Why Champs vs Stars 3 actually has the perfect cast

Allan Aguirre
5 min readApr 6, 2018


If you watched the original Champs vs Pros season,the difference in athleticism between the female pros and Challengers was apparent. The Challengers could only win when the game became more mental and wacky. The Challengers were far more used to working in teams, doing puzzles, and eating weird shit. They ended up winning the final for the season and coming out on top. Overall, it was a fun series, devoid of the classic Challenge drama.

Then came Champs vs Stars, MTV’s attempt to appeal to more viewers, increase the drama, and even out the athleticism playing field. They did not expect the Challengers to be leagues ahead of the Stars team, especially the male competitors. Champs vs Stars was fun, it just was not competitive enough. Looking forward to this Champs vs Stars 2/3 cast, fans are disgruntled about the Champs team only having 3 actual Challenge Champions, and another person who has not even made a final before! However, when you get rid of the title in front, this cast shows a great shift by MTV in the perfect direction, and here is why:

Wes and CT, and value menu Wes and CT (I mean, Devin and Tony)

Wes and CT debuted on MTV over half a decade ago…and they are still headlining every season they are on. Whether they are heroes or villains, Wes and CT are arguably two of the most significant names in Challenge history, if not the most important. In recent years, Wes and CT have taken on the roles of mentors to younger players and have seen the importance of ushering in the new era of competitors. At the same time, they are still strong players and are still in the game to win. CT won the previous spin-off and Season 29 Invasion, while Wes holds the record for the biggest year difference between Challenge win and is currently 4–0 in spin-off eliminations. They fill the role of both fan favorites and true veterans.

Now… where do Tony and Devin enter this mix? Well, I am not going to say they are anywhere close to the personas that Wes and CT are (hell, if anyone was, MTV would have found them years ago). But, Tony and Devin are very reminiscent of CT and Wes; Tony plays the good-looking, mumbling, muscle-head who continues to come up short and has a habit for poor decisions, while Devin is the social and mental player who focuses on using numbers to target the bigger threats in the game. Devin and Tony are most definitely nowhere close to the competitors Wes and CT are, but that does not mean they are not fun or endearing to watch struggle and grow, respectively. MTV is pushing these two not because they think are great, but because they have the potential to be.

Legit Pro Athletes

We already saw what Louise could do on Champs vs Pros, she is 100% here to win this time around. Arian Foster was at one point the best running back in the NFL. Boobie Gibson is one of the most underrated shooters in NBA history and is still a world class athlete. These three will be stout competition for the Challengers.

Pushing of New Generation Girls

By having four of the best new generation girls of the Challenge, MTV is showing they believe in the girls of this show. If you cannot get Laurel or Emily to do these shows, go young and invest in the future. These girls kick ass and look good doing it.

Drake Bell’s really on this?

Let’s get this straight: Drake Bell is a low-key trainwreck of a human being. This makes him perfect for the Challenge. Growing up watching Drake and Josh to becoming a reality TV fan later in life makes this appearance on Champs vs Stars incredibly surreal to me.

This season might be really good.



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