The Worst MTV Challenge Eliminations Ever — Ones Where Everyone Lost

Watching Amber vs Amber in Hall Brawl last week was rough. Both women lacked the killer instincts needed for a Hall Brawl elimination leading to an absolute mess of a headbanger. They each dropped their balls without any contact/hit given to them and TJ was laughing at them as he blew the horn to declare Amber B the winner. Neither player came out of the elimination looking great.

It was the opposite of the Fessy/Nelson Hall Brawl where we as fans respected Nelson more for the amount of heart and fight that he showed, but also understood that Fessy was an absolute physical unit. That elimination spurred me into writing about the most impressive elimination losses ever:

Amber B vs. Amber M motivated me to write about the eliminations where both the winners and the losers walked away from it with their stocks being lower than had they not participated at all. Most of these are not the Worst Designed Eliminations since its difficult to fault the players for productions bad choices. If you want to know what are the worst designed eliminations, check this list here:

Onto the list!

Honorable Mentions:

Zach and Trey vs. Leroy and Ty (Rivals 2): Leroy and Ty would have lost the elimination even if Trey and Zach didn’t unnecessarily cheat. Trey and Zach cheated for no reason, and Zach threw his helmet at the crowd like an asshole. Wait, my bad, Zach is an asshole, so not like an asshole.

Ashley and Hunter vs. Faith and Angela (Final Reckoning): Scroll down and read the description on Nelson/Shane vs. Faith/Angela. This is only half as bad since it’s only one male against two females.

Mechie vs. Josh — Double Agents

Mechie had no clue what he was doing in a simple slider puzzle, even with the crowd (Devin) literally instructing him on what to do. Meanwhile, Josh couldn’t throw a ball to save his life. Josh said in an interview that the edit made him look worse than he did, but in all honesty, we saw Josh whiff on at least 5–7 throws before breaking a window in a sped-up fashion. If anything, they could have shown the full raw edit, and it would have looked worse.

It took Josh four seasons to get his elimination win, and when it happened, the crowd was laughing at him. That’s rough. Mechie has to exist knowing the guy getting clowned was the person who dominated him in elimination.

Shane and Nelson vs. Marie and Cara — Final Reckoning

The two teams were in a maze and had to break through dry-walls to get a key to unlock themselves and run to the finish line. Even with them giving the men thicker/more walls to equalize it, putting two men against two women in anything physical like this is a no-win situation for the male team. You either will get made fun of for losing or scoffed at when winning.

Nelson vs. Cory — Vendettas

A poorly designed elimination. They put two people who had never played soccer in their life in a penalty shoot-out on the sand with the balls on fire. As someone who played varsity soccer, I can tell you, it takes me to acclimate to kicking a ball in the sand (it’s not easy), and to put two people with zero experience in there is idiotic. Both players still get ridiculed to this day for it, and its simply not fair.

Cory vs. Theo — Invasion of the Champions

This game was the cliff jumping elimination that was poorly designed and easy to rig. Making it worse, Theo did not even attempt the elimination. Maybe this should not be on the list because when Theo quit, they lowered him down from the cliff in a hilarious fashion. What puts it over the top for me is that Cory got winded on the hike to the cliff. He was exacerbated on a hike but was cutting confessionals about becoming the King of the Challenge.

Adam and Brittany vs. JJ and Simone — Exes 2

After 25 seasons of Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat contestants, MTV chose to introduce contestants from Are You The One. Fans were not happy with this move. When the two AYTO teams faced off with one another on Exes 2, they looked like complete idiots, validating fans angry with the decision to cast new players from the dating show.

In the elimination, players made bets stating whether their teammate could eat a certain amount of an item (none of which were gross, we are talking mini brownies, yucca sticks, patacones). All hope was lost when Brittany bid that Adam could eat 4 mini brownies, and then Simone (who is supposed to say JJ can eat 5 or more brownies) said JJ could eat 3. This elimination elicited hilarious commentary from the peanut gallery, at least. This elimination buried AYTO in such a way that still haunts it to this day.

Tori vs. Melinda — Gauntlet 3

Tori was going to quit after getting pit against her best friend, Melinda. Then the elimination happens, and Tori wins, which makes Melinda look awful for losing to the girl who was going to quit three minutes before the elimination. The win did not even look good for Tori since what we remember is her crying and saying she was going to quit.

If you enjoyed the article, here is a video I created breaking down how the Challenge War of the Worlds would have played out if they never split up the pairs.



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