The Challenge Double Agents Episode 7 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

Episode 7 of Double Agents is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the seventh episode. These will be integral storylines that the seventh episode focused on, and I’ll breakdown why they matter.

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10 Aftermath of Kam vs. Ashley and Leroy’s Headhunting

Cory and Kyle are straight-forward with Jay and tell him that they can’t trust him anymore. This is where the partnerships come into play massively, where even though it was a Theresa move against Kam/Ashley, Jay is dealing with the mass repercussions. Leroy is one of the most passive players in Challenge history. The guy literally got put into elimination by his enemy Wes against his best friend (Bananas) on Exes 2, then became Wes’s #1 ally when Leroy was in power. Leroy generally lets things go because putting in an effort can put a target on you. Playing with Kam has switched up his gameplay; Leroy wants all the smoke and tells Jay he will be going home if it’s the last thing he does on this show.

9 Theresa, Theresa, Theresa

Remember the first five weeks of the season when people were wondering when we’d get to see Theresa? Yeah, that seems like a long time ago now, because the last two weeks have been the Theresa Jones show. I feel as though Theresa has a bucket list of Reality TV stuff she wants to get done in her comeback run. She won a daily challenge, made a huge strategic player, and this episode threw out the infamous “I’m not here to make friends ” line. On Exes 2, she was at the top of her game and left to have a family, and that is probably enriching and fulfilling, yet, you can tell that in her book, the Challenge didn’t have the ending she wanted. Theresa is guns blazing after what she wants, even if it might not be the best gameplay.

Her morning session with CT where she creates this idea of going after Darrell, he tacks onto it, and then tries to use it against is reminiscent of when Wes asked if Jordan was a bigger dick than Theresa was a bitch. Jordan said she was a bigger bitch; Wes then used it as ammunition against him. Theresa keeps using his plays, and it’s fantastic, whether it works or not.

8 Hanging On For Life

A cool daily challenge where players had to cling to a cargo net held by a helicopter over water. The team that gets the fastest win in a heat (4 heats of 5) wins the Challenge. It may have been the fastest overall-team wins; however, because both men’s rounds ended in DQ’s, it came down to the women. In the first men’s heat, Nam/Kyle/Devin are aligned; thus, they didn’t try to knock each other over or try to help Fessy win in any way. The second men’s heat saw Leroy and Jay going at it with Jay’s thrill-seeking ways making him the most comfortable traversing the net and Leroy being too big for him to rip off. Mechie was the only guy to fall off in the men’s heats. Side-note: every person falling off the cargo looked dramatic and hilarious.

The women’s first heat had the most wrestling. Kaycee knocked off all of Aneesa (1st out), Kam (3rd out), and Nany (4th out). When first-watching, I thought to myself, “oh wow, Kaycee is even stronger than I thought, especially taking out Kam that easily.” Looking back, most of those girls are aligned with Kaycee, and Kam already has a skull. Kam helping Leroy’s partner win is like herself winning.

In the second women’s heat, the rookie women were more blatantly throwing it to Theresa, which makes sense since Theresa will get the target on her if it doesn’t work out, and if it does, she won’t put them in as the rogue agent. Win-win. Then Amber B decided she would not roll-over, leading to Kaycee getting the overall win by a single second, which considering Theresa/CT’s conversation, was a smart move. If Big T/Amber were in separate heats, Theresa likely gets the overall win, and this episode goes way differently. This is where the Wes-style gameplay goes wrong for Theresa because had they made a pact to let Gabby or Amber M win instead, then maybe Amber B relents since she trusts them more. Yes, it makes Jay/Theresa eligible for the house vote, but then their ally would give Jay his opponent of choice at least. Sometimes a small sacrifice goes a long way.

7 Welcome To The Show, Amber Borzotra

Amber B had half as many confessionals as the mustard man, Jacob Allen (eliminated episode 2) through the first six weeks. This week, Amber keeps Theresa from winning the challenge, then at the “club,” she stands up for herself against her. One of my favorite scenes in the episode is that as Theresa walks away from Amber, Nany is dancing with a diet coke in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, then embraces Amber by handing her some wine. It was such a vibe. Welcome, Amber.

6 Devin (and Kyle) vs. Fessy and Josh

At the club, Devin decides to poke at Fessy for no reason other than boredom. In doing so, he gets Fessy riled up to the point that he wants to get physical, which is hilarious because that means Devin has won. Devin knows he can’t beat Fessy in a Pole Wrestle, but if Fessy punches him, he is out of the game. Typically, Devin’s instigation veers on the annoying side; this time, there was something so lighthearted and transparent about it that it had me dying laugh that it worked. Josh tried to hold Fessy back, then after a few simple verbal jabs from Devin/Kyle, Josh throws a glass of water at them (it hit the camera as well, that was a real line-drawer for me, don’t impede my vision of the fight). People have to separate him and Kyle; Josh calls Kyle a bitch, and in my humble opinion, after seeing Kyle fight on Geordie Shore and compete in headbangers, Josh shouldn’t want any of that smoke.

Devin asks for a civil conversation; Josh tells him to leave him alone by the time he counts to 3; Devin refuses because why would he? Josh pushes him, and you could feel Devin throw himself back a bit to make it seem more violent; that way, maybe Josh gets kicked out of the game. He doesn’t since Devin falls straight into a couch. Eventually, Nany separates them, and the night is over. Devin successfully gets in the head of two men who should have no worries, much to the dismay of Kaycee, who continually has to babysit her boys.

Kyle saying he wanted to punch Josh’s face, to which CT replied from out of nowhere: “I know, we all do, he is a manchild…” elicited a laugh out of me that went for a little too long.

5 Voting + Deliberation

At deliberation, Theresa throws CT under the bus by saying he was targeting Darrell, and CT vehemently denies, taking advantage of Theresa’s shady gameplay from the past couple of weeks as his defense. It becomes a vote between Jay/Theresa and Devin/Gabby since the Big Brother crew hates Devin. In the end, the votes go 12–7, making Jay/Theresa the Compromised Agents. The same rookie girls who had Theresa’s back turned on her in favor of their own (Gabby). Lolo & Nam (Jay’s best friend), Josh & Nany, and Fessy were those not to vote Jay/Theresa other than Jay/Theresa.

Looking back, the only way Theresa/Jay possibly could have avoided being the house vote is by getting her pair and the rookie girls pair to put in Fessy/Aneesa. Even then, I don’t think Jay wanted to face Fessy in elimination.

4 Killa Kyle

Kyle has had a total no fucks given attitude this entire season, and it’s been awesome. The guy is playing the game for himself, talking shit to those who deserve it, and has been killing his confessionals while dressed like he is interviewing for a job he might not be qualified for. Even without those qualifications, his interview forces us to take a hard look at him. Josh’s application might say Big Brother winner, and Fessy’s might say All-American football player, but they don’t feel like they got the star-power that has Kyle has right now.

3 The Elimination

Leroy chooses to volunteer himself for elimination as he sees it’s the same elimination Natalie & Ashley played and the same elimination he dominated on Exes 2. Even though he had dominated that elimination, that was over half a decade ago, and Jay is a rock climber whose slender frame is somewhat perfect for that elimination. This elimination does differ from Ashley/Natalie as it’s 2x as long with 3x as many bumps to get over.

The elimination gets going; they both go full throttle with Leroy getting maybe an extra inch on each pump. Over time this adds up; Leroy gets to the end of the forward path faster and somehow goes even more quickly backward. The entire crowd’s jaws drop, watching Leroy. At one point, Leroy gets caught up in one of the final bumps, giving Jay room to close the gap; Leroy keeps calm, gets over the bump, and takes the win. Leroy’s stroke-game is ridiculous; based on how Kam was impressed, she’s seen that version of Leroy more often than anyone else. Jay is shocked because he never got stopped, went as fast as he possibly could, and still got beat by a pretty decent margin. The only thing I equate this to is when Alton demolished Adam King in the cargo climb on Gauntlet 2. TJ’s reaction after the elimination was similar. It is Leroy’s 9th career elimination win, tying him for third all-time in the men’s division with Nelson and Derrick.

2 Jay is a Victim of His Own Passivity

I feel as though there will be many people throwing Theresa under the bus for Jay’s elimination. While Theresa did put a target on them with their move, you have to remember it was THEIR decision. Jay, you can’t be Silent Bob when making that important of a decision. Coming from Survivor, you don’t tell someone when they’re going to get blindsided since once you blindside them, they’re gone. The Challenge does not work that way, and next season might be an ever steeper of a curve for Jay as people might see him as someone they can’t trust.

1 The Aftermath

Leroy chooses to stick with Kaycee, partially because he and Kam’s vote being separate is still an asset with 20 people left in the game. Also, someone could steal Kam from him if they were to partner, and theoretically, this might not be his or Kam’s last elimination of the season. Likewise, Leroy and Kaycee have won two daily challenges and have made for a strong pair.

Cory and Theresa are now partners, considering Theresa has the biggest target on her back now; Cory could be moving on to partner #5 shortly. They are two strong players, and their combined efforts in the mini final make them the team best-suited to run a final.



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