The Challenge Ride or Dies Episode 14 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

The 14th Episode of The Challenge Ride or Dies is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the fourteenth episode.

10 Jordan & Tori Chapter 840

We got force-fed a lot of Tori and Jordan content this week; I’ll be honest in saying I mentally tuned for most of it.

Last week, I made a big stance saying I was all-in on the Tori/Jordan Soap Opera because new and interesting layers kept getting added to the story.
This week, everything felt forced and contrived; thus, it couldn’t keep my interest. I don’t blame Jordan or Tori for this episode being weak entertainment-wise because, without them, I don’t know what else MTV could’ve featured. To this point, Jordan & Tori have been like a Thanksgiving meal where production has been able to take the leftovers and re-serve them in various appetizing ways. Except this felt like the day of leftovers where the food has lost its flavor.

I’m thankful for what Jordan & Tori brought to the table; I just cannot deal with any more leftovers and would like a fresh hot meal from here on out… the problem is… we might get more leftovers.

9 The Daily Challenge

I’m always a fan of the nighttime heights challenges. Seeing the building lights and moving vehicles in the background as the competitors try their best not to fall always looks surreal.

The actual editing, formatting, and execution of the challenge….Eh.

I would’ve preferred the winning team to be decided based on the average time of each team’s pairs rather than the fastest pair winning it all for one team. It’s endlessly frustrating we don’t get to see the time it took players to complete the challenge — seeing the time would give us a better sense of how difficult the daily is, and it would make it all feel a lot less shady. I’m not saying Fessy & Kaycee weren’t the best in this daily because I fully believe they would win a daily like this. Still, I want to see the times of every pair.

Chauncey not even attempting the challenge yet receiving immunity for being on the winning team is another reason the daily felt flawed.

8 Devin is just a Stand-Up Comedian at this point

In the deliberation, Devin was cracking jokes and making everyone laugh, and then during the elimination; he made fun of himself by saying how the fans got a much better experience watching Jordan & Horacio fight rather than him getting rolled over.

Devin makes these jokes very comfortably because he’s aware of what his strengths are, yet, at the same time, he’s doing it a bit to lower his threat level. The guy has been a true competitor the last few seasons and could sneak up on some people in the end game.

Sidenote: the fact Devin once again pulled the safe dagger is the least surprising thing ever as he and Cheyenne pulled 9 billion white skulls on Rivals 3.

7 Horacio vs. Jordan

Jordan & Horacio’s Balls In elimination was an absolute war that surprised me in so many ways.

I was always curious how Jordan would be in a Balls In-situation as he only has one hand to secure the ball. Jordan did not throw caution to the wind as he decided to make a statement and run through Horacio for his first two points. Typically, Jordan is the more agile/speed guy, except against a rookie, he wanted to shock Horacio’s system and win with brute force and heart.

Knowing Jordan’s history as a player makes Horacio’s offense look even more shocking and impressive. Jordan has always been one of the quickest, craftiest, and most athletic guys on The Challenge. He got DUSTED by Horacio in a way he’s never felt when competing on the show. Horacio gave Jordan a taste of his own medicine and juked him out of his shoes. Hell, by the last round, all Jordan could grasp for was Horacio’s shoe.

In the third round, Jordan tried to bulldoze again; Horacio adapted, hit Jordan in the ball hand, and it went flying. That was essentially the game. Jordan tried his best to keep up with Horacio on defense, but he couldn’t. Any other week, this elimination would end an episode, and it would have you hyped up with adrenaline — the twist took some of the wind out of the sail, sadly.

6 Historic Horacio

By beating Jordan, Horacio takes down a legend and is now 5–0 in eliminations. Horacio is the first player to win 5 eliminations in a season since Wes & Casey on Fresh Meat 1, 17 years ago, and ties himself with those two and Sarah Greyson from Gauntlet 1 for the all-time record. While some of his wins have come with help, you can poke holes in many Challenge records. Horacio has proven himself this entire season, and by taking down a legend in a game like this, he shows he’s going to be a legend too.

Jordan’s elimination remains an impressive 8–3.

5 The Twist

After five weeks, the big twist is the old twist is over, and now everyone is back in their pairs. The original twist was only for shock value and to extend the season with more episodes before the Final.

Devin & Tori, Bananas & Nany, and Horacio & Olivia have to feel confident returning to their pairs as they are all powerhouse teams.

I was secretly hoping that TJ would eliminate Fessy, Aneesa, and Kaycee on the spot because I want the final to already happen at this point in the season.

4 Redemption Players

When the Redemption players arrived, we got reminded that Aneesa & Jordan are lifelong best friends even though they stopped talking on-screen once they were no longer partners. And it’s not like they hated each other before then,

We saw Fessy give Moriah a big guy and say: “I missed you, Melissa!”

Kaycee had a hard time remembering her brother’s name and even more difficulty realizing she would have to compete with him again.

3 Moriah & Fessy Dominate

The first Redemption was built for Fessy & Moriah. Moriah is in crazy good shape, and Fessy is the biggest guy in the house; they easily won their way back into the game.

I’m excited to see how these two work together going forward because it’s not a good relationship; however, we’ve seen them compete in the more cardio-intensive daily challenges, and they’ve been far and away the best team. Watching two partners who aren’t friends win Ride or Dies would be hilarious.

2 Jordan & Aneesa vs. Kaycee & Brother

It looks like Jordan & Aneesa will face off in Knot So Fast against Kaycee & Kenny. The Clark sibling probably have more cardio than Aneesa, but Jordan & Aneesa are way smarter when it comes to strategizing in elimination.


  1. Bananas & Nany

They are in great shape politically, Nany is getting a winner’s edit, they have experience on their side, and Bananas typically wins Finals when he gets there.

2. Tori & Devin

Tori is a force coming off a really impressive Finals performance on SLA; Devin has improved a ton and is ready to solve their puzzles. More than anything, they have experience and hunger on their side.

3. Fessy & Moriah

These two dominated the mini Final. Except these two don’t like each other, and Fessy isn’t a great eater.

4. Olivia & Horacio

Horacio & Olivia feel like the shiny new toy where they should kill a final on paper. Unfortunately, they lack experience, which is crucial when running a Final. While Amber B, Rogan, and Dee didn’t have experience, they had partners who had won Finals (CT, Jordan).

5. Amber & Chauncey

They are a decent pair when it comes to cardio, and I don’t know what else.

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26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.