Top 5 guys who would have been perfect for the Challenge Dirty 30

Allan Aguirre
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The Challenge Dirty 30 is upon us. The premiere is this Tuesday, and you know for a fact that TJ will be ready to hammer home the idea that this is “dirty” game with the dirtiest cast in Challenge history. Then you look over at LeRoy and Darrell, you wonder to yourself, are they really dirty? Little things like this bug the fans.

Here I am going to list the guys who would have gave this season a bit better of a dirty edge, or been a perfect mix-in with the group we currently have. People like Landon and Alton are not going to be on the list, as they are not dirty people.

Honorable Mentions

Jay Mitchell (RW Explosion): He may have bitched out on the final, but Jay was a classic dirtbag. While dating Jenna, he had three side girls. Need him back to watch him get his ass beat.

Adam Kuhn (AYTO 1): After winning 3 eliminations his rookie season, he is someone who needs to be brought back so we can figure out if he is good.

Johnny Reilly & Zach Nichols (RW Portland/SD): I think they’re better than Cory and Tony.

Tyler O’Brien (AYTO 5): This guy went for the triple play on his AYTO season, three hookups in one day.

Top 5

5. Abram Boise (Road Rules South Pacific)
Past: 9 seasons, 2x Champion, 4 finals, 3–2 elimination record

Mr. Twisted should be brought back if it’s a “Dirty Game”. Abram has never been a dirty political player, but he’s always been one to shake up the pot like nobody else. The way he would berate Laurel on Cutthroat as reverse psychology to get her to do better was stupendous. He and his brother wanting to see eliminations on Bloodlines was also hilarious.

Then again, considering the relationship dynamic between him and Cara Maria, it might be better they stay apart.

4. Hayden Weaver (Are You The One? Season 5)

You may be unfamiliar with this man, he was on the most recent season of AYTO, and followed that up with a performance on AYTO Second Chances. He proved being dirty after the cast lost the million dollars, as he dumped his perfect match, Carolina, for his true love Gianna in minutes.

Hayden competed on Second Chances with Carolina where they did decently, he acted a bit erratically though. Every week there was something called the “Choice”, where a couple gets put in, and they decide to steal or share their bank account. Hayden tells Carolina to steal, knowing she still likes him a bit, and at the ceremony he says he still wants to compete. Carolina picks share, he picks steal, and totally pulls the rug out from under her.

He walked away with 30k dollars for four episodes of television, more than Cory for 3rd on Invasion, and more than Camila for 2nd. Hayden won more money than the couple that finished second on the show, as they got 25k each.

3. Shane Landrum (Road Rules Campus Crawl)
5 seasons, 0 finals, 1–3 elimination record

Possibly the greatest male competitor to never make a final. Shane is known for making it to the end of the game and always coming up short. Last season on Invasion, he was the MVP of the show, was the best player on the Underdogs, and was key to them winning most of their missions.

With the nickname, Shady Shane, he might have been a perfect fit for this season. Actually, he was a perfect fit, he had to decline due to timing. He moved into his new apartment in Washington DC around a week before filming, and right after the Invasion reunion.

2. Frank Sweeney (Real World San Diego 2)
3 season, 1x Champion, 2 finals, 3–0 elimination record

Walking away from the Challenge after Free Agents turns Frank Sweeney into one of the greater “What If” characters in Challenge history. Having never been eliminated from the show, there’s a mystique to Frank that makes fans fully desire for him to return to the show; either to win and further build his legacy, or watch him lose and burn like the masochists we are.

Frank is also perfect for this theme. You can’t spell filthy without Frank. When this guys gets into fight and arguments, he exclusively goes for low blows. Some lowlights: “What the fuck’s a Jemmye” and “Go fuck your fat girlfriend”.

There is a rumor that he has a desire to do Champs vs Pros and is open to do another Challenge if it was perfect for him.

Wes Bergmann (Real World Austin)
10 seasons, 2x Champ, 4 finals, 13–6 elimination record

If Wes misses a single season of the show, people cry about missing him so much. It makes sense. Over the last few years, Wes has become one of the most fully developed character, showing many of the old Wes flashes, except with better humor, more intelligent game-play, and some awesome one-liners. It’s hard to imagine a season like Dirty 30 without Wes.

Our boy might be gone. He did the Champs vs Pros show as it was short enough to film for him, considering he has a full time job where he commutes between two states and works on both ends.

I’m glad he’s made something of himself, we just wish there was more time in the world.



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