What season of the Real World deserves to be reunited?

It was the year 2007, MTV had decided to do a 3 week min-series reunion of the Real World Las Vegas, one of the greatest seasons ever in Real World history. We are here today to discuss what season of the Real World deserves to be brought back, and given a similar reunion.

Where will we begin?

RW Austin (2005) Season 16

Cast: Weston Bergmann, Johanna Botta, Nehemiah Clark, Melinda Stolp, Danny Jamieson, Rachel Moyal, Lacey Buehler

How realistic would this be? 5/10

Who can we get back? Wes (if wifi and phones are allowed), Nehemiah, Danny, Melinda.

Hard sells: Rachel and Lacey

Almost no chance: Johanna

Does it deserve to be brought back? 10/10 The answer to this question is yes. At the Real World Awards Bash, it won the award for best RW season ever, and while those were heavily skewed towardds newer seasons, Austin is an important season to RW history. It was a show that many remember for it in its own, Danny’s story-line of his mother passing away, how hot Melinda, the interesting dynamic between Wes and Johanna, the Wes/Nehemiah brotherhood, Lacey being super judgmental, Danny getting attacked on the streets, and the Nehemiah/Rachel fight over the war. Such a crazy good season.

When it happened, Danny and Melinda were supposed to breakout stars, but since their subsequent Challenge appearances, Wes Bergmann has become an MTV superstar, even in MTV’s Sonic commercial from a month ago.

Danny and Melinda were supposed to do Exes 2, but weren’t able to do it due to time concerns, a 3 week special should be doable. Nehemiah is down. The problems come with Rachel M, she hasn’t done a show since season 15, the Gauntlet 3. Lacey did Battle of the Seasons (2012), but that was a shock, as it was her first show in 7 years. Johanna is the toughest sell due to the history between her and Wes, and that she hasn’t done a Challenge due to asking for large amounts of money. It’s easy to do a reunion with 6/7, doing it without Johanna sounds wrong.

RW Key West 2006 Season 17

Cast: Johnny Bananas, Paula Meronek, Tyler Duckworth, Svetlana Shusterman, Zach Kram, Janelle Casanave, Jose Tapia

How realistic would this be? 3.5/10

Who can we get back? Bananas, Tyler

Maybes: Paula

Super hard sell: Zach

1% chance: Jose, Janelle

No chance: Svetlana

Does it deserve to be brought back? 2/10 If it was brought back, it would be the Johnny Bananas show. The only two you can guarantee are Johnny and Tyler, the two people you don’t want to see. Zach only did the Gauntlet 3, Janelle hasn’t done a Challenge since Gauntlet 3, and Jose never did a Challenge. Really hard to envision getting ALL of those people. Considering MTV calls Svetlana for every Challenge, she is going to say no to this as well. She loathes Johnny.

RW Denver/Sydney/Hollywood/Brooklyn/Cancun/DC

Denver was a crazy season, with a season of insane people. It’s healthier that they all not be reunited and put on a season together.

Sydney is a sloppy season. KellyAnne, Cohutta, Dunbar, Isaac, and at least 2 of the other 4 girls are probably down to do a season again for a short time (not sure if together).

MTV has seemingly forgotten about RW Hollywood. Maybe not seemingly, this show has a total lack of representation on the Challenges.

You know that Brooklyn could get at least 5/8 of their original cast back for a reunion. Then you remember that the season wasn’t good.

Cancun has multiple parents with Jasmine, Jonna, and Joey. Ayiiia would be down, Derek would be down, maybe CJ, no clue what Bronne does these days. Another ehhh season.

Real World DC is even more ignored than RW Hollywood. Emily Schromm is the only one somewhat keeping it alive.

Real World Back to New Orleans (2010) Season 24

Cast: Jemmye Carroll, Preston Roberson-Charles, McKenzie Coburn, Eric Patrick, Sahar Dika, Ryan Leslie, Ashlee Feldman, Ryan Knight*

How realistic would this be? 6.5/10

Who can we get back: Jemmye, Preston

Who I think would come back: Sahar, Ashlee, Eric, McKenzie

Not sure MTV will ask back: Ryan

Does it deserve to be brought back? 6.5/10 Bringing back a RW NOLA cast to remember Knight would be incredibly touching. Watching the same group celebrate a Mardi Gras in his honor would be beautiful. Maybe it would be too emotional for the cast. I do know that if it was for Knight, all the cast would come back, probably even Ryan. Not sure if MTV would want to invite Ryan back, maybe for one weekend.

Real World Back to Las Vegas (2011) Season 25

Cast: Nany Gonzalez, LeRoy Garrett, Heather Marter, Dustin Zito, Naomi Defensor, Heather Cooke, Adam Royer*

How realistic would this be? 7.5/10

Who can we get back: LeRoy, Dustin, Mike, Nany

Who I think would come back: Naomi, Cooke

Maybes: Heather

Banned: Adam

Does it deserve to be brought back? 10/10 Word of advice: Re-watch this season if you ever get the time. This season is epic. The amount of hookups is insane: Adam/Nany, LeRoy/Naomi, Dustin/Heather, and Nany/Heather. The fights are great, the personalities are interesting, and overall the Las Vegas vibe is the best.

A second reunited Vegas season makes sense too. The problems are the Heather/Dustin relationship. She wants nothing to do with him. Nany is retired from reality television, however, she loves her RW family, so I’d fully expect her to be in. This family has stayed close for bad or worse.

RW Back to San Diego and RW St. Thomas

Did you watch these seasons? Let’s not bring these back.

Real World Portland (2013) Season 28

Cast: Averey Tressler, Jordan Wiseley, Nia Moore, Johnny Reilly, Jessica McCain, Marlon Williams, Anastasia Miller, Joi Neirmeyer, Daisy Tressler

Who can we get back: EVERYONE… probably?

Does it deserve to be brought back? 9/10 Tough one here. The season is long enough ago to be reunited and recent enough that we could get the whole cast back. Jess, Reilly, and Averey have been on Challenges as recently as Rivals 3, Marlon has said he wants back on the show, Daisy is still alive, Jordan is currently on the show, Nia has accepted availability calls to recent seasons, Joi wants to promote herself, and Anastasia…(honestly, no clue where she is).

These people have all either grown up a ton, or devolved into worse people over the time. Averey and Nia are good friends now, Jordan and Reilly are friends now, Marlon is bisexual and no longer fully pursuing music, Jessica is trying to be a chef, and Anastasia…(I was planning to look her up on social media, had no desire, and continued to write this).

Wasn’t the best season at the time, though it’s had great re-watch value after.

What season deserves to be reunited most?

In order:

  1. Real World Las Vegas 2011
  2. Real World Portland 2013
  3. Real World New Orleans 2010

What do you think?



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