Jul 12, 2018

6 min read

The Challenge Final Reckoning Episode 1 Recap: Buried in Drama

  • Angela’s room has no closets in it, so she attempts to move her stuff into another person’s room and gets into it with Shane. She is yelling too much.
  • Kailah makes it obvious she is moving out of the bed she already chose because Kayleigh and Melissa are moving into the same room.
  • Joss has his hands all over Amanda. He calls her his pocket rocket. Eventually, the house eggs them on to kiss. Sylvia in unsure whether the relationship will be good or bad for their alliance.
  • Faith attempts to hash out any problems between her and Angela made on Ex on the Beach.
  • Bananas talks to Kyle and Cara about their relationship. Cara wants another ride with the pirate, while Kyle wants to have sex with other people. Kyle is making out with Faith by the end of the night. In order to make Kyle jealous, Cara tries to seduce(?) Paulie. Paulie has a girlfriend, she tells him he can win the game polidicking if he wants to. He can go home to his boring relationship, or he can win by straddling her.
  • Surprise, they decided not to eliminate six people in one swoop again and instead we have to deal with the Redemption House twist yet again. Having people dig up their partners was not a big enough twist already apparently.
  • Chuck and Britni do not want to work with another, Jenna is actually happy to have a snakey partner like Jemmye, and Da’Vonnea/Jozea are seemingly cool with one another.
  • TJ informs them to pay attention in order to find out what is going on in the main house.
  • Kailah and Kayleigh get into a mini argument over how they do not get along. Truly no substance.
  • Melissa approaches Kailah saying she wants to be her friend, though she does it in a condescending and aggressive fashion. They continue to yell, Melissa encroaches on Kailah with her first raised. Eventually, the two get into a shoving match until they are separated. No major bruises, mostly a weak fight that was louder and more dramatic than it actually was.
  • In the morning, Kailah tells her sob story. Bananas tells her to stop being a victim, he is somewhat correct, however, in his confessional he makes fun of Kailah’s face and her lip fillers. Really, Bananas is still salty Kailah blindsided him on Vendettas and is taking enjoyment in Kailah possibly going home.
  • Kayleigh and Kam are fearing the possible repercussions of their partner.
  • Before the episode ends, TJ comes to the house to inform Kailah and Melissa they are going home. We are left on a cliff-hanger regarding the status of Kayleigh and Kam.