The Challenge Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 6 Recap & 10 Biggest Takeaways

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10 min readSep 16, 2021


Episode 6 of Spies, Lies & Allies is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the 6th episode. Above is our YouTube Podcast Video recap, and for those that prefer Audio Only, Spotify and Apple Below.

10 Nany and Kaycee’s Date Was Adorable

These two women have butterflies for one another. You can see how giddy Nany makes Kaycee feel and how much Nany appreciates how Kaycee treats and respects her, unlike so many of her duds from the past. Their date was a cute moment, and it is essential for the culture, as same-sex relationships on Reality TV are still somewhat sparse to this day.

9 MTV is milking TF out of CT being Mega Hot Again

Now that CT is back in shape, they are throwing out a lot of shirtless/underwear looks of CT. You can tell the editors know they are going to get a slight pop in the ratings/social media engagement when they show off himbo CT. Emy even snuck a peek downstairs at CT during their conversation.

8 Josh and Esther Sitting in a Tree

From straight out of left-field. When Esther and Josh began making out, I needed a confessional to figure out who it was because Josh was wearing glasses, and the angle was weird. Regardless, Josh takes home a big win here as Esther is intelligent and gorgeous with a crazy good body. My favorite part is that when asked why she likes Josh, Esther doesn’t even know.

CT’s face when they made out at the club publicly stole the show as well. He couldn’t believe the Goof was getting some out in the open.

7 Too Fast and Not Furious

Another daily challenge where it visually looked cool at first and was probably a ton of fun to compete in, and unfortunately, once again, left the viewers wanting more. It was an extreme-looking challenge that came down to communication, vision, and memory skills. The teams that thrived in this daily challenge were those with experience and who were openly vocal with their partners. CT learned that while Berna might be a physical beast, the fact she was unresponsive during the challenge has him worrying for their future as a pair. All three veterans pairs: Josh/Ashley, Kyle/Amanda, Devin/Amber, won their heats because being on top of a speeding car is child’s play to them. The other three heat winners were strong players partnered with intelligent rookies: Fessy/Esther, Emanuel/Kaycee, and Logan/Nany.

In the end, Emanuel and Kaycee finally got a win after coming close in multiple challenges. They are a strong duo which makes me question how we have gone so many weeks without someone trying to steal Kaycee. If Emanuel continues to impress as such, then the veteran truce may no longer matter down the line. Let’s say Cory goes into elimination. Wouldn’t he rather face Devin, Josh, or Kyle? Those are people he knows he can beat in multiple events, whereas Emanuel is an unknown with many skills you might not want to test.

6 The Rookies Accepted Their Fate, Is That a Bad Thing?

Watching the rookies not even try to avoid their likely fate of getting voted into elimination is sad, yet it also tells how immovable the vet alliance currently is. Even with all their in-fighting, many are still unwilling to budge. When Josh and Fessy have their tiff at the end of the episode, Josh even yells something like: “WHEN THE VET TRUCE IS OVER…” The vet alliance is putting ankle bracelets on all these players, and once they get off probation, you’ll see what they can do!

Jeremiah is in the running for the Dario Medrano Memorial Award. You forget he is there, and then suddenly he is hooking with supermodel Amber, which is a total Dario move as Dario always got the hottest girls (KellyAnne, Ashley K). Jeremiah had one of my favorite moments where when Big T asked him about going into elimination; he was like, “yeah, I’m probably going in, I’m the only rookie guy who hasn’t who is eligible. It’s cool; I’ll just win, I guess.” At least he exudes semi-confidence!

For the Rookies, winning an elimination completely changes the way fans see you. At least they are getting opportunities to “earn their stripes” and indebt themselves to fans. Even an elimination loss can change the way fans look at you are impressive in defeat. While the point of the game is to stay out of elimination, fans can’t help themselves loving those who come back again and again.

5 E-my The Extraterrestial

Watching Emy put on Ashley’s dress and get hyped up by the Satanic Sisters as she prepped to perform her new song had my heart filled. As quirky as Emy can be, she is human and has self-doubts, and to have those girls give her confidence and loan out some clothes is awesome to see. Sidenote: Ashley had that same dress on for her confessionals this week, and I just really hope they washed it before loaning it out, etc.

Emy is a good person with a lot of charisma, and it’s easy for someone like me who lacks emotion to make fun of someone like her who acts solely based on emotion. I do want to say that I found it funny that her song was named Alien, when earlier in the episode, she was donning a Red Hoodie that reminded me of Elliot from ET.

4 Amber is Rubbing People The Wrong Way

At first, I thought some people were a bit harsh towards Amber’s feelings of betrayal after she got thrown into her elimination with Hughie. However, seeing so many random people get tired of her talking about the situation, from Berna to Big T, makes me realize that she needs to grow up a bit. I’m writing this directly to Amber: Amber, you are a badass who won 500k dollars your rookie season; because of that, nobody will ever feel sorry for you as this is a game, and at the end of the day, they want that same paycheck you’ve already gotten before.

When you win that much money, there are no more sob stories. I like Amber when she does hair flips and carries herself confidently, give us that person versus the person people see as a whiner.

3 Pizza Gate 2.0

Pizza’s power in starting fights in the Challenge house is underrated. After a drunken night, cheese, carbs, sauce, and grease hit the spot like no other food can. Thus, when intoxicated vegetarian Amber B gets her pizza eaten, she is livid that the euphoria of pizza goodness has gotten taken from her. Gasoline gets thrown on the flames once Tori tells her Fessy did it, and Cory instigates out of boredom. It creates a fight between her and Fessy, which turns into some Amber and Esther drama.

Esther proved to be a real one as she defended Fessy with her whole heart. Her throwing a drink at Amber was unneeded, but I think Amber’s reaction to it was so lame for a Reality TV personality. I respect Amber B being classy about it all, it’s just you fall in love with this show and you see actual fights and people’s clothes getting thrown into pools. Then you see this, and it makes you deflated about where the show is going. Throw a drink back, talk some shit; that’s what we want to see. I have to give a shoutout to Cory and Ed. Cory fueled the fights between Fessy/Amber, Amber/Esther, and Josh/Fessy; the man wants to be in drama so badly, except he can’t since he is a dad now, and thus, he has to stir the pot when he can. Meanwhile, Ed was vibing and enjoying all the madness in the background. Ed is a dog who happens to have an engineering degree.

2 Big Brother on Big Brother Violence

Josh and Fessy’s fight felt like a fever dream. They are inarguably the two most disliked veteran guys in the house, and for the longest time, at least they had each other. Watching their fight felt like watching a little brother (Josh) try to take cheap shots as his big brother (Fessy) tried to dismiss and undermine him. One of the funniest parts about their fight is Fessy being confused by the idea of how Josh will be able to eliminate him because we all know Josh isn’t beating Fessy in the elimination arena. You got to win a daily challenge to gain power, and Josh has not done that in a while, even with solid partners (Nany, Kam, Ashley, Amber).

It looked like Fessy was trying to separate himself from Josh during the fight, and in the process, Josh knocked Fessy’s arm right into the face of a production member. Fessy then smushed Josh’s face as if he was trying to put Josh down gently in the most demeaning way possible. Trishelle did the same thing to Aneesa on Rivals 2 and did not get kicked out. If Fessy gets kicked out for a weak smush when Josh was the most explosives person there, I’m going to be pissed. Preferably, I would like Josh and Fessy to both be off my TV screen, just not one getting to stay versus the other. Don’t get soft, MTV. Also, whoever tried to hand a full pizza through Josh and Fessy’s fight deserves a medal of some kind.

1 Why The Fuck Are We Getting a Cliffhanger of an Abbreviated Episode

When I initially saw this week’s episode would be shorter than usual, I assumed it was because the vote-in would be straightforward. We’d have zero drama and an anti-climatic elimination. Instead, they end the episode on a fight and a to be continued hoping that it will attract more viewers. Fans of this show enjoy the continuity of a daily challenge and elimination in every episode. Not only do fans hate cliffhangers, but to give us some drama and entertainment and then pull it away is a perfect way to alienate your dwindling franchise. Watching a Josh and Fessy is not something we signed up for; it’s like going home with a random person you’re not interested in when drunk at the bar and it’s last call. Sometimes you just settle. Then before you hook up with the person, you go to the bathroom, and when you come back, that person is hooking up with your roommate, and suddenly you’ve been cuckolded by something you didn’t even want. Seriously, what has my life come to that I’m upset they cut off a Josh/Fessy fight?

We are finding out the aftermath next week, and it will not be more exciting than what we go this week. They pulled this same trick on us with Turbo/Jordan on WOTW 2, where the cliffhanger had a boring outcome.



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