The Challenge: Creating the Ultimate Inferno Fantasy Cast

Allan Aguirre
5 min readJun 15, 2017

We were introduced to the elimination era of the Challenge with two seasons with strong names that defined the season and their eliminations: the Gauntlet, and the Inferno. Gauntlets were good, Infernos were better.

They each originated as seasons that reflected the Real World vs Road Rules moniker of the show. After Road Rules ceased to exist, they needed to find new ways to fill the cast to its entirety. So they came up with formats like Veterans versus against Rookies for the Gauntlet, and Good Guys vs Bad Asses for the Infernos.

During both seasons, the Bad Asses were generally the better overall teams from top to bottom, as the crazier the competitors generally had more of an edge to them, and you have to play dirty to sometimes win.

For the Infero 2 the Good Guys were: Darrell Taylor, the Miz, Landon Lueck, Brad Fiorenza, Jon Brennan, Jamie Chung, Julie Stoffer, Jodi Weatherton, Robin Hibbard, Shavonda Billingslea

The Bad Asses were: Chris CT Tamburello, Abram Boise, Derrick Kosinski, Dan Renzi, Karamo Brown, Veronica Portillo, Rachel Robinson, Tina Barta, Tonya Cooley, Beth Stolarcyzk

During the Inferno 2, the girl Bad Asses were on a completely different level from the Good Guys, they went 4–0 in female eliminations, with the only female being eliminated for the Bad Asses being Beth, who quit. The problem is when the final came around, those girls who outperformed the other girls led to a one-sided final where a Good Guys team had trimmed all of their fat. The win was decided more on who was not there, rather than who was.

Inferno 3

Good Guys team: Alton Williams, Johnny Bananas, Timmy Beggy, Ace Amerson, Davis Mallory, Susie Meister, Paula Meronek, Cara Zavaleta, Colie Edison, Rachel Moyal

Bad Asses team: Abram Boise, Derrick Kosinski (replaced CT), Kenny Santucci, Danny Jamieson, Tyrie Ballard, Tonya Cooley, Evelyn Smith, Jenn Grijalva, Janelle Casanave, Aneesa Ferreira

For the Inferno 3, the overall cast was weaker than the Inferno 2, more flops overall. It was still an entertaining season, where the Bad Asses had a better team, and a final where they were neither team was penalized for having too many people.

Here we are now, what would be the perfect Inferno cast? Here’s what I have:

Bad Asses
Chris “CT” Tamburello (2x Champ)
Derrick Kosinski (3x Champ)
Wes Bergmann (2x Champ)
Abram Boise (2x Champ)
Shane Landrum
Evelyn Smith (3x Champ)
Rachel Robinson (2x Champ)
Coral Smith (1x Champ)
Veronica Portillo (3x Champ)
Laurel Stucky (1x Champ)

Good Guys
Landon Lueck (3x Champ)
Darrell Taylor (4x Champ)
Alton Williams (1x Champ)
Timmy Beggy (1x Champ)
Mark Long (2x Champ)
Emily Schromm (1x Champ)
Jodi Weatherton (2x Champ)
Ruthie Alcaide
KellyAnne Judd
Jenna Compono

Bad Ass Breakdown:

CT is on the team as he smashes heads and eats them. No-brainier here.
Derrick as a two time Bad Ass, and one of the most Bad Ass dudes in Challenge history, he makes the team. Second most elimination wins by a guy ever, and he named his son Awesome.
Wes has 13 eliminations, 16 if you count Champs vs Pros, which is 6 (or 9) more than the male competitor with the next most. True Bad Ass.
Abram, another two time Bad Ass, and winner of the Inferno 3. Abram has the crazy switch that you wish every competitor had.
Shane, also known as “Shady Shane”, is famously a behind the scenes shit starter. One of the greatest players to never win, or even make a final.
Evelyn is the greatest female Challenge competitor. Tied for the most wins ever for a female at 3, won a pair format, a team format (Inferno 3), and whatever the Island was.
Rachel, the original alpha female, she intimidates those with her athleticism and beauty.
Coral is an MTV queen. She was a true Bad Ass, she doesn’t wrestle, she beats bitches down.
Veronica, the title of most wins in Challenge history for a female is with Veronica, tied with Evelyn. Not an athlete, but she knows how to play the mental game and be the mean girl America deserves.
Laurel , the most dominant female in Challenge history.

Good Guys Breakdown:

Landon also known as Lando Commando, plays the game straight up and career Challenge record of 3 wins in 4 seasons. Won as a Good Guy on Inferno 2.
Darrell is another Inferno 2 Good Guy Champion. Not about bullshit, will defend himself and others. Bodyguard for the Good Guys.
Alton …he’s hung like a horse. A Gauntlet God and led the Good Guys on Inferno 3.
Timmy and Mark are two legends of the game. Two OG’s from the old days. Nice guys who made the show great, and looked great.
Emily once in a cult, then on MTV, Emily has become the greatest female physical specimen ever on a Challenge.
Jodi, the original version of Evelyn or Laurel. Jodi was an athlete on another level from most of the female competitors. Laurel and Ev took it to the next level, but Jodi’s performance on the Duel was legendary.
Ruthie never did an Inferno, though she’s one of the greatest competitors ever.
KellyAnne is an underrated competitor on the show. During the Ruins, she was feared by most of the female Champions. Her rookie season she beat Rachel in a face-off on the Island.
Jenna, people like her.

Here are the teams. If there’s someone you wanted on the team, I probably considered them and decided against it. Some honorable mentions:
Evan & Kenny: We were set on Bad Asses, wanted Shane for TV purposes.
Sarah & Susie: Not nice enough to be Good Guys.
Johnny & LeRoy: Not cool enough to be Bad Asses.
Cara Maria: Too much crying to be a Bad Ass.
Tina: Not good enough to make the Bad Ass team.
Tonya: Just missed the cut, due to her Inferno 2 final performance and aftermath.
Paula: Hard to pick as a Good Guy, feel like she’s been too much of a cool kid often.
Frank S: Picked Shane L instead of Frank, same for Dan Renzi.
Jordan: Neither a Bad Ass or Good Guy.
Brad: Too hard to argue him as a Good Guy after all the non good guy things he’s done.

Who would you pick to win, Good Guys or Bad Asses? Who deserved to be on the teams more?



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