The Challenge Double Agents Episode 8 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

Episode 8 of Double Agents is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the eight episode. These will be integral storylines that the eight episode focused on, and I’ll breakdown why they matter.

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10 Elimination Aftermath

After Leroy picked up his Gold Skull, he and Kam get to talking about what their next move is. Kam’s goal is to get Kaycee against Theresa in elimination to knock Theresa out; one strong player gets taken out regardless of that match-up.

Meanwhile, Devin and Kyle want both Fessy and Josh to go into elimination, optimally again each other. They hate the Big Brother alliance. Devin knows that Josh getting the final male Gold Skull would benefit him as Josh is one of the only players in the game who is as big of a “lay-up” as him and might buy Devin an extra week before he sees his second elimination.

9 All Brawl

The daily challenge consisted of luck, strategy, and physicality. Depending on when and where you found the relic in the ground dramatically shifted your odds of winning. CT and Nam both had luck and great game strategies. Nam found the relic early and saw that Fessy was blocking the exit and waited for the right moment to sprint to the finish line and got the win. He also benefited from the women’s heat going the previous round, where Nany showed what not to do when you find the relic. We have all been waiting for Nam to get a win of some sort after seeing his impressive physique, and this win proved he has a brain as well. Meanwhile, CT so clearly had the relic in his feet and was pushing it forward while walking like a penguin; the only way he could have made it more obvious was by raising his arms and yelling “I Christopher Tamburello, former lover of Shauvon Torres and eater of skulls have the relic.” In perfect CT fashion, he bluffs everyone by continually asking the other players to check his feet. It’s a real old-timer move only CT could pull off.

Nany and Theresa each threw the round by passing/handing off the relic to Kam and Gabby, their allies.

8 Lolo vs. Aneesa

During the first women’s heat, Aneesa tries to keep Lolo from winning the round and, in the process of tackling her, gets her arms around Lolo’s neck from behind. In all honesty, it is a dirty tackle. That’s a foul in most sports that aren’t the Challenge, but this is the Challenge. Nobody felt bad for Lolo since it’s part of the game that everyone has to deal with. If she wants to fight Aneesa, you do that when the person is trying to choke you or in a headbanger elimination — trying to do so after the fact makes you look like a sore loser. A common trend this season is Lolo being unable to blame herself for any loss. Sometimes your excuse is valid; it’s just when you always have one, they begin to stack up against you.

Likewise, in Lolo’s long search for self-validation, she can’t even appreciate that Nam won his heat! Instead of congratulating him, she continued to pout over Aneesa’s “choking” of her. Nam deserves better.

7 CT’s first-ever 1 v 1 Pole Wrestle

There have been about 30 “Pole Wrestles” over the history of the Challenge. Over his 18 season career, CT had never gone 1 v 1 in Pole Wrestle, and in a midseason daily challenge of all places, he breaks that virginity. CT goes against Nam, and in a heavyweight bout, CT uses both his strength and knowledge of how to play the game after watching it get played for over a decade. He keeps the pole close to his body and gets Nam up against the edge of the mud pit, slamming his body into the side of the pit like a hockey enforcer punishing their opponent against the wall. Physically, Nam impressed me, he showed a ton of heart, and when you talk about raw strength, he can maybe go toe to toe with CT. The difference is that CT has 17 years of experience, whereas this was Nam’s first real headbanger.

Kam defeated Gabby with ease. Gabby lasted about two seconds longer than I expected, good for her.

6 The Final Battle

After almost everyone threw the challenge last week, MTV decided they would have a three-round daily challenge where you had to earn your win. CT and Kam got rewarded for their Pole Wrestle wins by getting an additional round against each other’s partners in a Best of 3. Immediately, CT was pissed since his effort in the previous rounds resulted in Big T having to face Killa Kam in Pole Wrestle. Kam defeated Big T in the most politely dominant way ever, where she tried her best to ensure that Big T would not get hurt. CT and Kyle had a competitive round where CT threw Kyle the win since it seemed like he knew Kyle would not blindside him. Part of me thinks CT was more willing to do so because one would assume it would be a women’s elimination as the previous day was a men’s elimination, and only two females in the game had Gold Skulls.

Kyle mentioning his original “Pole Wrestle” win against CT on War of the Worlds 1 wasn’t a legit win since he had a massive helping hand from JP was hilarious. He now technically owns two Pole Wrestles win over CT.

5 Deliberation

Mechie telling everyone at deliberation that he did not want to go into elimination because he didn’t feel like it was a total vibe. The Gold Skull twist puts a target on the smallest/weakest players. To this point, Mechie has been the smallest and weakest guy in the game, which is a testament to his overall social game/likability. You usually don’t see male lay-up types go this long in the game. Knight and Preston were probably the last ones to exist on seasons with competitive casts. The ambiguity of whether this was going to be a male or female elimination did not help Mechie and Amber, as players were comfortable going against either of them in elimination. In contrast, some of the men maybe did not want to face Fessy.

4 Team Killa

Kyle wanted Fessy and Aneesa as the house vote so he could force the Josh vs. Fessy elimination. Kam didn’t like that idea, as the Big Brother alliance could potentially gun after her if she were to make that move. She wanted Amber/Mechie as the house vote and then was going to throw Nany/Josh a bone as both feel comfortable going up against the diminutive duo.

MTV decided to be sneaky and not reveal the individual house votes during the episode, which created suspense as Fessy/Aneesa and Mechie/Amber on paper seemed like the biggest toss-up vote this season. It annoyed me to no end since the reveal of how everyone voted is generally my favorite part of each episode.

3 Amber vs. Amber

Five-six weeks ago, there were two Ambers on the Challenge who were getting zero camera time. Here we are in Episode 8, and the two Ambers are becoming more and more relevant as the weeks go on; they are now at odds with one another. Amber M has been the more relevant one so far as she had her feud with Tori, has been part of the Itty Bitty Committee, and has dodged eliminations left and right while throwing up heart hands to her enemies. Amber B is playing the better game as she’s been an adjacent ally to the rookie girls and the Big Brother alliance; her game has been subtle and under the radar. In all honesty, Amber B’s connections have done an excellent job of protecting her and Darrell as they’ve allowed them to play the middle.

Amber B hit a critical point this week where she had to choose between the stronger Big Brother alliance or the rookie alliance who is less reliable. The rookie alliance consists of people she actually outsizes in elimination once she gets to that point. She made the more rational move to go farther in the game; it may not be the winning move, though.

2 Josh Finally Wins An Elimination

Josh is no longer in the Danny Jamieson/Tyrie Ballard grouping of competitors. The monkey is off his back! For starters, Josh solving the slider puzzle as quickly as he did as historically, he’s been a bottom tier puzzle person. He’s someone who, before the season, I’d rank below Kyle, Cory, and even Nelson in puzzles. Josh overcame his anxiety, and it made all the difference since Mechie never solved his puzzle. Mechie is a talented man who can dunk a basketball, creates stellar music, can dance, and has his intimate talents with the opposite sex. Puzzles are not his thing whatsoever. He had no idea what he was doing with the slider puzzle and was moving pieces randomly.

For Josh, it did suck that in his triumphant moment, everyone in the crowd was laughing at him for a majority of the time as he could not throw the weight balls through the wall. Nonetheless, he is now a career 1–3 in eliminations! I am a bit scared as Josh’s ego before winning elimination was already through the roof, and I can only imagine how much higher it could go. Another weird thing that I’ve noticed is that every person who goes on the Challenge has a Josh impression. Kyle’s impression of Josh was funny, but it pales in comparison to Melissa’s from Total Madness.

Mechie brought a great vibe to the show in his confessionals. As a competitor, he was bottom tier in terms of performance. Josh chooses to stay with Nany, a smart move as Nany is one of the only people in the house who believes in Josh’s abilities. Amber M is the rogue agent, which guarantees her at least two more episodes, which is probably what she cares about most.

1 Skull Lay Out

All 5 Male Gold Skulls are taken. Devin and Josh have to be on high-alert as they are the two weakest players with Gold Skulls currently. Kyle could be in trouble if Fessy wins a daily challenge or if Devin wins immunity, making him a potential house vote option for the Big Brother alliance to target. Fessy can somewhat relax knowing nobody wants to see him in anything physical; however, he has made multiple enemies this season. If he continues to act arrogantly, anything can happen. Leroy is sitting pretty.

On the female side, only Kam and Aneesa have skulls. We need more female eliminations asap.

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