Which NBA Team is your favorite remaining Challenge War of the Worlds 2 Player

The NBA season kicked off two weeks ago during Departure Week for Season 35 of the Challenge. I wanted to post this article then, but S35 took my attention.

I did an article similar to this before War of the Worlds 2 started for the NFL season, so I decided to do one for the NBA season. Being able to watch the Challenge and my Clippers on the same night some weeks always makes my day better. I hope you enjoy this article (hopefully).

Jordan Wiseley — Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James and Jordan Wiseley. Two polarizing stars whose talent and dominance dramatically affects any game, series, or challenge they are a part of. Jordan is not as good of a person as LeBron, but both players are near the top of their sport and interested in other ventures (media, clothing, branding) as well. Both have the ability to make us miss them when they are not around, and then dislike them once they are at the forefront yet again. When Jordan is not on the show, people miss his athleticism and dominance. Similarly, the playoffs last year were not the same without LeBron, especially in the East. Now that each player is back in the mix, I’m already kind of tired of both.

They also have their co-stars, LeBron has Anthony Davis and Jordan has Tori Deal. Tori Deal and Anthony Davis are honestly incredibly similar, both have shown flashes of greatness, but in the end, all Anthony Davis has to show is one playoff series win, and all Tori has is one 3rd place finals appearance.

Cara Maria Sorbello — San Antonio Spurs

It feels very weird to compare Cara to the most consistent NBA organization for the last two decades. Yet, Cara is nothing but consistent in terms of her character and the way she competes. Cara is an 8x Challenge finalist with a great chance of breaking the all-time record this season to become the first 9x finalist. Like the Spurs, many people did not enjoy her in the beginning, then she began to love and embrace her, and now we’re here, a bit bored by the complacency.

Cara sets the tone for any season she is on. Other competitors view her as the top girl, and in order to be recognized as the new alpha, you must beat her. Tori mentioned it a few episodes ago and it rings true every season.

Chris Tamburello — Denver Nuggets

It was incredibly difficult to find a good comparison for CT. I think the Spurs works as well for CT as it does Cara, though she’s a little less up and down. Overall, I am comparing the Nuggets Center Nikola Jokic to CT. They are both unicorns who are able to completely dominate and change the game despite being in less than stellar physical shape (at least aesthetically). They can beat you in so many different ways that you never expect. Each season you want them to come back in better shape, but they really don’t. However, talent beats all.

Tori Deal — Dallas Mavericks

I know I said Tori was like Anthony Davis about three paragraphs ago, but forget that, we’re onto a new paragraph, and she is Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks. The best version of Luka and the Mavs is a potential powerhouse who can play a masterful game. The worst version, does not have the ability to pull an entire team on their back. In past seasons, Tori and the Mavs have not been in the best of situations (i.e. having Derrick Henry as a partner).

Tori and Luka are both also thicc in the right places.

Theo Campbell — Milwaukee Bucks

Giannis Antetokuonmpo is a big, strong, and long physical marvel. He is a better athlete and more imposing figure than anyone currently in the NBA. The Challenge’s version of the Greek Freak is 6'5 Theo Campbell. Both players rely on their physical abilities, but they continue to improve in the smaller facets of the game. Giannis made it to the Eastern Conference Finals last season, but ultimately came up short. Likewise, Theo finished second place last season. Both players are ready to take on the league and finally become a Champion.

Ashley Mitchell — Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are now experiencing an all-time low after experiencing a dynastic run. Similarly, Ashley Mitchell has two early season exits after winning the previous seasons. A perfect depiction of the swinging pendulum of both sports.

Paulie Calafiore — Boston Celtics

The Celtics have been one of the best regular season teams in the NBA of the past three to four seasons. Paulie currently holds the highest career daily challenge win ratio percentage. However, neither team has been able to seal the deal in the playoffs despite their regular season success. Last season, the Celtics imploded disastrously, similar to Paulie’s performance in the final purge of War of the Worlds. Hopefully, they can put it together after such a huge failure.

Kam Williams — Minnesota TimberWolves

During Karl Anthony-Towns rookie season, he became the internet’s favorite basketball player and everyone projected so highly onto him and the Timberwolves. The same happened to Kam after her amazing rookie season. So much so, that each player was burdened with expectations way too high for either. It led certain fans to resent her because they did not believe she deserved the queen or killa title. It also made her diehard fans exaggerate any of her accomplishments. Fast forward to now, and Kam is a great player, while the opinion of her as a player is still pretty split, however, she is producing at an All Star level.

Zach Nichols — Oklahoma City Thunder

After Zach won Battle of the Seasons, he seemed prime to become the face of the franchise. He was like a team who made it to the finals with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka. Years later, he is like a competitor who traded three of them away, let one go in Free Agency, and now has to watch an aging Chris Paul run the team into 35 wins.

Jenny West — New Orleans Pelicans

Jenny is the Zion of the group. An impressive physical specimen who we know, based on her fitness, can run and swim, similar to how we know Zion can impose his will and dunk over anyone. They are at the very least good competitors. Yet, there is still so much unknown surrounding both players and it will be exciting to watch each.

Josh Martinez — Washington Wizards

Not currently sure what the Wizards long-term goal is and not sure what Josh’s gameplan is. All I know is that they hate the Celtics (Paulie).

Kayleigh Morris — Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are playing incredible basketball right now, while Kayleigh is killing the political game. I expect so little from the Suns and Kayleigh that I’m blown away by how well each of them are doing.

Joss Mooney — Portland TrailBlazers

Unless Joss is in an elimination or in a final, nobody remembers he is on the cast. The Blazers have been in the playoffs every year since 2013 and we really only pay attention to them when they’re in the playoffs. Damian Lillard is amazing and they always exceed expectations, we just don’t seem to pay attention to them. While Lillard is a Superstar, he also dabbles as a rapper. Whereas Joss is a great challenger who dabbles as a “dancer.”

Dee Nguyen — Indiana Pacers

We are not quite sure what to make of Dee as a player or the Pacers as a team. They may have the potential to be top guns, but we would not be surprised if they missed the playoffs either. What we do know is that they’re not a complete lay-up.

Rogan O’Connor — Atlanta Hawks

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Rogan could potentially suck, but the flashes he has shown as a social and political player makes him endlessly fascinating. Trae Young might never be able to play defense, and Rogan’s back might permanently keep him from winning a final, but they each carry themselves well and might be able to become franchise stars. Or they might just suck.

Nany Gonzalez — Chicago Bulls

Nany lives in Chicago, so I decided to make her the Bulls. Hipster NBA fans like me are able to convince themselves that the Bulls are good because they like so many of their players on paper. As a Nany fan, I like so many of her skills, and I want to see her win. Unfortunately, despite all their skills, we forget their fatal flaw… They make poor choices, are often not engaged enough, and simply don’t know how to win. Winning is a skill and that’s why those who have broken through are often able to break through again and again. Almost like a video game where once you beat the level, it becomes a piece of cake every time you return to it.

Leroy Garrett — Orlando Magic

Back when Leroy debuted on the Challenge, he represented the Dwight Howard Orlando Magic. A physically imposing figure who was able to succeed despite some limitations because at the end of the day, nobody would want to face him in elimination. The Magic from 09–10 were like Exes 2 Leroy, on a warpath where their style of play almost got the Challenge title. Every year and appearance became more anti-climatic and much sadder. It’s almost hit a point of depression. Now that Leroy has found his niche as a roleplayer on War of the Worlds 2, and the Orlando Magic have found their way back into the playoffs. They understand they are not the player they used to be, but are content with not having early exits.

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