Where does Kam fit among Elimination Elites?

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If you look above, there are three images of Kam winning three different eliminations this season. Her three eliminations win came against Tori Deal, the 3rd place finisher of Dirty 30 (her rookie season), Champion Ashley Mitchell (Invasion), and the person with the most money in the game Natalie Negrotti (32,000 dollars). In the daily challenges, Kam has been the level of a lay-up competitor after finishing in the top three for the females in the first two. And that has not mattered because Kam absolutely devoured some of the best female competitors currently in the game to get to this point. Kam has the final in her sights and is at the point where Cara and Nicole are fearful to face her in an elimination.

On a season, anyone can win one elimination. Only good competitors can usually win two, however, winning three is no fluke. Let’s go through the history of people who have won three or more eliminations and see where Kam stacks up:

People that won more than 3 eliminations

Wes Bergmann & Casey Cooper(5 wins): On Fresh Meat 1, Wes and Casey were famous for their exile wins that happened due to a weighted bag advantage. They finished 3rd in the final.

Sarah Greyson (5 wins): The Gauntlet was the first season with eliminations and Sarah shocked people by beating both men and women to make it to the final and win.

Laurel Stucky (4 wins): Laurel’s Free Agents performance is iconic. She eliminated all of her rivals and won the final to get her first win.

Derrick Kosinski (4 wins): Derrick’s Gauntlet 2 was famous as he took down multiple Challenge Champions as captain of the Vets to only come up short in his fifth elimination against Timmy before the final.

Leroy Garrett (4 wins): It did not matter if his partner was Nia or Theresa, Leroy played Exes 2 to win. He eliminated Bananas twice, and Wes once in order to finish second on Exes 2.

Kam hopes to not come up short like Derrick.

3 Elimination Winner Champions

Cara Maria Sorbello & Jamie Banks: The cousins won three eliminations combined. They won two each, Jamie and Cara winning one as individuals, and then one together against Bananas. They beat their biggest threats to their victory to win.

Laurel Stucky: As mentioned above.

Johnny Bananas: Despite having a losing record in eliminations, Bananas won three eliminations on Free Agents, taking out elite competitors like Jordan and CT to earn the win on Free Agents.

Susie Meister: She had to deal with three eliminations on the Ruins (twice due to her being the only female on her team). Susie proved she was a champ inside of the Ruins and got her second win in the end.

Evan Starkman: After getting his name called out three times on the Duel 2, Evan was finally able to pull out his first win.

Frank Roessler & Jillian Zoboroski: King and Queen of the Rookies on the Gauntlet 3. They can thank Big Easy for his win.

Alton Williams: As the captain of the rookies on Gauntlet 2, Alton was forced to see three eliminations and he won all of them. He lead his team to a big win at the end.

Sarah Greyson: Mentioned above.

Aside from Frank and Sarah, the rest of these competitors are viewed as the Challenge elite. Kam winning these three eliminations and the season as a rookie would undoubtedly put her in the territory of elites despite it only being one season.

3 Elimination Winner Finalists

Nelson Thomas: The most recent three time elimination winner. Nelson sucked in the challenges on Invasion, but he became a star in the eliminations. Kam might be following the same path.

Jenna Compono: A person who was thought to be a lay-up after her bad performance in the Exes 2 final, Jenna proved herself of Bloodlines.

Leroy Garrett: Mentioned above.

Emily Schromm & Ty Ruff: Emily dominated and Ty did his job (keep up with Emily). They finished 3rd on Exes 1.

Aneesa Ferreira: In twelve seasons, Aneesa has won three eliminations in a season as many time as she has made a final. The only person to ever win three eliminations in a season twice! (Unless you count Wes’s Champ vs Pros run).

Svetlana Shusterman: The one shot wonder who finished runner-up on the Duel won three eliminations, beating Beth (via DQ), Aneesa, and Kina.

Wes Bergmman & Casey Cooper: Mentioned above.

This seems like the category that Kam will fit into, at least for now. Nelson seems like the best comparison, Aneesa is the most pessimistic, and Emily/Wes are the most optimistic.

3 Elimination Winners Who Came Up Short

Nia Moore: She was on pace to win a fourth elimination on Exes 2, however, she was disqualified for violating rules.

Adam Kuhn & Brittany Baldassari: Weirdly, neither of these two have been invited back after winning three eliminations on their rookie season.

Cara Maria Sorbello: She is tied with Wes for the most seasons with multiple eliminations wins (four). Cara came up short against four elimination winner Laurel on Free Agents.

Brandon Nelson: The King of the Gulag ultimately met his faith when he took on Derrick Kosinski.

Aneesa Ferreira: The original Duel only had two finalist per sex. Aneesa lost right before the final in “I Can”, the lamest elimination game in Challenge history.

Derrick Kosinski: Mentioned above.

Unless Jemmye somehow outran Kam, then Kam is looking at a spot in the final.

Where will Kam fit?

Regardless of how she finishes, Kam has undoubtedly made a mark on this show’s history. The pedigree of competitors she has beaten in her rookie season is unequaled. If you look at other runs of competitors winning three eliminations, it was not always against the best competitors, maybe they had a big advantage, or maybe they got lucky half the time. Kam is a straight up beast who deserves the nickname Killa Kam.



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