The Challenge Vendettas Episode 2 Recap: Wet Balls

Decided to do the Recap in a list format again after the positive responses it got last week. Also, there will be something really cool coming out for the Champs vs Stars finale on either Wednesday or Thursday (Friday at the latest) coming from me. It depends on when I will be able to fit everything in with my class schedule. Tonight’s episode was thoroughly entertaining due to the editing and formatting. While we did not get an elimination, it seemed like everyone got to talk on the show, even if it was just for a tiny bit.

  • Tuesday’s episode began with a recap of the premiere. It was followed by a poolside view of the house with everyone enjoying their day off.
  • Britni talks about her Vendetta with LeRoy that she completely regrets, while LeRoy lays back in the sun with no remorse (he doesn’t say that though). She strips naked and joins Brad poolside.
  • We hear about the Twitter Vendetta Tony and Brad have against one another — Brad vowed to eliminate Tony if they ever got on a show together.
  • Sunbathing together is Bananas and Natalie. Bananas talks to Natalie about all his Vendettas, hoping he can find a way to finagle his way through the game. The flirtation levels are off the charts between the two. Natalie is killing it in her bikini.
  • Victor is afraid of Natalie aligning with Bananas as he could become Bananas’ target. Cara and Kyle begin flirting with one another. Kyle regrets hooking up with Marie first.
  • Joss is cleaning in the kitchen while shirtless. The girls view him as their future husband. LeRoy compares him to Ken (like the Barbie doll). Britni gets so worked up she decides to go have sex with Brad.
  • Marie has a conversation with Cara Maria about Kailah, saying the two need to align; as going after each other is too dangerous with all the rookies in the game. Cara eventually agrees and tells her to have good luck with Kyle and that she’d love to join them (not joking).
  • There is a Cory/Alicia relationship going on while Nelson acts as the awkward third wheel.
  • When out on the balcony, Kayleigh reveals to Marie that Kyle is attracted to Cara Maria. Marie views this as a challenge.
  • They arrive at the daily challenge. TJ reveals guy and girl elimination days are split. First place for males and females add 12,500 dollars to their bank account, while the top three overall competitors, “Troika”, get to nominate three players for elimination. Those players will then get to petition for their safety at a dinner called the Inquisition.
  • Players will be diving into a wet foam pit, grab balls, and climb up the slippery slide. They will put the balls in their individual basket. You must get three balls in your basket to finish.
  • The girls round begins and it is an immediate struggle with more than half the girls being unable to put more than one ball in their baskets. Nothing is more tragic than watching Melissa continually get to the top, only to have her ball slip out. Poor performances: Melissa, Kayleigh, Kailah, Alicia, and Jemmye.
  • Surprisingly, the winner of the mission for the girls is Britni. It is her first daily mission win ever. Cara finishes in second, and Kam finishes third. Nicole Z also did well.
  • The guys round goes much quicker. Bananas is the first to total three balls, which recovers his image after the first mission. Second and third are Kyle and Brad. Kyle shocks people with his finish, he is easily the smallest guy there. These three end up being the Troika.
  • Nelson and LeRoy struggle the most out of any of the guys. Nelson is clumsy, while LeRoy has a giant frame to lift and support. There is a theory that I like about how the competitors on the left-side on the pit are in the shade, while the players on the right-side have the Sun drying their side. Britni and Bananas both won on the same side, while players on the opposite side struggled in both rounds.
  • Before the nomination meeting happens between the Troika, Cory expects to get nominated, while Devin speculates with Shane that he will be going in. Britni tells Brad that Bananas is a manipulator, Brad scoffs telling her, he is well aware.
  • In a private meeting for nominations, Bananas says he wants Cory nominated, Brad wants to nominate Tony, and for the third nominee they choose Victor (to not make waves). Brad adamantly says he won’t nominate Devin, keeping him off the block.
  • After everyone finds out the nominees, they have the Inquisition dinner. Tony is annoyed by Brad’s demeanor and tells the group he is not the man to be nominated. Cory swings for the fences by saying Brad, Victor, Shane, Devin, and Joss are in an alliance to get Bananas out.
  • Brad and Victor quickly deny this rumor, and Bananas figures out quickly that he is bullshitting.
  • Following the dinner, they go out for a night at the local bar. Nelson and Cory go to Kyle and tell him if they vote Tony, they are on his side. Kyle shakes his hand and later flirts at the bar with Cara Maria. When they get home, Cara gets in Kyle’s bunk, and they perform the act of sex. This is denoted by Cara removing her shirts while under the blankets. They are two “pirates”.
  • When they get to the elimination arena, Bananas votes for Cory, and Kyle decides it is best for his game to vote in Cory (rather than put a target on his own back).
  • We get a Nelson vs Cory match-up that will be finished next week. Nelson is a career 5–1 in eliminations, with Cory being 3–2. If Nelson can beat Cory, he will have beat both Young Bucs in eliminations, and all five Underdogs who made it to the Oasis on Invasion.



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