The Greatest Moments of the Dirty 30

While we have spent time looking at some of the dirtiest moments in Challenge history.

Let’s take a moment to look at everyone on the cast’s moment of glory on the Challenge, Real World, or any other MTV product.

CT —Winning Rivals 2

This was a glorious moment. After a decade on our TV’s, we finally got to see CT crowned a Challenge Champion. He and Wes came together to win a Challenge, prove their haters wrong, and lapped Bananas in a final. *Tears up*

Aneesa — Winning 3 eliminations on the Duel 2

She won 3 eliminations on the first Duel. Except one of the wins was against Paula who was not far removed from her anorexic days, another being a win in “I Can” one of the most annoying eliminations in Challenge history. On the Duel 2, she defeats a healthier Paula, knocks out lightweight Shavuon, and beats Tori in “Elevator” a game of upper body, meaning Aneesa was able to lift herself up before the tiny Tori.

Derrick K — Smashing Davis in the final Inferno of Inferno 3

Derricks beats Davis 10/10 of times, so why is this special? He had a long history of losing the final elimination or coming up short at the end. Being in the final elimination again gave shakes to the Diesel, he had been there before. By crushing Davis, it confirms to him that he is destine to win his first final and finally become a Champion.

Cara Maria — Winning Bloodlines

Winning for the first time usually will guarantee the spot for best moment for most of these people. It was an up and down battle sending home Bananas & Aneesa, and win for the first time with her cousin. Winning with family seems cool.

Darrell — Defeating Bananas in elimination on Invasion

He may have won four titles; it is tough to decipher which title meant more. On Invasion, Darrell returned to the show defeat Johnny Bananas in a smash mouth elimination, stomping on the modern champ.

Camila — Defeating Laurel in elimination on Invasion

A lot of people like to claim that Camila only won Exes 1 due to Bananas. Not true, re-watch that season, and Camila is contending with Emily Schromm in most missions. She truly brought it that season. By beating Laurel, it was all her, she was the Queenslayer of the most dominant player in Challenge history.

Jordan — Defeating Zach in elimination on Exes 2

Jordan had many contending moments: making the final on his rookie, winning Hall Pass with Marlon against LeRoy/Ty, dating Laurel, and winning Exes 2. This one gets significance as he beat a guy who looks like Thor in a hammer swinging contest. He sent home an asshole, proved having ten fingers is overrated, and that he was a Challenge beast.

Veronica — Being a legend

She has not done a Challenge in 8 years, has only done one in the past 12 years, yet Veronica Portillo is still a name synonymous with the Challenge. Her looks, her personality, her mean girl tactics, and being a 3x Champion made Veronica a name that people who used to watch MTV know as the Challenge.

Bananas — Winning Free Agents

He had always won mostly due to his friends. Bananas won the Island due to Kenny/Derrick, he won the Ruins due to his friends and the Champs being stacked, he won Rivals 1 with a great partner and late twist. Exes 1 was a legitimate win, Camila was a great partner, but the win could me attributed to Johnny. On Free Agents, Johnny proved he could compete as an individual and win.

Ashley — Winning Invasion

One could argue that Ashley got to the Invasion final by luck. Again, not true. And she proves it by beating Camila and Nicole, two superior athletes, showing more heart in order to win the final.

LeRoy — Crushing Bananas twice in elimination on Exes 2

Beating down a Champion in a physical elimination is fun. Doing it twice in the same season cements your status as an elimination ringer.

Jenna — Winning 3 eliminations on Bloodlines

Going into Bloodlines, many viewed Jenna as weak due to her embarrassing finish on Exes 2. On Bloodlines, she went into 3 eliminations and came out victorious in all of them to get her to the final.

Cory — Sending in Bananas and Cara Maria into elimination on Bloodlines

By winning the second to last daily mission, Cory/Mitch sent in Bananas/Vince to face Cara Maria/Jaime into elimination, taking one of the biggest threats in the house. The following week they threw in Cara against Aneesa, more threats to him winning.

Amanda — Winning the mental portion of the Bloodbath

It took Shane an hour to finish the Sudoku, Cory 2 hrs, Nelson 2hrs and 15 min. For Amanda, it took 20 minutes, and when you include she was walking for a good portion of the physical portion of picking up her sandbags, it really took her like 5 minutes. One can talk all the shit they want to about Amanda, she has a brain.

Nelson — Winning the physical portion of the Bloodbath

Watching Nelson grow up and learn how to play the game by snaking Cory and Shane during the physical bloodbath, hitting his bell within seconds was really cool. He gained the respect of the veterans, and guaranteed his spot in the final immediately.

Jemmye — Making the final on Rivals 2

Jemmye is not known as a great player. She does have a final under her belt, and it was not even as a lay-up. She helped Camila make the final by winning two elimination with her, sadly she held Camila back in the final.

Dario — Beating Wes in elimination on Rivals 3

Not a lot of great moments for the Dominican so far in the Challenge. He’s a low-key competitor. He was the key to his team crushing Wes in the second to last elimination on Rivals 3.

Nicole — Finishing fourth on Rivals 3

Sending her cousin home on Rivals 3 is a highlight and lowlight. Finishing fourth was something an unathletic girl could be proud of.

Devin — Winning AYTO Second Chances

Devin was contacted for Invasion, instead he opted for AYTO Second Chances. He was the male star of the show and proved his mental strength, winning the whole damn thing, supporting his partner like his queen, and entertaining us all the while.

Marie — flipping Cara Maria in the oil on Battle of the Seasons

During Battle of the Seasons, there was an oil wrestling challenge. In it, Marie took the upper body stocked Cara Maria and had her on the ground.

Tony — Winning an elimination? Invasion

Tony has filled a book of lowlights in his time on MTV. He didn’t even see an elimination his first two seasons. During the first episode of Invasion, he defeated his friend, Bruno. It wasn’t an impressive, but at least he got it under his belt.

Kailah — Beating Marie in a physical elimination

Marie is a bigger girl, and Kailah knocking her down, beating her down, and outlasting her for the win was a lowkey big deal for a girl who came in with low expectations.

Hunter — Outlasting Darrell on the Roll with the Punches mission

In the giant windmill challenge, all of the Champs swamped the Underdogs (Shane and CT stuck together), except Hunter knocked out Darrell early and had one of the fastest paces despite being the shortest guy out there.

LaToya — Beating Jemmye in the first elimination of Free Agents

The Free Agents premiere brought back a great elimination from the Inferno 2 in Ball In. LaToya shocked the crowd by beating Jemmye, a girl who had made the final the previous season.

Shane — Getting cast for Dirty 30

If you were a Bloodline who was on for only 3 episodes, you showed something that made MTV want you back. That’s good.

Simone — …?

I scoured her Challenge history, and I really couldn’t find anything that Simone did that was actually impressive by any stretch of the imagination. Congrats.

Tori — Finishing Second on AYTO Second Chances

Devin may have won Second Chances, but a future Challenge star was born on Second Chances.





Hopefully they can add a moment to their career!

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