What’s the dirtiest thing ever done by every Dirty 30 cast member?

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Ah, I love when a new theme comes out, and it barely relates to certain competitors. Remember when LeRoy was supposedly rivals with Ty? Remember when LeRoy was supposedly rivals with Averey? Remember when LeRoy had a not shown blowjob from Nia? Remember when LeRoy supposedly had a cousin named Candice?

MTV really tries to insert their players into certain themes.

So let’s go through everyone’s dirty laundry:

Johnny Bananas RW Key West (15th Season)
What did he do: Can’t think of anything, honestly.

Cara Maria Sorbello Fresh Meat 2 (10th season)
What did she do: May have jerked off a guy to win a Challenge. Wasn’t even a power player!!!

Chris Tamburello RW Paris (13th season)
What did he do: Lots of good options. Going to go with Shauvon at the end of the day. That’s one you know he wants to take back, way more than punching out Adam King. Honorable mention to punching Davis.

Camila Nakagawa Spring Break Challenge (10th season)
What did she do: Another soul who I do not remember doing anything bad.

Darrell Taylor RR Campus Crawl (8th season)
What did he do: Punching out Brad on the Ruins. While he was provoked, this was easily his dirtiest move considering the condition that Brad was in after.

Veronica Portillo RR Semester at Sea (9th season)
What did she do: A bevy of options available for Veronica. Was it snuggling up next to Evan to further herself on the Ruins, or is it bullying Tonya for years? Tough.

Derrick Kosinski RR X-Treme (10th season)
What did he do: Surprise pick, but I’m going to go with throwing in Darrell/Aviv & Theo/Chanda into the second to last exile for Fresh Meat 1. In the first pair season ever, when the game got to the end, him and Diem made a cutthroat game move. One we’d see Sarah do on Exes 2. She got way more shit for it 15 seasons later though.

Ashley Mitchell RW Ex-Plosion (3rd season)
What did she do: Another surprise pick. Her telling Cory that she was better than him because her family could buy his. That’s also a bit racist…

Also… Telling Nicole Ramos to piss her pants, that’s straight nasty.

Jordan Wiseley RW Portland (4th season)
What did he do: Hard choice between flipping all the kill cards, or his current mustache.

Aneesa Ferreira RW Chicago (12th season)
What did she do: Not only did she continue hooking up with a guy in Cory who continuously trashed her, she also treated her cousin like shit on Battle of the Bloodlines.

LeRoy Garrett RW Las Vegas 2 (8th season)
What did he do: Remember when MTV tried to assert the idea that LeRoy is a dirty player? This is the guy who preferred going to the draw than possibly be voted in on Free Agents.

Jenna Compono RW Ex-Plosion (5th season)
What did she do: Either Vince or Bruno. Jay, surprisingly in 3rd place. Good for him.

Cory Wharton RW Ex-Plosion (4th season)
What did he do: Hooking up with Camila a few days after Kailah left. Cheating on his girlfriend during Bloodlines.

Btw, playing both sides of a fence isn’t dirty gameplay, just bad gameplay.

Jemmye Carroll RW New Orleans 2 (5th season)
What did she do: Huh. A weirdly clean slate for Jemmye on the Challenges and on Real World. Except on her Twitter, you’ll find her trashing everyone. I guess it would be going at Diem after she accused her of being a weak bitch for staying with CT after hooking up with every guy in the house. Calling her fake.

Dario Medrano AYTO 2 (4th season)
What did he do: Most view his as the “betraying of Wes” for when he threw Devin and Cory into elimination, instead of Bananas and Vince. Except he was playing for 3rd place, which wasn’t a bad strategy, and he also didn’t throw in Wes. My argument for his dirtiest move is throwing in Sylvia and going against the people who were protecting him in the house.

Amanda Garcia AYTO 3 (3rd season)
What did she do: Her midnight tirade and abuse of Mike Crescenzo in the AYTO house.

Tony Raines RW Skeletons (4th season)
What did he do: Do you remember when Tony had two ex-girlfriends and his current girlfriend all in the Real World house, and he hooked up secretly with ALL of them.

Oh yeah, his worst move was his actions towards Camila the night they got disqualified.

Simone Kelly AYTO 1 (3rd season)
What did she do: Does it matter?

Nelson Thomas AYTO 3 (3rd season)
What did he do: Double-crossing Shane and Cory during the Underdog Bloodbath to make it to the final. King move right there. Gotta be dirty to win. Get it any way you can.

Nicole Ramos Bloodlines (3rd season)
What did she do: Told her cousin lies about information told between Camila/KellyAnne/Nany in order to stir up drama, then ran away from the situation when it benefited her.

Hunter Barfield AYTO 3 (2nd season)
What did he do: Pretty tame guy. Except when he had a tirade in Invasion asking who could beat him. Getting into it with Bananas, telling him he was afraid to see him 1 v 1.

Marie Roda RW St. Thomas (3rd season)
What did she do: Basically came out of nowhere on this one.

Devin Walker AYTO 3 (2nd season)
What did he do: Manipulating Kiki all throughout his season of AYTO. The way he toyed with her, picked her up, dropped her, and would immediately pick her back up again was awful.

LaToya Jackson RW St. Thomas (3rd season)
What did she do: Clean record on this one. Maybe her Shelter hookup with Nelson? Hilariously, remember when she accused Swift of not wiping his ass on the reunion of her RW season? Legend.

Shane Raines Bloodlines (2nd season)
What did he do: Getting into a fight with his brother on the first night in the Challenge house. Not much else to go on.

Kailah Casillas RW Go Big Or Go Home (2nd Season)
What did she do: Peeing the bed. I mean, we’re all human. One might think Cory was the worst, but he was a step up from Dione from her RW season. RW hookups don’t hurt you, it’s a dumb time.

Christopher Ammon RW Go Big Or Go Home (1st season)
What did he do: Leaked information of his Real World season as it was filming, forcing an image of racism on Jenna T. One could have found that by watching the season, but he didn’t help.

Britni Thornton AYTO 3 (1st season)
What did she do: Mostly got into spats with a girl named Hannah over this guy named Chuck on AYTO. At the end of the day, she’s still with Chuck.

Derrick Henry AYTO 5 (1st season)
What did he do: MTV casted him due to them liking him and wanting to put him on the show ASAP. Nothing else. Nice guy.

Tori Deal AYTO 4 (1st season)
What did she do: She dated and banged the roommate of her perfect match, AYTO 3/RW Bad Blood cast member Mike Crescenzo, sometimes referred to as Aryan Mike.



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