The Challenge All Stars Projected Cast, Possible Spoilers*

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First off, let me acknowledge that none of this is from me, it’s from the awesome spoiler team at Vevmo: PinkRose, Gamer73, LurkerNoMore, et al.
They do fantastic work that I am grateful for. Here’s the Vevmo link for spoilers:

The site is a bit tough to manage if you’re new to it, so I’ll go through the cast here.

Season 30.5 of the Challenge is currently filming, and I’m guessing we will be getting it right after Season 30 finishes airing. Season 31 is rumored to be filming September. Interestingly, this season is not going to be Champs vs Pros. Not all of the Challenge competitors that are going to be on are Champions, and not all of the Pros are actually anywhere near pro athletes. Here’s who’s on, and we will start with the “Pros” or “Celebs”.

Terrell Owens — Former NFL MegaStar

This is arguably the biggest name that the Challenge has ever gotten. Owens might be one of the 5 greatest receivers in NFL history. Though that is sometimes clouded up by his drama queen antics and outspoken quotes. The constraints of the NFL were not always the best for Owens, and he seems perfect for the Challenge. Even in his early 40’s Owens will be the most devastating athlete ever unleashed on the show.

Shawn Johnson — Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast

In 2008, Shawn Johnson was a famous 16 year old who won the silver medal at the 08 Olympics in all around gymnastics, as well as the team silver medal. She was on the back of Corn Flakes boxes, so you might remember her from that. Like a gymnast, she’s very tiny! She does the YouTube grind these days.

Romeo Miller (Lil Romeo) — Rapper and College Basketball Player

You may remember him if you were a kid in the early 2000’s for having his own Nickelodeon series called Romeo. His dad is famous musician, Master P. He ended up playing College Basketball at USC. Though he was put on the team due to his fame and his connections to future NBA All Star, DeMar Derozan. Miller almost never touched the court. Derrick Henry from AYTO is much closer to being a professional athlete than Lil Romeo.

Kim Glass — Olympic Silver Medalist Volleyball

A former Olympic Volleyball player turned Model and Personal trainer has gained more fame for her body, fitness, and looks after her professional athletic career.

Josh Murray — College Baseball Player, Winner of the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise

If you are a fan of the Bachelor, you should know that Josh Murray is one of the biggest assholes in Bachelor history. Josh was the winner of the Bachelorette 10 and after the split up from his engagement he ended up getting engaged to Amanda Stanton of Bachelor 20. He’s known for being a bit verbally abusive and kissing loudly.

Michelle Waterson — UFC Fighter

She’s a tough chick with a career 15–5 record on the highest level. Michelle was at one point the #1 female UFC fighter in the Atom-weight devision, and is currently 6th in the Straw-weight division. At 5'3 and 115 lbs, she’s not the biggest, but you won’t want a punch in the face from her.

Matt Rife — Wildin’ Out, Comedian, Actor

You may or may not know more about this guy than I do. The only MTV programming I watch is the Challenge, or Challenge related. You guys might be upset about it, but it’s a great move by MTV to put these guys on the show for a spin-off.

Arianne “Cameron” Andrew — WWE Diva

We have another person from the WWE this season. Looks like they are targeting as many different demographics as they can in order to get ratings. I’ve heard this girl isn’t the greatest wrestler. She does seem into fitness based on her Instagram.

RiFF RaFF — Rapper, Musician, Celebrity

Yeah, I had no clue who this guy was. He’s done work with Migos, Gucci Manne, Travis Barker, and Soulja Boy.

The Challenge Stars

Johnny Bananas/Weston Bergmann/Chris Tamburello

Since 2010 they have been the faces of the Challenge. So of course they need the three on a show when they get a chance. No show that has ever had both Wes and CT has ever sucked.

Camila Nakagawa and Ashley Mitchell

The two females returning from the original Champs vs Pros. Considering that MTV has put Camila on billboards and that Ashley is their most recent new champ, these two on the show makes sense. There are some rumors regarding Camila that you may want to look up on your own.

Emily Schromm

SHE’S BACK. Emily has stated that doing a Challenge is tough for running her business while she’s on a Challenge with no wifi and no phone. Especially knowing that Emily will likely be there for the entire duration. It’s good to have her back. She might be in the best shape of anyone there.

Zach Nichols

He is closer than most of the “Pros” to being an actual professional athlete. Zach was in the Arena Football league for a while and was scouted by pro teams. Zach is your prototypical asshole, that doesn’t mean he’s not a great athlete. This could be a shot of redemption for some who has fallen in the eyes of fans.

Aneesa Ferreira

With a strong showing through the first few missions of the Dirty 30, I’m actually excited to see Aneesa again. As the female with the most appearances in Challenge history, she’s truly an All Star.

Cory Wharton and Jenna Compono

They felt the urge to put on a couple of the new faces of the franchise. Maybe this means Cory does really well on Dirty 30, and the same for Jenna. At least they’re pretty.



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