The Challenge World Championship Episode 7 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

Allan Aguirre
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The 7th episode of The Challenge World Championship is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the 7th episode.

10 Math is Boring

The daily challenge was a no from me, dawg. While it is funny to watch grown adults struggle with 5th-grade math, I’m kind of over it after a certain point. When they planned this season, with the Argentinians as Spanish speakers and the Australians with Dutch as their native tongue, they probably thought math puzzles would be better than word puzzles as math is something that translates across cultures.

In a way, math is beautiful. Nonetheless, it was a boring daily challenge.

9 A Kick in the Balls

My favorite interaction was when Theo tried to joke/mess with Jodi during the daily challenge as they were tied up, and Jodi half-jokingly threatened to kick him in the balls. There was something so genuine and surreal about the moment that made me laugh.

When I started blogging about The Challenge in 2017, I never thought I’d be blogging about these from vastly different eras of the show interacting. Fuck, Road Rules was dead and gone (shoutout T.I.) when I started covering this show, and people from the UK hadn’t come over yet. And what’s funny is both their careers felt like they were over during this entire span as I’ve been writing. Now, they’re here together, and Jodi might kick Theo in the balls!

8 Yes and No

When they got to the daily challenge, TJ told the Legends they had the day off and that the MVPs would do all the work. Mostly everyone said yes, but Yes said no, because he knocked down every equation in seconds for Emily leading them to a quick and dominant victory.

On the other side of the coin, we saw Kaz struggle miserably. Jordan knew they were in trouble the moment she asked what 7 x 6 was. Josh Martinez was probably at home watching, quaking in fire, as he remembered when Devin asked him what 8 x 9 was. Kaz & Jordan’s loss sent them directly into elimination, ringing the dinner bell for everyone else.

7 Hubris of Tori and the USA MVPs

Tori and Bananas really thought they would be able to manipulate KellyAnne with relative ease and be able to control a vote. When they talked about their voting strategy, Tori said she would do it and was pretty confident in her ability to sway KellyAnne.

In the recent MTV seasons, Tori has been playing with so many rookies and inexperienced players that she thought she could dangle a carrot in front of KellyAnne and KellyAnne would bite. KellyAnne might be paranoid, messy, and give off strong second ex-wife vibes, but she’s not dumb, and the girl is resilient. While it was well over a decade ago, KellyAnne was that girl who rode with Evelyn against the douchebag mob on The Island and stood by Wes as the entire house hated him on The Ruins. She’s been to Reality TV war, and Tori didn’t realize it.

6 Reverse Uno Card

Even less, Tori didn’t expect KellyAnne to launch a counterattack and do some politicking of her own. At the deliberation, we saw KellyAnne jump on the Theo & Sarah and Justine & Bananas nominations to at the least force a stalemate. Danny tipped his hat to KellyAnne; it was a baller move by her to take advantage of the situation.

Once again, KellyAnne does not have the title of champion, yet her impact gets felt each week, and she deserves to be here. I must also give props to Darrell, Jodi, and the rest. A few weeks ago, I was frustrated with Darrell’s refusal to make a move, and this week, he jumped on board and played the game.

5 Ben is a Rat

I don’t blame Ben for throwing the USA alliance under the bus to save himself. It guaranteed him an extra week which is very valuable — even though it isn’t super close, it’s not far away either (maybe 4 or 5 more eliminations).

What Ben’s proven to everyone in the house is that he’s willing to turn on anyone on a dime. Betraying both sides of the house is an impressive feat.

4 Avengers vs. The Misfits

Bananas was so salty when the players on the outside actually gathered together and didn’t let him and his alliance run away with the game. I spit my water out when he called themselves the Avengers. My brother in Christ, you’re the villain. I then quickly realized Bananas had never seen a superhero movie in his life.

3 What’s going on with Bananas & Justine

When I see Justine and Bananas, I’m blinded by love and disgust. To me, Justine is a perfect human. She is smart, kind, talented, and always looks stunning. Then I see Bananas, and I respect him as a competitor and a personality, yet I see a scoundrel of a human always up to no good.

At first, I thought Justine was just being a good and supportive partner to Bananas. As this episode and season went on, I came to a traumatic realization that these two might have a spark more than teammates because it felt like they were flirting hard with each other. Am I crazy here, or did it feel like they were vibing???

2 You Think You’re Tougher Than The Sun? The Fucking Sun?

The elimination between Bananas & Justine and Kaz & Jordan wasn’t great. It was simple cardio, memorization, and communication. We just saw Bananas lose a Final because he didn’t pay attention to detail, and now it happens again.

Bananas & Justine were a good team — Jordan & Kaz are better, and they got the win.

Easily the best part of this elimination was Benja’s confessional clowning Bananas after the loss. Benja didn’t show much interest in the political game on Day 1, and now he’s cherishing watching Bananas defeat. He’s become a true Challenger.

1 What The Fuck Is Gonna Happen Next Week

Last week Grant’s injury sent him and Jonna home.

The trailer for next week is teasing multiple potential DQs. Tristan is sick to the point where he can’t get out of bed. We see Ben leave in an ambulance which is ominous as he was medically DQ’d on Challenge USA and mentioned having some pain at the beginning of this episode. And, of course, there’s the elephant in the room where we know Amber is pregnant before anyone else.

If all three players get DQ’d, I could see production pivoting and switching this to an individual. Three people leaving at once would be insane.



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