The 7 people you don’t want to see in a Challenge elimination

Allan Aguirre
4 min readJun 2, 2017


Wes Bergmann: 14–6 career elimination record, wins over: Bananas, Derrick K, and Shane L

Regardless of who you have faced, 14 wins is highly impressive. The next most by a guy in Challenge history is 7. Wes has won in physical games: Pole Wrestle, endurance games: 5 exiles in Fresh Meat 1, skill games: Rivals 3 and Champs vs Pros. Being up against crafty Wes is something you should never feel confident about.

Laurel Stucky: 9–1 career elimination record, wins over: Cara Maria twice, Theresa twice, and Camila twice

The most dominant female in Challenge history. It took Wes 9 eliminations until she finally lost, Laurel took 10. Laurel is the only person to have ever won 9 consecutive eliminations faced, and with her 5'11 stature and strong upper body, all girls should shake in their boots with the possibility of facing this girl.

LeRoy Garrett: 7–3 career elimination record, wins over: Wes twice, Bananas twice, Cohutta

LeRoy’s main strength in Challenges is being good at physical eliminations. He is one of a small group of people to have ever won 4 eliminations in one season (Wes, Casey, Sarah G., Derrick K., Laurel). He won Duel Pole wrestle twice (against Bananas and Wes), he’s won Hall Brawl, he’s won in Balls In, basically the 3 most famous physical eliminations in Challenge history. His performance against Bananas on Exes 2 when Nany stuck hung onto the tree is a famous jaw dropping moment of athleticism. Only person to beat LeRoy in a straight up 1 v 1 was CT, where LeRoy made the bad choice by starting low on the wall. If you can walk away with the only person to beat you solo is CT, you’re doing something right.

Emily Schromm: 5–0 elimination record, wins over: Paula twice, Cara Maria

While Laurel is the most naturally dominant physical specimen in Challenge history, Emily Schromm is a good mix of size and hard work. Emily’s sole life focus is fitness, and she’s been damn good at it. Her first two Challenges she won 5 eliminations en-route to 3rd place final finishes. When she finally got a good partner, she dominated the season and was able to avoid elimination. Considering she’s won Handcuffs, Duel Pole Wrestle, and a version of Hall Brawl, Emily is a physical you should be terrified of. She has still not been eliminated ever.

Derrick Kosinski: 7–4 elimination record, wins over: Syrus, Brad, Adam L

The Diesel, the Challenge’s favorite pit bull is known for taking down bigger men on the daily. He’s coming back for Season 30, long live the Diesel! Also one of a few to win 4 eliminations in a season.

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Cara Maria Sorbello: 12–5 elimination record, wins over: Nia, Theresa, Ashley K., Aneesa

The second most elimination wins in the history of the Challenge, and the most ever by a female competitor. Despite being 5'4, Cara has massive arms and has been known to tear people up significantly larger than her. In Free Agents, she beat Nia in a tug of war that was focused on weight, Nia had 25–30 lbs on her, but Cara’s muscle, heart, and endurance pulled her through it. She has won an elimination in 7/9 seasons she has been on, and has won multiple eliminations on 4 of the seasons she has been on, a record she shares with Wes.

Chris “CT” Tamburello: 5–3 elimination record, wins over: Darrell, Shane L, LeRoy, Evan twice



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