The Challenge Double Agents: Ranking All of Cory’s Partners

Allan Aguirre
4 min readApr 13, 2021

The Challenge Double Agents had 15 women on the cast. Cory Wharton was partners with over half of them. Over the season, he gained the name Cursed Cory as all his partners seemed to come and go. Nonetheless, the man has survived the entire season and will be running the final this Wednesday. In order to fill time between now and the final, I decided to rank of all of his partners from this season. Enjoy.

8th Tori Deal

Cory’s original partner was Tori. They did not shine in any of the daily challenges together, and even worse, when Tori won a daily challenge as Devin’s partner, she blindsided Cory’s best friend Nelson by putting Fessy in against him for Hall Brawl. The only worse thing a former partner could do to you is… I don’t know; hook up with a guy who dislocated your shoulder.

7th Natalie Anderson

After Devin stole Tori, Cory got rewarded with Wes’s former partner, Natalie. They only got to compete in the drone challenge, where everyone failed except Devin and Tori. Together, they could have made a power duo — unfortunately, Natalie had to leave the game the following week. Easily the biggest what-if pair for Cory.

6 Amber Martinez

Their partnership came about following Theresa’s elimination loss to Kaycee. Cory and Amber M had to dig up disks in the ground and copy the totem pole pattern in their one daily challenge together. They were the second team to recover all their disks showing that Amber M had some heart. Sadly, Cory was pushing her so that they could volunteer for elimination and potentially feed her to the wolves. He got what he wanted politically and got her to volunteer, in which she faced Amber B in one of the worst Hall Brawls in Challenge history.

Amber M was an excellent partner to Cory, not the other way around.

5 Big T

Nam’s DQ made Big T a rogue agent, and after Gabby’s elimination with Nany, Big T was able to join forces with Cory. They competed in a swimming challenge together, and Big T was able to be complete the swim like a champion. Cory DQ’d for them, and instead of getting mad at him, Big T was supportive of him. After beating Darrell in elimination, he stole Kam, leaving Big T to reunite with CT.

4 Theresa Jones

This pairing got created after Leroy took Jay out in elimination. Theresa performed well in both daily challenges that she competed in with Cory. One of which was a trivia challenge in which Theresa hung in the fully prone position for an extended period. Again, Cory did not give 110% in these challenges as he wanted to distance himself from Theresa, even calling her Toxic T in confessionals.

3 Gabby Allen

They got paired together after Devin got eliminated. Another pairing where they competed in one daily challenge together. It was the night-time challenge where they had to eat gross foods, solve math problems, and escape their cage. They came in second-place in arguably the second-most difficult pair challenge. Not only that, Cory was actually supportive towards Gabby in her elimination with Nany.

2 Ashley Mitchell

She came in as Cory’s replacement partner after Natalie had to leave the game. This duo competed in two daily challenges, most notably the mini final. Together, they put up an impressive second-place finish. If Cory had not gotten them lost, they would have won and made a move against Theresa before Theresa put Ashley and Kam against one another in elimination. If Cory and Ashley could have found a way to make it to the end somehow, they would be the favorites going into this final.

1 Kam Williams

Cory did not win a single daily challenge all season until Kam won one for him in the final daily challenge. They had an additional second-place finish in the sky diving challenge as well. Both players are experienced in daily challenges, eliminations, and finals. What sets them apart from others is knowing what a final takes and are hungrier than ever to win.



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