Vendettas: NoteGate and the most important notes in Challenge history

Allan Aguirre
5 min readFeb 13, 2018


While NoteGate seems like a singular experience, written notes are surprisingly a big part of Challenge history. Whether they’ve been used as a prank, or as a piece information they want given to another person, notes are a simple way to communicate on the show. In order to properly celebrate tonight’s episode, we must go through some of the best and worst use of notes in Challenge history:

Rivals 2 RapGate

On Rivals 2, it was alleged that Diem wrote a dis rap about Nany after seeing her getting cozy with CT. This rap was never found. However, this didn’t stop Bananas and Knight from writing their own version of the rap. While the lyrics are whack, the joke did its job, Nany was upset, and it started drama in the house.

Note Grade: A+

Kailah leaves Cory a note during Invasion

After getting eliminated by Sylvia, Kailah left Cory a note to tell him that she really cared about their two weeks of hooking up. Unfortunately for Kailah, Cory was quick to move on to Camila. A couple episodes after the Kailah elimination, Camila finds the note in Cory’s bed and pokes fun at Kailah by reading the note aloud. Camila’s a dick, but this was kind of funny.

Note Grade: F
Way the note was shown/used: B-

Sarah and Jordan make-up on Exes 2

Easily the most functional use of a note on this show is when Sarah writes a note to Jordan about she misses how close they used to be as a partnership. In the previous episodes they had been crumbling by the wayside when it came to chemistry, and this note brought them back together and helped them win the season. My only gripe is this is boring and too sappy for reality TV.

Note Grade: D
Use of Note: B+

CJ’s note to Ashley, and Knight’s note to CJ on Battle of the Seasons

On Battle of the Season, CJ was really into Ashley Kelsey, and Ashley K viewed him only as a friend. When CJ wrote a love note to Ashley, it was found by Jemmye and Marie. They decided to read the note aloud to friend group and wrote a letter back where Knight came up with a decent chunk. The fact that Knight was part of two note scandals shows that he had an underrated talent as a writer.

CJ’s Note Grade: F
Knight’s Note Grade: B

Wes leaves a note for KellyAnne on the Ruins

I am never not using this Gif when given the chance, deal with it.

Of course, Wes would lose in dramatic fashion and leave a note for his girlfriend at the time. In it he reveals that Brad has had an alliance with Evan and Kenny the whole time, meaning that one of the sides might have thrown the final in order to give each other a guaranteed payday. He tells her to send Johanna home and play with Brad close to her. Wes even says that despite all of Evan’s faults he isn’t a bad guy.

Note Grade: B+

Dunbar throws Paula under the bus on Cutthroat

In classic Dunbar fashion, he screwed Paula over for his own game. After having her back, he flipped in the final vote to align with Brad/Tori to vote Tyler and Paula into the final elimination. Paula posted the note he wrote to her promising to get her to the end no matter what.

Note Grade: F
Paula posting it on the fridge: C+

Dunbar again, except on Exes 1

Not really notes, but Dunbar left his emails to his girlfriend. In it he says if not for a war injury that he’d easily be the top athlete in the house. Sit on that for a second.

Unintentional Humor Grade: A+

Hope you all had fun with this, and hopefully this next episode becomes the best note related episode in Challenge history.



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