The Challenge Ride or Dies Episode 17 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

Allan Aguirre
8 min readFeb 2, 2023

The 17th Episode of The Challenge Ride or Dies is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the seventeenth episode.

10 Drive To Win

One of my favorite parts of the episode was Tori getting in the driver’s seat, realizing she doesn’t know how to drive stick, and then switching seats with Devin. It was such a relatable moment that I couldn’t help but laugh.

Part of me weirdly wishes there was a “Wacky Races” portion of the Final.
Hell, I’d love to see players get forced to ride in as many different vehicles as possible: cars, bicycles, golf carts, sybians, skateboards, horses, rickshaws, etc.

9 Horacio is fucking hot

The opening 100 KM spin class was fun. Horacio and Olivia wanted to make a statement and start strong. Bananas and Devin took it less seriously, knowing it would be a long race. Watching Nany get upset with Bananas for not going all out on the bikes when on Free Agents, she almost quit during the nighttime bike ride during that Final. You can tell the pressure of this Final weighs on Nany, and she’s giving 110%. The genuine excitement Nany had over the fact they got two tiny little chairs to sit on after their bike was adorable.

Mostly everyone looked crazy hot on their spin bikes. Horacio was an absolute specimen of man meat. Olivia looked like she was enjoying the best show on earth, biking next to him. Production tried to make Devin taking off his shirt a bit of a comical moment; however, I’d personally love to have Devin’s body. Devin is in great shape. He’s not Horacio, but none of us are Horacio except Horacio.

8 Opening Run

Once players had to actually run and the race got going, we saw Devin get serious, and it’s a real indicator that he and Tori have been waiting for this moment all season.

Aneesa & Jordan fell behind quickly, and then she rolled her ankle when Jordan tried to take her on an off-path shortcut. Jordan probably should have been more patient and cautious. However, I don’t feel that bad for Aneesa because the injury felt somewhat inevitable. Aneesa’s ankle injuries have been a recurring issue for years because she doesn’t have proper running form. Seriously, watch Aneesa run — she doesn’t lift her legs much, is always a bit off balance, and sometimes lands on the sides of her feet with no regard, as if she’s a penguin. The lack of proper running form, natural aging, and being a little heavier in recent years is a perfect recipe for an injury once thrown into a Final. The added stress and exertion of trying to keep up with Jordan accelerated what was likely to happen, and if we’re being honest, it could have been a much worse injury.

No part of me wishes Aneesa got injured in this Final. In fact, I’m upset about it because a few people, including her, will frame a narrative that it was bad luck. It wasn’t. Maybe 10% of it was bad luck. If you want to talk about winning the show or doing your best, you put in the work before the season. I will say the subplot of Jordan racking his brain trying to find ways to motivate Aneesa is possibly my favorite aspect of the Final. Jordan won a Final with a fractured leg — he cannot fathom Aneesa not being able to give 110% on a rolled ankle.

7 Puke or Chug

The strategic element of sabotaging your opponents with drinks was fascinating. Jordan & Aneesa getting only three drinks because nobody saw them as a threat got a chuckle out of me.

I wasn’t a fan of the ceasefire between Devin & Tori and Bananas & Nany. While it’s played to Devin’s advantage thus far, he said that if Bananas goes against the truce, then he proves to be a liar… My guy, Bananas, has repeatedly proven to be that guy for two decades, especially if it furthers his chances of winning.

Nonetheless, I was incredibly impressed by Devin’s solo chugging for him and Tori. He had a brilliant strategy where if you sloppily chug it and let it overflow and hit your chin/shirt, you can take out 1/3rd without drinking. Not only that, you can take a big chug and immediately puke for maximum efficiency!

6 Cutting Edge

Olivia slicing up her finger was brutal. I don’t feel bad for Olivia because everyone should know the proper Bola throwing form.


It was a gnarly cut, and she showed so much heart pushing forward like a champ. Olivia grabbing a mug of the gross fish/ranch juice as she was getting medical attention was such a baller move. Her politely asking if there was a designated puke area was also super cute. Olivia’s a darling. Unfortunately, her and Horacio’s inexperience shined bright during this portion. At one point, Olivia spat her drink back into her cup, which is the exact opposite of what you want to do. Even though she and Horacio had a lot of drinks, they were not putting them down quickly because they were drinking too much. You gotta chug and puke fast.

5 Elimination Order

The Finalists having to transfer tires and then put them in order of when they got eliminated was a nice touch. Ride or Dies has gone on for so long that it’s crazy to think Sam & Kailah were on this season. Aneesa & Jordan weren’t even in the house for the first two eliminations. It was a fun stroll down recent memory lane and reminded me a bit of the early Survivor seasons.

Devin & Tori continued to crush it.

4 Slingshots are hard

Operating a slingshot is incredibly difficult unless you’re Devin Walker. He and Tori so quickly that Bananas & Tori thought they might have DQ’d. His choice to sabotage Horacio & Olivia was massive…

Olivia had so much heart in this Final, and she was giving 150% at all times because she wanted to catch up and wanted to win. Watching her try to operate the slingshot with her bad hand was rough, and then when the accident occurred, good lord.

I’ve watched a lot of sports, and I’ve never seen as immediate of a broken nose as Olivia in that moment. There was so much blood on the floor within a second that it looked like a little kid dropped a bucket of paint. It was unreal. And the fact she was apologizing to Horacio right after…

Olivia has the heart of a champion and has been impressive all season. Watching her feel bad for Horacio as her face has gotten shattered shows the person she is. Horacio also was an incredible teammate by her side. They had such a great season, and to watch them go out this way is devastating.

3 Olivia is a Queen

One of the reasons I’ve loved Olivia this season is she’s 100% willing to be herself and be vulnerable on-screen. She did that confessional after her injury when she didn’t need to. I truly want Olivia back for the next few seasons in a row, and I can’t wait to see how she does once she knows what to train for and what to expect.

2 Horacio is a stud

Horacio wanting to keep going and do double if it meant he and Olivia would still have a shot of winning the Final was so wholesome. He is a good guy and already a record-holder. Just like Olivia, I need Horacio back next season.

1 Next Week

While I enjoyed this episode, I still don’t think a Challenge Final needs to be three episodes. Losing Horacio & Olivia makes this Final a two-horse race between Devin & Tori and Nany & Bananas. The storyline for each team to win is perfect, so much so that I can see it going either way.



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