The female eliminations we need on the Dirty 30

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This past Champs vs Pros season gave us the elimination we had been waiting a decade for in Wes vs Bananas. On Invasion we got Bananas vs Darrell, Cara Maria vs Laurel, Darrell vs CT, and so on. What are the eliminations we need the most on the female side of the Dirty 30?

10 Jenna Compono vs Britni Thornton

A rite of passage on the Challenge is a rookie girl heading into elimination. Britni got into a Twitter spat a while ago with Jenna. She’s a small country girl who is ready to get as dirty as she can, while Jenna is the taller city girl who prefers an innocent. At the end of the day, both girls are dirty, different in their discretion, and both models.

9 Veronica Portillo vs Aneesa Ferreira

The oldest female competitors on this season of the Challenge. Veronica trashed on Aneesa way back in the day when she was hooking up with her best friend, Rachel Robinson. This an elimination you’d have probably expected to see in 2005, not 2017.

8 Cara Maria Sorbello vs Aneesa Ferreira

This was an elimination that we got to see on Battle of the Bloodlines. Aneesa talked mad trash on Cara Maria all day before the final elimination, then when the elimination happened, Cara stomped on Aneesa for a 2–0 win, despite Aneesa having a major size advantage. A smaller girl came in and ate her. Aneesa wants to make up for the bad look.

7 Cara Maria Sorbello vs Jemmye Carroll

Jemmye has consistently talked trash about Cara Maria over Twitter the past few years, and especially during Cara’s run on Battle of the Bloodlines. She was one person who would not acknowledge Cara’s win and focused mostly on what happened between her and Thomas. It would be nice to see these two face each other in elimination. No more Twitter, a real physical game.

6 Kailah Casillas vs Camila Nakagawa

Recently, Camila went to Twitter asking MTV to stop casting “superfans”, in reference to Kailah, who was a fan of the franchise and Real World, along with other reality shows before joining the Challenge. Camila is not self-aware when it comes to comments like this. These two need to see elimination with each other.

5 Amanda Garcia vs Camila Nakagawa

This one has gotten really dirty over the years, and it feels like we need an elimination to settle stuff. I’m tired of Camila getting in Amanda’s face. Every single time, Camila jumps in to business that is not hers. Seriously, the major fights between them, Amanda was fighting with Tony, and Amanda was fighting with Laurel, then Camila drunkenly and belligerently jumped in. That’s the worst type of person.

4 Jenna Compono vs Kailah Casillas

Could we get an elimination between two best friends and bombshells? Putting them at odds with each other would be incredibly fun to watch. Having Jenna get dirty against her best friend on the show would add in an extra factor to the game. #Jailah

3 Amanda Garcia vs Jenna Compono

The Amanda versus Jenna battle is low-key, one of my favorite rivalries. It’s a super discount version of Wes vs Bananas. Jenna is winning in the Challenge world as she is more beloved by casual fans and by people who only care about “brands” and self images. Amanda is winning in the real world as she has a presence on the Challenge, has die-hard fans and haters, while winning in the world outside of the Challenge as she has a great job, a nursing degree/license on the side, and is even doing modelling/beauty shows now. Amanda doing a beauty contest is hilarious, as that is her side thing, while it is Jenna’s identity. Almost like Wes vs Bananas, it’s this idea where if you win the battle on the show, does that matter more?

2 Camila Nakagawa vs Cara Maria Sorbello

Can you believe that in 10 seasons on the show, 8 seasons of which they were on the show together, Cara and Camila have never seen an elimination. Even when it seemed bound to happen on Invasion of the Champions, it still has not happened. It feels as if we need this elimination to decide who is the best between the two.

1 Kailah Casillas vs Cara Maria Sorbello

If you have not seen Kailah lately, she is ripped and in shape. She just won the first challenge of th season. Then you look over at Cara Maria and any sign of body fat is going away. Cara has hit somewhere Emily Schromm Exes 1 and Emily Schromm Rivals 2 level of fitness and it is scary. These two need to face each other in elimination.



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