and it seems like Nany is kicking someone off, leading to that person’s impending doom.

We then get a sound byte of Devin saying “you can lie, manipulate, double agent.” There is a scene with players surrounded by what look like a ton of torches and then explosions in the background. It is eerily similar to the game Minesweeper. Then there is a shot of a player Sky Diving. Hopefully, the instructor is better than the guy who broke Jordan’s leg on Dirty 30.

Two interesting images. One is of players swimming/snorkeling under water. The water looks beautiful, and if I’m being honest, the camera team this season outdoes themselves as this trailer is aesthetically magnificent. We then see TJ handcuffing Cory to a short blonde female who I believe is rookie, Gabbie Allen.

They take footage of Cory asking Tori about a rumor, but split it into the left and right panels while different footage plays in the middle. Tori asks Cory where she heard the rumor from, etc. In the middle panel, there is a scene of players grappling a zipline by hand. I cannot tell if they are underwater though. The second scene in the middle panel is of Lio Rush, who might be the one who told Cory said rumor.

Another Sky Diving image because one wasn’t enough.

We get a look at an elimination. It looks like the Banded Together elimination from Battle of the Exes 1 and 2. From the helmet, you can see the player nearest in the footage has three letters on the helmet and is white, so you know that is Wes. Fessy gets shown saying “We starting this season with a BANG.” Maybe the bang he is talking about is a potential Wes vs CT or Wes vs Darrell elimination. That would certainly start the season as a bang.

After Fessy says the word explosion, there is a shot of a truck driving down a lane with two explosions happening besides it. They then pan in to the top of the truck where it looks like Natalie Anderson (Survivor) is wrestling Nany.

They then post the premiere date. I will say, this trailer legitimately got me hyped for this season.



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