What Challenge Competitors would be perfect for the Big Brother house?

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So recently I watched 17 seasons of Big Brother. Do I love it? Yes, some seasons a lot more than others. Do I love it as much as the Challenge? No. Though there is a lot to appreciate about Big Brother. The Head of Household and Veto competitions often reward some of the best physical competitors, sometimes reward the smartest, and others reward luck. What makes it great is the ability for some to be a vote from defeat to legitimately in the power seat the next. Veto competitions are not like eliminations, though they are enjoyable and when a competitor on the blocks win one, it adds to the drama of the game.

I’ve decided to list out the 16 MTV Challenge competitors and personalities that would be perfect for the game. By no means is this a ranking, just the first 16 where after racking my brain and going through all the names that I felt were the 16 best candidates in filling out a cast.

Honorable Mentions
Kenny Santucci — Great social game, always makes it to the end. Though not sure how his charm would work in this game.
Darrell Taylor — Literally too big of a physical threat. Would be one of the first three out unless he won every Veto/HOH.
Jordan Wiseley — Too into himself.
Syrus Yarbough — Hilarious guy, just didn’t make the cut.
Timmy Beggy — Too nice?

Laurel Stucky — Too into herself.
Susie Meister — We already cast Sarah.
Johanna Botta — Not sure what she brings. The guys would love her though.
Emily Schromm — Like Darrell, too big of a threat.
Evelyn Smith — Like Emily and Darrell, too big of a threat. Possible Vanessa Rousso though.
Aneesa Ferreira — It was between her or Beth for one of the last spots.

Now onto who actually made it:

Weston Bergmann

This one seems obvious. He’s a master manipulator who is overt about how he will play the game. Like Will Kirby, he’ll tell you he doesn’t like you.

Every show with Wes on it is better. He not only wants to win, but will try to play the perfect game to prove he’s a winner. He’s gained the respect of Survivor competitors during his Tweet battles with them over which show is tougher. They think Survivor is supreme, but Wes would thrive in both.

Coral Smith

One of the greatest competitors of the early era of the Challenge would be great on Big Brother. She was known for her snark and one-liners. Coral’s commentary alone in DR’s would make her a fan favorite.

Here are four Coral quotes:

“I wear a 32 Double D bra. One boob alone could kick her ass.”

“I don’t wrestle, I f***ing beat bitches up”

“When I was comin’ on this Challenge, I said to myself, ‘Coral, you gotta work on your swimmin’.’ So that I did, and let me tell you, fish I am. They don’t call me Coral for nothin’!”

Coral’s about Ev & Brooke when Brooke had to leave on The Gauntlet 3: “I haven’t seen a goodbye that dramatic since Rose said goodbye to Jack at the end of Titanic. It’s whack. I mean, is Brooke even a real lesbian….?”

Now here is Coral on the Fresh Meat 1 after-show. This a low-key major hilarious moment in Challenge history. Coral roasted 80% of the cast. We need her on another show.

Derrick Kosinski

If you want a kick-ass competitor who will rip someone’s head off and be perfect for Big Brother endurance and speed competitions, Derrick is your guy. He’s also a loyal player who can find himself in the wrong situations. Be wary of a blindside.

KellyAnne Judd

Every season needs a bit of eye candy. Not only does KellyAnne fill that role, but her type of athleticism is perfect for Big Brother. She’s a yoga expert who has shown to have great endurance. Her face off against Rachel & Robin on the Island was basically a Big Brother endurance competition. Maybe throw in a showmance?

Cohutta Grindstaff

When casting, you have to fill your roles and stereotypes. Cohutta is one of them who will add a ton to the game with his awesome DR’s and his surprising showmance that is bound to happen.

Sarah Rice

Despite all the Sarah hate these days, she might be the female Wes in terms of game-play. While most dominant female competitors are known for physically beating down their opponents, Sarah is one to outsmart them and out-skill them. On Exes 2, she took full reins of her teams politics (often a guy move), and led herself and Jordan to victory.

Shane Landrum


We just saw on Invasion of the Champions how shady that Shane would get to win. Shane is not only fence-sitter, but also incredibly loyal and honest with his friends. The way he is able to play both sides of the game is great to watch. It’s often bit him in the ass at the end; he’s perfect for BB with his mix of intelligence, social play, and athleticism.

Veronica Portillo

How can we do this show without the Queen of the Mean Girls? Veronica would find a way to finesse herself to top 7 at the very least. The perfect mix of eye candy and social game. She’s also a solid competitor who could win an HoH.

Brandon Nelson

A fan favorite for his time on Cutthroat, and an all around chill guy. Brandon doesn’t complain and loves his experiences on these shows. For him, this would be like going to work. He’s also famous in the Challenge houses for being a great cook. People would keep him in the house just to cook meals and he could float to the end, shocking people with his athleticism.

Kailah Casillas

You have to cast your super fans. Kailah has been watching BB since she was younger with her father, and tweets about it when its in season all the time.

Add in that she’s a stone cold fox who has abs for days and can kick ass in competitions! She might be public enemy number 1, but she’s a no doubt casting choice.

Dario Medrano/Raphy Medrano

If you’ve never watched Big Brother, they love to use this twist called the twin twist. Throughout the show when the twins go into the Diary Room individually, they swap the two. If they make it past a certain elimination, they both enter the game as individuals. Dario and Raphy would be perfect for this. Another contender was Thomas and Stephen, except Tom is noticeably chubbier than Stephen.

Theresa Gonzalez

One of the last seasons that we saw Theresa on (Free Agents), she got the entire house to go on a witch hunt to vote in Laurel. Then when it was her turn to vote, she burned it to save her ass. Big Brother needs Theresa.

Johnny Bananas

I don’t think Johnny would excel in Big Brother or any reality game besides the Challenge. Johnny has spent his entire life becoming good at one thing.

Beth Stolarczyk

She wasn’t called Osama Beth Laden for being the nicest. She may or may not the best first one voted out, she may or may not quit. America just needs Beth on a show, doesn’t matter which.

Chris Tamburello (CT)

I really though that CT would lose quickly due too him being too big of a threat. Then I realized that he is CT, and he is good for television.

Devyn Simone

If she really is a great politician, let’s see it happen once the game revolves so much on social skills. She’s going to give great quotes and gifs like theses. Plus things like Wig Funerals are super accepted on Big Brother.

I hope you enjoyed this either as a Challenge fan, a Big Brother fan, or both! I’m also doing coverage of BB19 occasionally. I wrote about the recent Bullying issues on the show and how its ruining the integrity of the Big Brother game.



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