Which Final Reckoning pair would make the best in real life couple?

Did you read the title? Alright, let’s get down to it.

15th Jozea and Da’Vonne
Da’Vonne has no time for incompetence and Jozea is all delusion and incompetence. Moreover, Jozea plays for a completely different team and the suspension of disbelief is non-existent. You can imagine a gay and straight males because at least one could have interest in the other, gay male and straight female, maybe as best friends, not as a couple.

14th CT and Veronica
As the two oldest members on the cast they seem right for each other. However, on screen they seem more like a divorced couple than a couple with actual chemistry. They do not like one another at all.

13th Jemmye and Jenna
Jemmye can be the tough/fair parent while Jenna is the nice one. You can kinda see them balancing each other out. But other than being on the Challenge together, I am not sure what they would talk about on a daily basis.

12th Kailah and Kayleigh
These two detest one another. I believe both have tough exteriors to hide vulnerable, good at heart people on the inside. If they got to know each other, they would make a good couple. They would need to move mountains in order to do so though.

11th Cara Maria and Marie
One is an extrovert, the other is an introvert. They would be somewhat miserable together if they are could not see each other for extended periods of time. Marie wants to have fun, meet new people and go out with friends while Cara Maria wants to stay inside and read stories about her horse. These two would need to meet in the middle quite a bit to make it work.

10th Paulie and Natalie
In Natalie’s world, she is a princess who lives on clouds and believes in fun and kindness. She may be “fake” at times, but she is a very nice person at heart. Paulie is a troll who believes he is a King. He goes from girl to girl, tries to be the star wherever he goes (even if it is as a villain). In the end, Natalie needs a guy who will treat her like a princess, Paulie is the opposite of that.

9th Tony and Bananas
Both have a long history of cheating on their significant others while maintaining their relationships. You can get at least five years out of them.

8th Kam and Melissa
Honestly, this couple probably does not work out at all. I do however enjoy the idea of Kam taking on the dominant role in the relationship and forcing Melissa to shape up her life and not be awful. Kam is not interested in Melissa at all, but she could help grow her emotional intelligence.

7th Zach and Amanda
Zach probably needs a girl who can test him mentally and emotionally like Amanda. He also needs the fear of God to be instilled in him so he will not cheat (like he has on Jenna). They might be a great pair, though, their image of a perfect life partner is probable not one another.

6th Faith and Angela
Despite the mostly fake exterior, Angela is a pretty genuine person. She is awful in that she takes everything as an insult to her, is hungry for fame, and wants to ride whatever takes her further in life by essentially doing nothing. Meanwhile, Faith is kind and funny on the outside while being a bit more fake on the inside and less overt about also wanting fame and riding her way there, however she can. They are perfect for each other; worst case scenario they become an on-again, off-again couple to stay relevant.

5th Tori and Derrick
Tori is career focused and wants to achieve fame as a host, musician, or actress. She uses the Challenge as a vehicle to get their. Derrick has a masters degree (can do her taxes) and was in love with her. He can stand by her side while she continues to move up the ladder of fame.

4th Joss and Sylvia
Joss thinks he is hot shit. Sylvia think Joss is hot shit. Neither will complain.

3rd Brad and Kyle
Aesthetically, they seem like a Tumblr/Pinterest couple. Their mix of leather jackets and tattoos make them see like a weird couple who swap clothes whenever they can. Brad and Kyle would probably drive their motorcycles to the gym, get their pump on, shower, get a healthy meal, and go out for drinks afterwards. They also seem like a couple who would add a third in the mix to spice things up as they have become too much like one another.

2nd Chuck and Britni
I know these two have already dated and fizzled out in real life. However, they dated for 2+ years in real life which is a big indicator that they can be a real life couple. Both wanted to get on the Challenge when they were together. When Britni got on and Chuck did not, he was very jealous and his foot injury was the last straw for their relationship. Now they are both on together and still have obvious sexual tension, even if they deny it. Watching them escalate fights and being so dramatic in front of the camera; they are perfect for each other.

1st Shane and Nelson

Okay. How can you look at this picture and not see a perfect match? Shane’s type is a pretty dark/latin lover, and Nelson is a beautiful mixed Puerto Rican/Black/White man. Nelson’s personal taste is a person in decent shape who has a whole lot of crazy in them, Shane fits that mold perfectly. When they go to the club, both will be dancing with their shirts off an hour in. If Shane argues with a random douchebag, Nelson will come running to Shane’s defense. If someone pokes fun at Nelson for being corny or dumb, Shane will cut them with words.

Shane is particular about his meals and Nelson cooks with incredible detail (if you watch his IG stories). They both like to keep in shape and are social media fans, Shane on Twitter, and Nelson on Instagram. Even if they cheat, they would fight about it and eventually make up because that is what they do. The cherry on top is both believe the other is crazy.



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