The Real World Season There Could Have Been(Fresh Meat 2 Edition)

The year was 2010 and after being 6 years removed from the last regular Road Rules, MTV’s the Challenge needed to have another season of “Fresh Meat” in order to bring new blood into the game and introduce some interesting personalities for the fans. Their first attempt at this type of format was in 2006 with Fresh Meat 1. We ended up getting competitors who defined the future generation. Evan, Kenny, Evelyn, and Diem, went on to become some of the most important names in the history of the Challenge. The Evan and Kenny dynasty dominated the games for years. Evelyn might be the greatest female competitor of all time, and Diem is the biggest fighter and hero in the history of the program. They also had some entertaining people join the fold in Big Easy, Casey Cooper, and Ryan Kehoe. Even the people that only had one run like Chanda and Aviv get mentioned in Challenge forums all the time begging for them to return to do another even though it’s been 10 years!

The fun tidbit about Fresh Meat casting is that fully consists of people who made it all the way until the final casting cut for Real World. Kenny and Evan were on the bubble for Real World Austin and Key West. Which imagining Wes-Kenny-Johanna triangle all in the same house together, sounds crazy. For this article’s purpose, I will be examining the worst possible Real World house, solely consisting of 7 strangers from the Fresh Meat 2 cast.

Who are the 7 I am choosing? Well, I have a decided to go with 4 girls and 3 guys, mostly due to the girls on this season being much more influential, while the guys are kind of a bore or bad competitors. The 4 girls are as follows: Laurel Stucky, Cara Maria Sorbello, Theresa Gonzalez, and Mandi Moyer. Laurel is the most dominate female competitor all time, Cara is a top 5 female competitor ever and the elimination empress, Theresa is one of the greatest challengers to never win and has had terrible luck, and Mandi was underrated due to her looks, but had her fair share of hook-ups and solid performances. Sorry to the Fresh Meat 2 Challenge winner, Carly, she was strong physically and had aspirations to be a WWE wrestler. But, she was only on one season of the show, took a backseat on the season to Landon, and she was actually an applicant for Bad Girls Club, and not the Real World! The same goes for Sydney, CJ Koegel’s partner.

The guys stink, only three of them did more than one season of the Challenge: Vinny, Brandon, and Luke. Luke was a boring terrible competitor, and the only reason I am happy that the Grey team on Cutthroat lost was due to the fact that I did not want Luke to get the label of Challenge Champion. Then again, Dunbar got the title, so not sure if there is much at all to be happy about. Luke is boring and an unispiring, an amazing combination that will keep him from making the cast. Vinny is getting the obvious casting as the house meat-head. Even though he might be one of the 5 worst male competitors all time. The next casting is Brandon Nelson so MTV could fill their casting roles, although he’s too low-key. People on Challenge forums consistently talk about how he is super underrated, but he’s been on 5 challenges, and except for Fresh Meat 2 when he got a terrible partner in RW Brooklyn Katelynn, he’s had a fair shake and shown to be nothing above an average competitor. Nonetheless, some people still enjoy Brandon and he will be cast due to this. For the final spot, it is between Noor and Pete. Noor was the most impressive physical specimen on the Fresh Meat athleticism combine and even though he only did FM2, is still talked about to this day. He ends up in so many people’s fantasy casts. While 3rd place finisher Pete did not get the same amount of love from fans as a competitor, he was very cute, and dated Jenn, and Real World is more likely to cast him than Noor as they need the cute white boy. However, for the sake of this article, we are choosing to be more diverse and go with Noor.

Now let’s examine why our 7 person cast of: Laurel, Cara Maria, Theresa, Mandi, Vinny, Brandon, and Noor would be terrible. For this season we will set it in D.C., the season following Cancun which had preceded Real World Cancun.

Week 1: They all enter the house 1 or 2 at a time and introduce themselves to each other. Mandi and Theresa as a pair of catty mean girls end up creating the first of few friendship sparks. The two of them talk about the other people in the house, they make fun of Laurel’s height, talk shit about Cara’s crow black hair and pirate accessories. Mandi tells Theresa that Vinny is the hottest guy in the house and that she is crushing on him. Theresa says she can’t see herself hooking up with any of the three guys, but agrees that Vinny is the hottest(remember Vinny was buff and skinny and Jersey Shore was a thing).

The boys room up together and get down to “bro talk”. They go on and on about how hot all the girls are, ranking them: 1 Theresa 2 Laurel 3 Mandi 4 Cara. (Remember, they all looked very different then). The guys agree they are intimidated by the height of Laurel. Laurel talks vainly about her cast-mates in an interview, and Cara sits in a corner by herself putting up mermaid and horse posters in her part of the room. Week 1 is regular fun and drunkenness, but tension will arise. Mandi sleeps with Vinny on the second night, but avoids him the rest of the week for just friendliness.

Week 2: The second week episode opens up with Laurel picking at the weaknesses and flaws of all her cast-mates. She also talks about how that they all need to get jobs and she is probably the only person qualified to get a non minimum wage job. Mandi and Theresa get a job at a bar as waitresses and bartenders, while Noor and Brandon get jobs at the same bar as busboys, while Vinny gets a spot bar-tending. Laurel and Cara Maria work together at a yogurt shop, much to the dismay of Laurel. The Vinny and Mandi relationship begins to actually kindle, and Noor brings a girl home from a night at the club. Cara cries and calls home about missing her horse — she goes to Laurel for comfort. Laurel comforts her and then in an interview trashes and makes fun of Cara for being a baby. Brandon makes a terrible attempt to make-out with a drunk Theresa who rejects his advances.

Week 3: At an art store, Cara meets a guy named Havok and they go on a date where Cara shows him pictures of her in latex and of her on a horse. Brandon drinks beer by himself and goes to work. Mandi in an interview talks glowingly about the relationship between her and Vinny, saying that the L word might be in play. They follow that up with an interview of Vinny where he says having sex with Mandi has been cool, but he also might try to find his way out of it so he can try to hook up with the other 3 girls in the house. During a group monopoly game where the gang is getting hammered, Laurel takes a stronghold on the game and then begins to belittle her cast-mates. She makes fun of Brandon for being boring, Noor being short, and then makes Mandi cry when making fun of her eye-liner and make-up.

Mandi runs to her room to cry with Theresa racing off to comfort her. Noor explains to Laurel why she cannot talk to people that way, the reality hits Laurel and she walks away crying where Cara and Vinny walk off to talk to her. She tells Cara that she’s a short loser and to run away, while Vinny has an awkward talk with her. It ends with Vinny and Laurel making out and we pick it up the following week.

Week 4: It is the aftermath of the drunk monopoly week, and everything is trying to resume to normality. Laurel and Mandi sit in a coffee shop drinking tea and eating bagels. Laurel explains to Mandi why she went off with her and apologizes while at the same time also brings down Mandi’s self-esteem more in normal Laurel fashion. Vinny is trying to pump his chest up and while alone in the house is flirting with Theresa, meanwhile still being in a relationship with Mandi and making out with Laurel the week before.

During an interview Laurel says she did not make out with Vinny, and that even if she did she was too drunk to remember. She states that Vinny is a dumb grease-ball, and only a girl like Mandi would hook up with him. Noor meets another girl at the club and brings her home for a hook-up session. The group goes to the park for a day of fun and they all find out that Theresa played college basketball at Marquette, but had to drop out as she was too into boys and the party scene.

Week 5: Vinny inappropriately puts his hands on Theresa while drunk at a bar. Production tries to intervene and this enrages Vinny as he creates a scene trying to destroy everything in sight. Brandon goes over to stop Vinny, but Vinny pushes him down to the ground easily. Laurel proceeds to slap him and Noor gets him in a headlock. Mandi is crying in the background, while Cara Maria is home sick with flu, reading a about horses. Production and the house makes the easy decision to evict Vinny and rid him of the house without a goodbye. Mandi is heartbroken over Vinny leaving, but she also cannot believe that he touched Theresa like that, feeling jealous.

Week 6: In the aftermath of the Vinny problem, production moves in Pete Conolly (3rd place FM2) into the house as the new 7th cast member. The girls are immediately attracted to him, Laurel is a school-girl around him, Theresa is definitely feeling his vibes, Cara thinks he is cute, and even the heartbroken Mandi wants a piece of him. We find out that Cara is still seeing Havok, and they go out to see a movie together. Late that night Pete walks in on them in the bathroom playing a version of Rock Paper Scissors. Brandon drinks a beer alone in his room. Theresa goes on a date with a Washington DC lawyer, and she gets sauced beyond completion.

Week 7: In the weeks where Vinny has been gone, they allowed Brandon and Noor take up his spot bar-tending. Now settled in, Pete needs a job, so he goes to the bar to apply. The owner decides that because all the customers love Noor, that he will remain full time as the bartender, and Pete will be a waiter due to his incredible smile. Brandon is moved back to busboy. Mandi asks Theresa whether she should try to go for Pete and Theresa tells her to be wary after her last boyfriend on the show. Laurel and Pete flirt all week and the episode ends with them hooking up.

Week 8: The whole group goes to watch Havok’s band (Cara Maria’s boyfriend), and they expect a death metal band, but Havok plays classical piano and the event is at a jazz nightclub. While there, Mandi rubs up on Pete and they go to the back of the room where they get more “personal” with each other. Back home, Laurel berates Mandi and attacks her verbally, leading to Mandi crying again. The house takes a vote on whether to evict Laurel for her verbally abusive behavior, where Mandi and Laurel are not part of the vote. Pete votes to keep them both, Noor and Brandon is cool with either of them, Theresa votes out Laurel as she does not like her, and Cara wants to keep both. They all come together and celebrate Noor’s birthday, and surprisingly Noor only sleeps with two girls that night!

Week 9: With the departures being a week away, the group spends their last week at their jobs. Cara wins employee of the month for being the cheeriest yogurt shop girl, but Laurel is angry as she feel she is the better worker, but Cara’s smile and love of yogurt endeared her to the customers. She gets to name and create a flavor for the month and calls it Caramel Sea Salt Yogurt. Theresa’s sister visits her for the week and they tour the city, and the whole group goes on a bar crawl. Theresa’s sister and Pete get caught in the bathroom, much to the dismay of Mandi and Laurel. Brandon is seen in the background, and Noor makes out with 3 girls in one night, bringing 2 home. Mandi and Laurel get in a heated game of Scrabble, where Laurel is thrown off by Mandi’s talent in the game. Laurel ends up winning, but she has a new respect for Mandi.

Week 10: It’s the last week in the house and everyone is making their final good-byes. Cara Maria and her boyfriend Havok have one last embrace and decide that they will be working on a long-distance relationship with the hope of him moving to Massachusetts in the next 6 months. Brandon leaves first and nobody notices. Laurel and Mandi have an honest talk where the problem’s between the two are mostly made up, but in an interview Theresa trashes on Laurel for what she said to Mandi during the whole visit. Laurel and Mandi leave together and have fun getting some boiled crab on the way back. Pete does an interview reviewing his awesome time in the house, getting laid consistently, partying, and only having to deal with it for 5 weeks, he gets some good Green Day music playing in the background as he leaves. As the last two in the house, Noor and Theresa proceed to have sex before leaving the house, leaving their last mark on the house.


They all show up for Cutthroat, except Cara is still in a relationship with Havok and does not get the protection from Abram on the grey team, so she ends up leaving very early. She does not come back for a Challenge until Free Agents years later, and does poorly. Cara never is seen again on the Challenge and is only remembered as the “Horse Girl”. Though she is remembered as a Real World favorite.

Laurel and Theresa end up as rookies on the Blue team, and with Tyler and Derrick, win Cutthroat on their first season. Laurel shows up on Rivals 1 with Mandi as her partner and they finish 3rd in the end, losing to Paula/Evelyn and Camila/Theresa. Laurel proceeds to show up on Exes 1, where she teams up with Pete to finish second overall. She ends up on Battle of the Seasons with a DC team consisting of herself, Theresa, Noor, and Brandon. She ends up losing in an elimination with Brandon, while Noor and Theresa finish 3rd. Laurel ends up pissed that Theresa did not step up to do the elimination with Brandon and after their contentious behavior with each other from their Real World Season, they show up together as a team for Rivals 2, where they win. Both retire from the Challenge from there on, until we see Theresa again on Exes 2 with Noor, and then again on Invasion. Laurel makes a comeback for Invasion.

Noor competes on the Red team in Cutthroat and gets to the final. He does not fit the Rivals or Exes theme that well, but he comes back to be on the DC team for Battle of the Seasons, finishing 2nd with Theresa. He shows up on Free Agents, finishes in 5th after losing in an elimination to LeRoy. Him and Theresa show up on Battle of the Exes 2 and make it to the final, finishing in 3rd. Unknown whether we will see him again, most likely not.

Mandi shows up on Cutthroat, but loses on the third elimination to her friend Theresa. She shows up on Rivals 1, with Laurel as a partner, and although she’s a solid competitor, dies on the final, having them finish in 3rd. She shows up on Exes 1 with a fat Vinny, and he gets them DQ’d for ripping off the top of Theresa at a bar. Mandi comes back for Exes 2 paired up with Pete, they finish in 7th, losing to Wes and KellyAnne in an elimination. She makes a last comeback for Bloodlines, where she loses in the third elimination with her sister.

Pete wins two eliminations on Cutthroat, but ultimately loses in an elimination to Abram in the second half of the season. He shows up again on Exes 1, where he and Laurel finish second on the final, losing to Abram and Rachel Robinson. Then he comes back for Free Agents, and finishes in 8th, losing in Hall Brawl to Zach. For Exes 2, he gets Jonna as a partner, and they finish in 8th place.

Theresa wins her first Challenge on Cutthroat and wins 1 elimination, but gets in a heated argument with Camila. Camila and Theresa end up as teammates for Rivals 1, finishing in 2nd. They win 3 eliminations with Camila going full Camilanator. In the last minute, they edge out Laurel and Mandi, as Mandi gasses out. She came out for Exes 1, where she partnered with Wes to finish in 3rd. As a Battle of the Seasons DC team, her and Pete finished in 3rd, then won Rivals 2 with Laurel for her second win. Theresa arrives with Noor for Exes 2, an they have a strong 3rd place finish. She comes back for Invasion as a champ and loses to Emily Schromm in Pole Wrestle.

Brandon loses on the first elimination of Cutthroat, while Vinny loses on the second. Brandon comes back for Free Agents and Battle of the Seasons, he has mid-season exits, and never gets called back. After Vinny tears the top off of Theresa on Exes 1, he is never asked back to the show.



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