What do former Challenge competitors think of the Dirty 30?

There’s no Challenge opinions quite like the ones from former Challenge competitors. So what do former competitors say about the upcoming Dirty 30? Well, the wonderful Lexie Young (admin of the Challenge FB Group), interviewed bundles of former competitors, doing mini Q & A’s to get their opinion on the upcoming season. Questions were asked like: whether they’re watching, who is the dirtiest player, who would you be playing with, and whether they would do another Challenge?

Here we go:

Davis Mallory — RW Denver: 3 Challenges, Highest Finish: Last male eliminated on the Inferno 3. Last appearance: Rivals 1

Most remember him for being the gay kid who got punched out by CT on the Inferno 3. However, Davis was a bit underrated, he did solidly on the Inferno 3 and Duel 2. He was dealt a bad hand by being partnered with Tyrie on Rivals 1. What did he have to say about the upcoming season?

Robb Schreiber — Real World St. Thomas: 2 Challenges, Highest Finish: 5th Place Battle of the Seasons, Last appearance: Rivals 2

Robb was known for being one of the tallest guys in the history of the show. At a whopping 6'6, it was always wonder why MTV did not cast him more. On Rivals 2, he had a great performance with Derek, but they lost in Snapper, a game of no athleticism. In recent years, Robb has bulked up a ton. He has some hidden gem moments and quotes on Rivals 2.

Jasmine Reynaud — Real World Cancun: 5 Challenges, Highest Finish: 4th Place Rivals 1, Last appearance: Free Agents

When she entered the Challenge, Jasmine would not try to be cocky, instead she was busy getting drunk and fighting people. Famously fought with Camila for calling her Jonna, then had the feuds with her own partner on Exes 1. Jasmine was interesting during her time on the Challenge.

Trey Weatherholtz — Real World St. Thomas: 2 Challenges, Highest Finish: 6th place, Last appearance: Rivals 2

Another guy from St. Thomas! Trey is most known for being partnered with Zach on Rivals 2. During their season, they won the first two daily missions and finished second in the next two. A bad slip up led to them being in elimination, and Zach cheating cost them the game. He was an alternate on Free Agents, and hasn’t gotten to compete since.

Jay Mitchell — Real World Explosion: 1 Challenge, Highest Finish: 3rd Place Exes 2, Last appearance: Exes 2

It’s been a while since we have seen Jay on an MTV related show after his embarrassing finish on Exes 2. He was last seen on the reunion for Exes 2, and has since done the web reality series called Sequestered, and followed it up with an appearance on Sequestered All Stars.

Brandon Nelson — Fresh Meat 2: 5 Challenges, Highest Finish: fourth to last eliminated on Cutthroat, Last appearance: Free Agents

The man known as the Gulag gangster (okay, I made that up right now). Brandon is a chill dude who is incredibly grateful for everything that is the Challenge. He loves the vacation, the competition, the traveling, and the swag bags of clothes that you get. Brandon was last seen on Free Agents.

Derek Chavez — Real World Cancun: 3 Challenges, Highest Finish: 4th Place Battle of the Seasons, Last appearance: Rivals 2

A bit of an underrated competitor, Derek Chavez showed out a bit on Rivals 2 during the Hall Pass elimination, and made it to the end of Battle of the Seasons, losing right before the final.

Adam Kuhn — AYTO Season 1: 1 Challenge, Highest Finish: 9th place, Last appearance: Exes 2

Adam was part of the first group of AYTO cast members to make their jump to the Challenge. He was brought down by his dead-weight partner and saw 3 eliminations where they won, mostly due to Adam. A close step away from four wins his rookie season.

Tori Hall — Road Rules Viewers Revenge: 3 Challenges, Highest Finish: Won Cutthroat and the Gauntlet 3, Last appearance: Cutthroat

The two time Challenge champion actually has won more Challenges than her ex husband, Brad Fiorenza. Tori is an underrated competitor, and she is fine with that as it has ended with her winning twice, and finishing 5th the other time.

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