The Ultimate Team You Guys Chose

First I need to get thank yous in in order to all of you who responded on Facebook or Reddit who read my article. Seeing the responses makes me happy to see someone is taking the time to read what I wrote.

Here is the piece if you need some refreshing:

When I collected all the data, there was 57 responses made between Facebook and Reddit. I tracked who everyone picked, and have some fun stats for you all.

As always, people love a good bargain, but at the same time they like to pay for their favorites. CT is probably the world’s favorite Challenge competitor, he was the most picked guy. There was 5 and 3 dollar CT, where he was bought 26 times by players, hilariously nobody decided to have two CT’s on their team. I didn’t implicitly say you could not, so I was shocked to see nobody did it.

As I expected, many people disregarded their budgets, stocked their teams with 5 dollar males, and filled the team up with 1 and 2 dollar females. My favorite part of this was watching who people thought was the best bargains, and what players despite the price that they wanted.

The most picked players:

5 Dollar Players
Landon: 13/57 = 22%
CT: 11/57 = 19%
Darrell: 9/57 = 15%
Bananas: 5/57 = 9%
My guess is that Bananas fans are either not smart enough to read or do math generally.

Emily S: 14/57 = 24%
Laurel: 11/57 = 19%
Evelyn: 10/57 = 17%
Ev has not been on a Challenge as recently as the other girls. Even more interesting is that most of the people who chose Ev were female facebook users.

4 Dollar Players
Derrick 16/57 = 28%
Wes 13/57 = 22%
Kenny 9/57 = 15%
Evan 7/57 = 12%
Abram 6/57 = 10%
Wes is a fan favorite, and a major steal as a 4. Same for Derrick K, he’s a big favorite as he is multi-generational. Kenny and Evan are also potential 5 dollar players, but apparently times have changed, and the JEK fans did not come out to play for their guys. Big surprise is the lack of purchases for Mark Long and the Miz.

Heather Cooke 15/57 = 26%
Sarah Rice 14/57 = 24%
Cara Maria 12/57 = 20%
The pulse of the Challenge universe has turned on Sarah Rice as of late, however, she was picked for 1/4th of the teams. Also surprised that Cara Maria was not picked that much, people either love or hate her.

3 Dollar Players

LeRoy 20/57 = 35%
Frank 19/57 = 33%
Dad CT 15/57 = 26%
Shane 8/57 = 13%
Tyler 6/57 = 10%
I was torn between making LeRoy a 3 or 2, as his main strength is being big and being good at eliminations, but apparently he was good enough for more than a third of people to put LeRoy on their team. Frank Sweeney was a guy most believed was a 4 dollar player, seeing these results, I’d have to agree.

Theresa 10/57 = 17%
Ashley M 7/57 = 12%
Camila 5/57 = 9%
Paula 5/57 = 9%
Feel like there was some recency bias here, considering Theresa and Paula are similar players, except Paula has won 2 Challenges and made 5 finals, while Theresa has never won and made 1 final. People did not want to spend money on a 3 dollar girl, they would rather go for a 2 dollar bargain, or splurge for an elite 4 or 5.

2 Dollar Players

Cohutta 11/57 = 19%
Nelson 10/57 = 17%
Zach 5/57 = 9%
Cohutta and Nelson were solid 4th guys who you could put on your team for 2 dollars. The “I hate Zach train” has gone pretty far. I put him as a 2 dollar player to see if he might get some love, but nope, none at all.

Jenna 30/57 = 53%
Nany 19/57 = 33%
Diem 12/57 = 20%
Amanda 11/57 = 19%
The 2 dollars were every popular. There’s a 31% chance at least 1 of these girls was on any team. Jenna was on more than half of them, it was hard for me to make her a 3 dollar player when she doesn’t have major strengths, and her not being able to eat or do puzzles destroys her chances of winning finals. She was an incredible value as a 2 dollar player though. Amanda, who most hate still garnered a spot on almost a fifth of teams.

Overall, this was a fun experience, I’ve decided to create the composite teams based on the fan love.

Fans First Team Ultimate Team

$4 Derrick Kosinski
$3 Frank Sweeney
$3 LeRoy Garrett
$2 Cohutta Grindstaff
$5 Emily Schromm
$4 Heather Cooke
$2 Jenna Compono
$2 Nany Gonzalez

Fans Second Team Ultimate Team

$5 Landon Lueck
$ 4 Wes Bergmann
$ 3 Dad Bod CT
$ 2 Nelson Thomas
$ 4 Sarah Rice $3 Theresa Gonzalez
$ 2 Amanda Garcia
$ 2 Diem Brown

Here were the 3 best teams I saw made on Facebook. Congrats, you win nothing besides being mentioned here!

3rd Jennifer Highet

$ 4 Derrick Kosinski
$ 4 Wes Bergmann
$ 3 Dad Bod CT
$ 2 Cohutta Grindstaff
$ 4 Heather Cooke
$ 4 Cara Maria Sorbello
$ 2 Diem Brown
$ 2 Tori Fiorenza

What I appreciate about this team is that it has no dead-weight, it also has a clear alpha girl in Cooke than can compete with the 5 dollar girls, as well as a top tier secondary female in Cara Maria.

2nd Destiny Wilkerson

$ 5 Johnny Bananas
$ 3 Dad Bod CT
$ 2 Nelson Thomas
$ 2 Cohutta Grindstaff
$ 5 Evelyn Smith
$ 4 Cara Maria Sorbello
$ 2 Nany Gonzalez
$ 2 Jenna Compono

If the person I am worrying about having enough gas for a final is CT, then this team has some good problems.

1st Ali Speirs

$ 5 Darrell Taylor
$ 4 Wes Bergmann
$ 3 Tyler Duckworth
$ 2 Nehemiah Clark
$ 4 Jodi Weatherton
$ 3 Jillian Zoboroski
$ 3 Ruthie Alcaide
$ 1 Julie Stoffer

This team took advantage of the best 3 dollar girls that nobody was buying up. Jodi is an elite who could be argued deserves as 5 dollar placement, but just was not bought. All of her guys are great, balanced competitors.



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