The Challenge Double Agents Episode 16 Recap: 10 Biggest Takeaways

Episode 16 of Double Agents is in the books. You probably have some thoughts, so let’s compare. Instead of giving a simple summary, I decided to focus on the 10 Biggest moments/takeaways from the 16th episode. These will be integral storylines that the 16th episode focused on, and I’ll breakdown why they matter. Also, if you prefer a traditional Summary, the YouTube Podcast breakdown is above, and the Spotify/Apple Version below.

10 Back to 60 Minutes

What the fuck are we doing at this point? I have enjoyed Double Agents as a Challenge season and think it is a massive upgrade over Total Madness. However, we are 16 weeks in, and the quality of the show has harshly dropped over the last six weeks. I would rather get a sped-up 90-minute episode with 2 daily challenges and eliminations — then again, as much as I and fans on social media gripe about how boring this season has become, the ratings and viewership reflect otherwise. The Challenge has been straight up torching Professional Sports and Wrestling in the key demographics, and viewership is rising a bit. So why the hell is this show only on once a week?

9 CT prepping Big T for the Final

Last week, we got to see CT train Big T for a Hall Brawl, and this week we saw him being to prep her to run a final. Again, this cute moment would hit way differently if CT had not left her in the most savage way a few weeks earlier. While people in the house do work out, I find it curious that after Wes, CT, Cara, and Cooke’s running club on Rivals 2, why don’t we see more players running around the outside area of the house to prep for the final? Wes and CT came into that season out of shape (their own words) and then torched everyone in the final because they had been running in the Thai heat for six weeks.

8 Atlasphere

The daily challenge was a straight-up rip-off of the American Gladiators game Atlasphere in which three players (pairs) in giant human-sized hamster balls attempt to run over as many scoring zones (checkpoints) in the allotted time — two defenders (pairs) also exist to stop them from scoring. The only key difference from the American Gladiators version was that they added smoke to the checkpoints, which was a great choice. It felt impossible for the players to hit the sensor in the original game to count the points; technology has advanced. Leroy and Kaycee got to pick the order as the winners of the previous challenge, and because there is an odd number of teams, they were able to pick themselves to play offense twice.

7 Another Win for the Best Team

Kam/Cory made a conscious effort only to defend CT/Big T as their alliance could not let them or Kyle/Amber win. When Kyle/Amber played defense, they struggled splitting time defending Fessy/Nany and Leroy/Kaycee. Fessy/Nany killed their offensive as Fessy made them go at a fast pace, even if Nany wanted to go slower, lousy team chemistry, good results. Leroy/Kaycee struggled to move in their ball during their first round.

In the second round, Kam/Cory essentially sat out when defended by CT/Big T because they knew that Leroy/Kaycee would be able to run the course unopposed, as Fessy/Nany solely focused on keeping Kyle/Amber from winning. Despite their alliances’ efforts to sabotage them, Kyle/Amber probably had the best overall performance. Leroy/Kaycee beat them by one point because they could run the course without any defense played against them. A heartwrenching loss for Amber/Kyle, meanwhile Leroy/Kaycee get their 5th daily challenge win of the season. As I mentioned last week, Leroy, for his career, had 4 daily challenge wins in 7 partner seasons prior to Double Agents. The man is on a mission, and Kaycee is an elite partner alongside him.

6 Amber finally learning what it is like to be a Rookie in the Game

Fessy calling Amber entitled when he has self-anointed himself the King of the Challenge and ender of CT was rich. At the same time, Amber has been eating well off the Big Brother meal ticket, where the most amount of opposition she has seen before this week was Amber Martinez in a Hall Brawl. That is the equivalent of your parents grounding you, and now you have to stay in your room with your television and video games.

Amber tried to say that Kaycee owed her one because Amber gave Kaycee her skull opportunity — which technically did. However, to get her skull, Kaycee willingly agreed to face Theresa, who was one of the three strongest women in the game, and the biggest threat in the final. Kaycee is a boss who did everyone’s dirty work because she is that good, and as we have seen over the weeks, she could have had multiple opportunities at a Gold Skull if she wanted. To add on, Kaycee even said in confessional; Amber needs to realize that they like her; she is just not at the top of the alliance.

5 CT pulling a fast one on Kyle

On War of the Worlds 2, CT voted Kyle into elimination and called him a snake (Kyle had assumed they were aligned). Kyle was shocked and angered by the claim and proceeded to get eliminated by Theo. Together on this season, Kyle thought he was in alliance with CT and Devin, and then, CT took his partner Kam, and Kyle called him a snake in the house kitchen. CT proceeded to curse out Kyle and call him a snake while pounding cold cuts. They create another fake alliance due to them both being on the outside of the Kam/Leroy/Nany trio, and once again, CT gets one over on Kyle by making Kyle/Amber the house vote instead of forcing a 4–4 tie.

CT was honest; if he knows he is going into elimination, he would rather face Kyle than Fessy. Not that CT that cannot beat Fessy in elimination, it is more or less, as we saw with Darrell’s elimination, speed kills. When you are 40 years old going up against the fastest guy in the house in a Hall Brawl or a fake Tug of War, it’s those tenths of a second that might matter more than any heart/experience.

4 Small Brawl

Instead of getting a potentially fun CT vs. Kyle Hall Brawl, we had to see Amber B face a much smaller girl in Hall Brawl for a second time. I am happy the players did not have to take multiple treks back and forth holding a ball — a straight-up Hall Brawl is far more entertaining. It is clear from the start that Amber is much faster (long legs and a good stripe helps!). When they make contact, the crowd says that Big T is doing a great job of getting low, and I like Big T, but she did not get that low, which should not be hard as she already starts relatively low. Amber takes Round 1 with ease. Big T has a slightly better showing in Round 2, but the result is the same, Amber wins 2–0. Losing Big T at this point in the game is crushing. She has been one of the season highlights and has won over both diehard and casual fans of the show. Big T is a lock for Season 37.

Amber has won 2 eliminations her rookie season. Her performance this season somewhat reminds me of a better version of Britni Thornton on Dirty 30 — Britni also faced two tiny females in physical eliminations. It’s a good season on paper, yet I can’t shake the feeling that she still has not done anything to make me assume she is anything better than a slightly below-average player. If Amber had beaten Nany or Aneesa, or at the very least Gabby in a Hall Brawl instead of Big T/Small Amber, then my opinion would be higher. Honestly, her performance with Kyle in the daily challenge might be her best moment this season.

3 Nany makes an all-time bonehead play

As much as I love Nany, her choice to take Kyle as a partner was based on complete emotion rather than strategy. Not going to lie, when I realized she could pick between Kyle and CT, I was hoping she would “KYLE, I’M HOME” the same way he did to her a few weeks earlier, and when she did, I audibly rejoiced. The problem is her alliance has been trying to keep CT out of the final through any means necessary — first trying to pit him against Wes on Day 1 and then trying to ice him out of eliminations once the Skull twist was in play. By picking Kyle as a partner because she has more fun with him, she gave CT a pass to the final. Even Kaycee, who keeps her thoughts to herself most of the time, just blurted out loud: “That was so dumb.”

Kyle was rightfully pissed as Nany took his guaranteed shot at the final and turned it into him going up against either Fessy, Leroy, or Cory in the last elimination if they cannot pull the daily challenge win (Nany has not won a daily all season).

2 What is happening next week

Kam, Kaycee, Nany, and Amber are likely our female finalists this season; congratulations to them. Based on his rogue status, it seems CT will be joining them.

As long as Kyle/Nany do not win the final daily challenge, they will be the house vote going to elimination. In that scenario, if Leroy/Kaycee win the daily, I believe they would put Kam/Cory in, as Fessy is Kaycee’s #1 ally, and because there would be no reason to think there is going to be a female elimination. If Kam/Cory wins the last daily, Fessy will face Kyle in elimination (Kam protecting Leroy). If Fessy/Amber wins the daily, I see two situations — the first being throw in Leroy since Leroy has dominated the season. The other is volunteering himself to drop Amber as a partner and upgrade to either Kam or Kaycee.

Now, in a world where Kyle and Nany win the daily, things get super funky. At first, I assumed Fessy would be the house vote. However, as I think about it, if Kam thinks Leroy would be going into elimination, would she prefer him going against Cory? I think she would. It’s crazy how much more fun the game becomes once you don’t have to worry about skulls.

1 Watch the Challenge All-Stars

I have seen the premiere; my recap is written and will get posted tomorrow morning on here, and you can find it on the Challenge Subreddit/my Social Medias. It is an 11/10 episode. That rating is somewhat based on nostalgia alone — ready yourself for good quality television with an intense daily challenge and some surprising performances.

24 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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