The Challenge: Ranking the Greatest Elimination Win Streaks

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There have been 13 competitors who have won 5 or more consecutive eliminations in Challenge history. The most recent competitor to do so is Kam Williams, so I figured, let’s breakdown where she ranks among the people who have won five consecutive eliminations.

The focus was both quantity, quality, and relevance. The one omission from this list is Wes Bergmann’s five elimination win streak on the Champs vs Pros spin-offs. Because Champs vs Pros/Stars seasons are not official, he is left off the list. Though, if you count it, it is impressive to consider that Wes has two 5+ elimination streaks in his career.

13th Place Casey Cooper — 5 wins on Fresh Meat 1 with Wes against Danny/Evelyn, Melinda/Ryan, Johanna/Jesse, Tonya/Johnnie, Shane/Linette

Congratulations to Casey! Despite being one of the worst competitors in Challenge history, Casey manages to be on this list because she packed light for Fresh Meat 1 and had Wes carrying almost all the weight for their team. She went on to see three more eliminations in her career where she was easily defeated each time. She gave Robin Hibbard her only elimination win ever.

12th Place Jenna Compono — 5 wins, 3 on Bloodlines against Christina, Larissa, and KellyAnne, 2 on Invasion against Anika and Sylvia

After Battle of the Exes 2, Jenna was considered a lay-up competitor because she and Jay quit the final. During Battle of the Bloodlines, she flipped many’s’ opinions by winning three eliminations to make the final. However, in her five elimination win streak, she only beat two average to above average competitors, and beat three other weak players. It is impressive to win five in a row, but it is slightly diminished as she lost her first elimination against a good competitor (Kailah).

11th Place Cara Maria Sorbello — 5 wins, 2 on Rivals 2 with Cooke against Jessica/Anastasia, Jonna/Nany, 3 on Free Agents against Nia, LaToya, and Jessica

Despite being the female with the most elimination wins in Challenge history, Cara’s only streak of five wins is against either bad competitors or people who are not particularly strong in eliminations. The one exception is Nia, whom Cara battled with for over an hour. This one high quality win puts her over Jenna’s two quality wins.

10th Place Nelson Thomas — 5 wins, 3 on Invasion against Anthony, Dario, Cory/Shane, 1 on Dirty 30 against Hunter, 1 on Vendettas against Cory

Nelson is the first person to lose their elimination streak to a tie. Last season on Vendettas, Nelson pushed Darrell to a tie, making his elimination record 6–1–1. He has earned all his wins and beat decent competitors, the problem is, Hunter is the only great competitor who he has taken out. His soccer elimination win by default hurts his resume a tiny bit too. If he had beaten Darrell, he would be much higher on this list.

9th Place Jillian Zoboroski — 5 wins, 3 wins on Gauntlet 3 against Brooke, Angel, and Janelle, 2 wins on Fresh Meat 2 with Pete against Darrell/Cara Maria and Danny/Sandy

Maybe she is too high, maybe too low, nonetheless, Jill is probably the most obscure great competitor in Challenge history. She competed on Seasons 10, 15, and 19, meaning she took at least two years between every show she was on. On Gauntlet 2 she lasted till the final elimination, won the Gauntlet 3 while winning three eliminations, and won two more on Fresh Meat 2 in a third place finish. Her win streak is missing a little bit of meat, however, the ultimate centerpiece is the win she took home with Pete against Darrell on Fresh Meat 2. Jill and Pete made history by being the first people to ever eliminate Darrell.

8th Place Johnny Bananas — 5 wins, 1 win on Rivals 1 with Tyler against CT/Adam, 1 win on Exes 1 with Camila against Mark/Robin, 3 wins on Free Agents against Isaac, Jordan, and CT

Bananas pulled off a five elimination win streak during his prime. He ripped off the most impressive winning stretch in Challenge history, winning 5 out of 7 appearances and making six finals. The reason he is so low on this list is because of the asterisks next to his wins. Most fans believe Adam King threw the elimination and Mark Long made a deal with Bananas prior to their elimination. Considering he has lost six out of his last seven eliminations as well, his streak is less validated than others on here.

7th Place Emily Schromm — 5 wins, 2 wins on Cutthroat against Melinda and Paula, 3 wins on Exes 1 with Ty against Leroy/Naomi, Abram/Cara Maria, and Dunbar/Paula

Emily simply has a solid resume. Her five wins did not come against strong eliminations competitors or a prime Cara Maria, nonetheless she proved herself to be more than formidable on her two seasons. In Cutthroat, Emily’s Pole Push elimination win was so strong, she won on DQ as Paula kept having to grab the chains on the side in order to not get bowled over immediately. She utterly destroyed Cara 2–0 in Pole Wrestle, which is even more insane considering upper body strong and Pole Wrestle is Cara’s forte.

6th Place Alton Williams — 5 wins, 1 win on Gauntlet 1 against Latterian, 3 wins on Gauntlet against Adam K, Jeremy, and Danny, and 1 win on Inferno 3 against Tyrie

While Alton’s opponent resume is one of the weakest, he proved himself the most in the way he beat his opponents. Alton torched every single one of his opponents in his eliminations, so much so that TJ apologized to the people who had to go against him. I wrote this earlier this year to detail how bad-ass and underrated Alton was:

Alton volunteered to take Davis’ spot in elimination on Inferno 3 in order to build team morale, he allowed Adam King to choose their elimination, and he simply wanted Danny to not give up in their round.

5th Place Kam Williams — 5 wins, 3 wins on Vendettas against Ashley M, Tori D, and Natalie, 2 wins on Final Reckoning with Kayleigh against Natalie/Paulie and Jozea/DaVonne

Some fans complain about Kam’s elimination wins against Ashley and Tori as they did not put in 110% because they were not actually in the game. What is understated is that Ashley and Tori competing at 80% is actually better than who she would have faced (Britni and Veronica). Kam took out Natalie in a balance-based elimination when Natalie is a gymnast who had 30k in her bank account from killing the challenges that season. Her wins on Final Reckoning are even more impressive as she coaches Kayleigh, who was an awful competitor on Vendettas, and they’ve done well. She is Killa Kam.

4th Place Sarah Greyson — 5 wins on Gauntlet 1 against David Broom, Matt Smith, Trishelle, Rachel B, and Irulan

The reason why Sarah Greyson’s win streak is so high is because she did it on the first Challenge season with eliminations, did it against both male and female competitors, and it was completely inconceivable. During the course of the show, random people are sometimes able to pull out one to two elimination wins out of nowhere and eventually their true form comes out and they lose. It did not happen to Sarah and, to this day, it remains inexplicable. Kam is strong and has size, Jenna is tall, and Nelson keeps himself in insane shape, people find themselves in these eliminations because they have certain skills and abilities. Sarah’s main skill was that she was an underdog who nobody expected to win. The fact that she never returned to the franchise makes her performance ever more iconic.

3rd Place Brad Fiorenza — 6 wins, 2 wins on Duel 1 against Big Easy and CT, 2 wins on Duel 2 against MJ and Landon, 2 wins on Vendettas against Victor and Frank.

I went back and forth between this and the second place entree. Brad has the sneakiest 6 elimination win streak ever. He won 6 eliminations in three seasons across twelve years, super crazy considering the streak started in 2006 and ended in 2018. Brad has super high quality wins over Hall of Famers in Landon and CT, wins against Champions Frank and MJ, and then two wins over competitors who are not complete lay-ups. He probably has the best overall quality of wins of any male competitor. The reason why Brad finished third and not second is because fans complain about Landon and CT getting robbed on their respective seasons, to this day. In the end, Brad played the game to win and had some luck on his side.

2nd Place Wes Bergmann — 8 wins, 5 wins on Fresh Meat 1 with Casey against Danny/Evelyn, Melinda/Ryan, Johanna/Jessie, Tonya/Johnnie, and Shane/Linette, 1 win on Duel 1 against Derrick K, 2 wins on the Ruins against Chet and Nick

If you would rather have Brad second over Wes due to quality over quantity, that is fine. However, Wes picked up on the elimination streaks of Derrick and Sarah in past seasons and took it to another level. His ability to win with Casey on Fresh Meat 1 is still mind-blowing. Yes, the duo was given a significant exile advantage as they packed the lightest out of any other team, but Wes was often carrying almost all of the weight for his team. When he came back and eliminated Derrick on the Duel, people soon realized he was an elite competitor. It took three seasons and nine eliminations for Wes to finally be eliminated. Only thirteen competitors have ever gotten to five wins in a row, only three have gotten to six, and only two have gotten eight. Eliminations are scary, those who are the best under pressure thrive.

1st Place Laurel Stucky — 9 wins, 1 win on Fresh Meat 1 against Sarah/Vinny, 1 win on Cutthroat against Camila, 2 wins on Rivals 1 with Cara Maria against Theresa/Camila and Jonna/Jasmine, 4 wins on Free Agents against Jasmine, Aneesa, Cara Maria, and Theresa, and 1 win on Invasion against Cara Maria

Another list where Laurel finds herself at the top. Laurel won a whopping nine straight eliminations across five seasons in seven years. In every season Laurel has been on, she’s won an elimination. If you look at her career accolades, she has two elimination wins over both two time champions, Camila and Cara Maria. She gave a loss to two time Champion Sarah Rice. Gave a loss to Aneesa who has 8 career elimination wins. And while not all of the competitors she beat were in their primes, none of them were lay-ups (jasmine?) and most have made a decent mark on Challenge history. Her Free Agents streak was incredibly impressive as Cara Maria and Theresa were Laurel’s biggest threats to winning the season and she took them out. She has won raw physical head banger eliminations, exiles, skill-based eliminations, cardio eliminations, and carnival games. Laurel is the greatest elimination competitor in Challenge history, no woman ever wants to see Laurel in the ring.



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