Top 5 Ladies who would have been perfect for the Challenge Dirty 30

The Challenge Dirty 30 is upon us. The premiere is this Tuesday, and you know for a fact that TJ will be ready to hammer home the idea that this is a “dirty” game with the dirtiest cast in Challenge history. Then you look over at Jenna and LaToya, and you wonder to yourself, are they really dirty? Little things like this bug the fans.

Here I am going to list the girls who would have gave this season a bit better of a dirty edge, or been a perfect mix-in with the group we currently have. People like Emily and Jodi are not going to be on the list, as they are not dirty people.

Honorable Mentions:

Averey Tressler (RW Portland): Do we need to make a petition in order to get her back on the show?!?

Nia Moore (RW Portland): Banned? Has not been contacted since she was dropped from Bloodlines.

Heather Cooke (RW Las Vegas 2): Kailah gets a lot of shit for peeing the bed, but Cooke was celebrated for peeing during elimination. The world comes at you fast sometimes.

Anna & Katrina Stack (RW Bad Blood): Both girls are 5'10+. Would be interesting additions to the cast.

Jonna Mannion (RW Cancun): Not really a dirty player. There were rumors before departure she might be on the plane. She did accept the availability call.

Sarah Rice (RW Brooklyn): They make a big point of saying she’s a “dirty” player. Would have been great to watch.

Nany Gonzalez (RW Las Vegas 2): She’s done with the Challenges, and we still want her.

Jennifer Geoghan (RW Bad Blood): She took one of the Stack sisters straight to the floor. Big and strong, has gotten in great shape, and seems like a Challenge personality.

Alicia Wright (AYTO Season 5): Was cast for Season 30, and she did not appear due to an appendix burst the day of departure. The reason Jenna was on this season.

Top 5

5. Carolina Duarte (AYTO Season 5)

If you wanted a new Nany, this was you girl. The difference between Nany and other girls, is that she almost never has bad intentions or any ill will towards anyone from the get-go. Yet, she always ends up in the middle of the drama, always there with tears, and looking for someone to love them back.

Physically, Carolina looks good, she’s a bomb Brazilian chick, great eyes, hair, and body. As a physical competitor, she seems solid. In most of the physical stuff for Second Chances, she seemed to do fine, and had no fears at a times, which was shocking.

She likely would have been cast if she did not reveal info in her NDA, leading to MTV dropping her, and wanting to possibly sue her.

4. Jenn Grijalva (RW Denver)
6 seasons, 4 finals, 5–2 elimination record

Not sure if you’ve seen Jenn lately, so here’s a vid:

It would be really interesting to see Jenn compete after she committed her life to fitness. She used to do the Challenges for fun, and now that she is in great shape, maybe she can go far in the game.

Jenn was always a dirty player too. She played the “I’m a vet” card in order to send rookies to elimination to save her ass. Emily went to two eliminations on Cutthroat, and Jenn saw none.

3. Rachel Robinson & Tina Barta
R: 7 seasons, 2x Champion, 3 finals, 1–1 elimination record
T: 5 seasons, 2 finals, 3–1 elimination record

The other two thirds of the mean girls group that was famous during the Inferno 2. Rachel is not on this season due to a case of pregnancy and being over the Challenges. America wants her back, Shane wants her back, and considering she’s also in better shape now than when she was winning Challenges, that’s a scary premise.

Tina is the one who has been rumored for the last two seasons. People thought Tina might have been coming for Invasion with Shane, and then back this season after Shane showed a screenshot of his group messaging where he is telling Veronica and Tina to get in shape for the next Challenge. Challenge 31 could be a possibility.

2. Shanley McIntee (AYTO Season 1)

MTV and Shanley like to do this thing where they flirt about her being on the Challenge, and her wanting to come on the show. She accepted the call for Battle of the Exes 1, and was not cast due to her partner Chris T, declining. This led to them casting Simone & JJ.

From there she was not seriously called for another until Invasion. She decided to do AYTO Second Chances instead with her perfect match, Adam Kuhn. Their relationship went straight downhill from there, and she treated Adam horribly. Though she did show to be a great physical competitor. Adam was great on his first Challenge, and she was the one berating him. She was and he was Casey Cooper on that show.

Shanley’s biggest strength and downfall is her ego. I think she is perfect for the Challenge, and terrible for AYTO. This girl is super hardcore.

1 Laurel Stucky — (Fresh Meat 2)
5 seasons, 1x Champion, 4 finals, 9–1 elimination record

Do we need chapter 8000 of Laurel vs Cara Maria? *Looks around the room*…Well? Do we not want Laurel on a season? After having watched Laurel compete on Invasion and finally lose, I want to see Laurel get back in the gym and want to come back to dominate the game.

Laurel is the person that when she was about to get thrown into elimination, she went to Devyn, made a kill list, and showed her that if she doesn’t throw her in, then she’s at the bottom of her kill list. Spooky.



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