This week’s episode was awkward and here’s who was in the wrong.(Episode 9 thoughts)

Here is what I will say about the Amanda/Camila fight that happened on this episode of the Challenge. I actually enjoy both of these girls individually, I find them both strangely bright(in terms of intelligence) with a large dose of crazy, but at the end of the day having good hearts. The way they care for their families at home and the success they have had outside of the Challenge house is positive. Just in these environments they get very cagey and it leads to some ugly outcomes.

Here’s who is in the wrong: Amanda is in the wrong for age shaming. Camila was right when she said that when Amanda gets pushed up against the wall by the older female characters that she says that a grown woman should not go after a young girl like her. Amanda may be a bit correct that a grown women should not act that way, but she is showing her own bad colors and that she really can’t shit-talk with the best.

Camila is in the wrong for doing this for the millionth time. Why Camila? After last season you promised to be a new person and to be more mature, and instead this is the worst we have probably ever seen of her. Even though she is in better shape than ever, she is drunker than ever, and hooked up with the piece of trash that is Cory(seriously, look at his dating history and how he treats his “friends”).

Amanda is in the wrong for attempting to body shame Camila, while Camila is wrong for her actions following and they way she acted in general. So when arguing, Amanda called Camila fat, which is body shaming, but also funny as it is just not true. Camila has an amazing figure, but the way she danced while completely hammered was just sad to watch(hilarious, a little bit hot, but just sad). This is Camila’s 9th Challenge, and considering she was kicked off of the last one for acting up, it was just a bad look for a woman approaching her 30s. With Camila, you can list off occurrences like this throughout her many years: kicked off of Rivals 3, crazy campaigning and fighting with Tony on Bloodlines, yelling at CT on Free Agents after he paid for everyone’s drinks(then fighting Nany after Nany tried to support her), getting into it with Knight on Rivals 2, tearing into her teammates and Knight/Jemmye on Seasons 2, and FULL Camilinator on Exes 1. I’m sure she did something crazy on Cutthroat and Rivals 1 too, but Camila has a really bad resume at this point anyway.

Laurel is in the wrong for the way she spoke to Amanda. Laurel is not good with people, whenever something does not go her way, she either tears into their biggest self-esteem issues or she speaks down to the person. After getting her heart-broken by Nicole all night, she decides while drunk to try and make amends with Amanda for the chip prank. She goes about it wrong by saying it was an “initiation”, which it really was not, it was targeted. The problem is that Amanda is not afraid to fight back, which I enjoy, but also leads to the main issues in the episode. She needs to learn how to take a joke properly.

Amanda is in the wrong for not knowing her place. Learn your place, rookie.

Camila is in the wrong for her not being involved from the get-go. She literally was not even involved in the fight and came out just to fight Amanda. There are reports that Amanda stiff armed her in the face, but what was apparently not shown was that Camila was belligerently getting in her face and not touching her in order to bait Amanda. Why Camila? You really did not need to be there.

What I want. These are going to be tough words for some fans, but I don’t want to see Camila on a Challenge ever again. I said before this season that Camila needs to make the final or do something special in order for me to want her to come back on the Challenge. At this point though, I do not care about the way she competes. Her behaviour on the Challenge has been self-destructive and I am cheering for her to lose this season. This is tough as I was a huge Camila fan and always defended her as a competitor. Objectively she’s a great competitor, but it’s too tough to watch her getting in fights with girls in their early 20’s like she is some brash kid who is in new to the US. Camila’s been here for a while and assimilated very well, at this point the only excuse is there are none.

I want Amanda to take 1 or 2 seasons off. A lot of people hate Amanda, and for good reasons. She’s brash and a real shit-talker for someone who has essentially done nothing. So far though, I feel she’s been a solid competitor through her two seasons, and her friends love her. If you show loyalty to your friends, and your friends care for you, then you’re doing something right on one part. Camila is everyone’s crazy friend who they love, but there has been a real lack of people by her side when the consequences of going full Camilanator happen. Giving her a season or two off penalty might give her time to actually mature and think about her actions on this past season. Right now she’s guaranteed a top 6 finish, which is pretty darn good, considering this is basically her first Challenge. Amanda will get a much smaller leash in comparison to the years of work given to Camila, but I do think she has room to grow as a person, and would like to see that.

It is tough to watch two people I enjoy just devolve. I may recap the rest of the episode, but I feel this was what needed to be talked about.



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.