The Challenge Ride or Dies Episode 16 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

Allan Aguirre
4 min readJan 26, 2023

The 16th Episode of The Challenge Ride or Dies is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. I didn’t have much time this week to write a traditional recap, so I’m going to do some quick bullet notes and then my one biggest takeaway.


  • The last daily challenge made sense as it tested the communication skills of these supposed “Ride or Dies.”
  • Devin & Tori have been waiting all season to give 110% in a daily challenge and won when it mattered most.
  • The Wes/Bananas phone call was corny and unnecessary, but they somehow had to pass the time.
  • Fessy & Moriah were probably the most significant threat cardio-wise in the Final; however, I’ll never agree with not voting in Bananas when he’s won 7 Finals.
  • Fessy & Moriah’s loss was due to multiple factors. While Fessy did not have the build for this elimination, he also lacked the experience/problem-solving Bananas has. Even though Moriah wasn’t featured as much during the elimination, she also lacked that same problem-solving skillset as she never made it far up the bridge.
  • Fessy took the loss in stride in the arena, except in his confessionals, he seemed to lack awareness. Still, it’s impressive he went almost four seasons before losing an elimination and is now 5–1. Moriah is cute.
  • Jordan & Aneesa qualify for the Final. It’s Jordan’s 5th Final, and he achieves the impossible by taking Aneesa to her first MTV Final since 2009. Some would say Aneesa ran the Challenge All Stars 1 Final; although I don’t remember seeing her run much.
  • Horacio & Olivia make the Final as rookies. Incredibly deserved, Horacio won 5 Eliminations, Olivia won 3, and they were consistently a top pair in the daily challenges.
  • Tori makes her 4th Final, Devin makes his 3rd, and they both go back-to-back. These two are hungry to win and are hitting their stride at the perfect moment.

1 Nany “David Tyree” Gonzalez”

Nany catching the falling pole with her feet, keeping her balance, reaching down, and repositioning it was maybe the most impressive physical achievement I’ve ever seen.

That’s easily my #1 takeaway from the episode. It was so fucking impressive.

The actual elimination itself was great to watch, even though it was a blow-out because it was such a high degree of difficulty that I found myself very invested. It looked so difficult that I was in awe of Bananas & Nany making their way up the rope bridge.

Nany & Bananas winning this elimination after losing the last elimination of Exes 2 before the Final is a cool storyboard moment. Considering Nany’s history, you expect her to lose this elimination in a heartbreaking fashion. Not this time. It was a cathartic moment for Nany, and the funniest part is that TJ might have been the most excited about her win.

Ride or Dies will be Bananas 10th Final and Nany’s 4th (her third in a row). I did the math, and at this point, Nany is statistically expected to have made 3.51 Challenge Finals, which she’s now exceeded! Bananas has won 7 out of his last 8 Finals, and his one loss in the bunch was to the superteam that was Wes & CT. I don’t see a team on this cast that’s as good as Wes & CT. It might be Nany’s season.



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