The 5 Female Champs We Realistically Wish Were On Invasion

I did this same piece for the male champions, 7 and got some clamor about where are the females. From the get-go my focus was to do one for both males and females, but forgot to give the first one the male titling. So here is my piece for the females I realistically wish were on Invasion. By realistically, you have to understand that some girls are very far removed from reality television(mostly for the better), and others are just incapable. I love Paula Walnuts, but she’s been popping out babies like crazy and she has a home life to tend to. Coral was awesome, but she has other stuff going on in her life, including a family. And although there are rumors that Veronica Portillo has accepted the casting call for season 30, I do not bite on the idea that she will be coming back after her last appearance being so bad and it being it even more years past her prime. Plus she was never actually good at the athleticism portion of the game, which really matters now.

Here we go.


  1. Emily Schromm — 3 seasons, 3 finals, 1 time Champ, 5–0 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Rivals 2, 3rd Exes 1, winning 3 eliminations on Exes 1, and dominating Paula in 2 eliminations(Cutthroat and Exes 1). Last appearance: Season 24 Rivals 2. It was always Emily. Many people view Emily as the greatest Challenge competitor, I do not, as I think she needs at least 1 more win to cement that status. I do believe that she is in the top 3 with Evelyn Smith and Laurel Stucky, and is the most dominant physical specimen that the Challenge has ever had. My main scare these days is that she might be in too good of a shape to do the Challenge. She was dominating a few years ago and is in way better shape these days. Emily would be fun to have as she is capable to hook up with both sexes, and is known for the hot tub same-sex make out sessions. More than anything, we need to see her go against Laurel. These two have only been on one season together, Cutthroat, and those were big team seasons where they never got to face off 1 on 1. I’ve always believed that Laurel is a little afraid of Emily, but we have never gotten to see the two together. I also kind of want to see Cara get another shot, she’s improved so much physically, and while she cannot size up with Emily completely, I do not think it is a roll-over as it used to be. Please come back.
  2. Evelyn Smith — 7 seasons, 4 finals, 3 time Champ, 4–3 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Rivals 1, 1st The Island, 1st Inferno 3. Last appearance: Season 21 Rivals 1. While I did mention earlier that these are mostly realistic, this one is the farthest from that. Evelyn retired after Rivals 1 to focus on school and it was a legitimate thought that we would never see her again. However, if you stalk her LinkedIn account like a good Challenge fan, you can see that she has just finished up her time at Harvard Law, and from the Instagrams of other Challenge Stars(KellyAnne, Cara Maria, and Laurel) that she has been visiting them lately. Could we be seeing a return of Ev? Probably not, but after she didn’t get a fair shake as a champion on the Ruins, it would be incredible to see this physical and intellectual beast back on the show.
  3. Sarah Rice — 9 seasons, 5 finals, 2 time Champ, 6–2 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Exes 2, 1st Rivals 3, 2nd the Ruins, 3rd Seasons 2. Last appearance: Season 28 Rivals 3 This is going to get a lot of Sarah haters and Bananas lovers angry, but I truly wish Sarah was on this season for the format. I do not care what you think about her as a person, I do not care what you think about the Rivals 3 twist, and I do not care what you think about BrainCandy or Susie Meister, when it comes down to it, Sarah Rice is one of the top 6 female competitors all time. Although she holds her chin high about being a puzzle master, she is incredibly skilled in most of the daily challenges, is great at heights, and might be the greatest female swimmer in the history of the Challenge. People are mad that the female champion side is “weak” this season, and that’s because Sarah has won 2 out of the last 3 challenges, and so one of the big returning female champs is out of the picture, leading them to only cast 4 female champs. Sarah’s rookie season was also on the Ruins where her and KellyAnne almost defeated a stacked Champs team. It would feel good to see her on the Champs side this time around, and the legendary 3 peat would be up for grabs.
  4. Rachel Robinson — 7 seasons, 3 finals, 2 time Champ, 1–1 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Duel 2, 1st Gauntlet 1, won 4/9 daily Challenges on Duel 2. Last appearance: Season 22 Exes 1. This is one of the few throwback competitors that I feel everyone would welcome well. With Shane and Darrell coming back as Road Rules Campus Crawlers, Rachel would fit in perfectly with this younger generation. She was always fun and a chill hang, and although it’s been a while since she has been on a Challenge, she is currently in the best shape of her life. Check out her Instagram , she is a legitimate personal trainer and her body is rocking. I also support same sex hook ups, so it would be fun to see her back one more time. Plus, Rachel won Duel 2, and that is probably one of the best female casts ever. She is legit.
  5. Johanna Botta — 4 seasons, 1 final, 1 time Champ, 0–2 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Gauntlet 3, and hooking up with Wes and Kenny. Last appearance: Season 18 The Ruins. To be completely honest, with Paula gone and the total lack of new female champions lately, we are a bit dry on good female champs. Johanna has not been on in a long time, but she showed up on the Challenge Best Of show back during Free Agents. She has done commercials and is one of prettiest girls in Challenge history. I was surprised to see that she is 2 years older than Wes. It would be cool to have her around, I guess.



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