The 5 Challenge Champions We Realistically Wish Were on Invasion

The Challenge Invasion is how the Ruins should have done it. While the Ruins was a great season due to the drama and the jokes, it was mostly bad as the team male champs team was just on a different level from the underdogs. Almost like the Golden State Warriors playing a junior varsity basketball team. Here are the guy Challenge participants who I wish could have been on this season realistically for the Champion side. By realistically, I mean players who actually could have theoretically done the season or isn’t too far removed from the universe(sorry, Kenny, Evan, Landon, Alton, Miz, Jamie M).


  1. Derrick Kosinski — 9 seasons, 3 time Champ, 7–4 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Inferno 3, 1st The Ruins, winning 4 eliminations on Gauntlet 2(defeating Brad, Syrus, Ace, Adam L.). Last appearance: Season 20 Cutthroat. Everyone wants to see the diesel make a comeback. Derrick spent his first five seasons coming so close to eventually just fall short over and over again. He then went on the Inferno 3 and finally did the damn thing. He earned his keep his next season on the Island and got his second win. And then he was rightfully a Champ on the Ruins and was their best player besides Evan. The guy who had never won was suddenly a 3 time champ. Derrick lost on the final elimination on Cutthroat season 20 to Tyler. Fresh off a divorce and in the cross fit gym, Derrick is ready to make his return, and considering he is actually younger than Johnny Bananas, he definitely is still young enough to make that comeback and win. When I first started binge watching the Challenge, I began with Rivals 1. After deep diving, I was shocked that I missed out on this beast. While I never liked that he aligned with Johnny, Evan, and Kenny, I loved that he always put the team first and played with integrity.
  2. Wes Bergmann — 10 seasons, 2 time Champ, 13–6 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st the Duel(most stacked guy season all time), 3rd Fresh Meat 1, 1st Rivals 2, 2nd Rivals 1, 5th Exes 2, All Time Elimination Champ. Last appearance: Season 28 Rivals 3. When you say the words Challenge Champion, the first five names that come to my mind are Bananas, Darrell, Landon, Wes, and Kenny. Two of those guys are on this season, Kenny is banned, and Landon is too far removed from the MTV and Challenge universe at this point. When you think about the guy that is able to play rogue and politically play the game at its best, Wes is probably the greatest all time. In the purest sense, despite only 2 titles(though it should be 4), Wes is a winner and a champ. Wes is also the champ of champs, as he won the Duel, a season where 9 of the 10 guys on that season went on to win at least 1 challenge each.
  3. Jordan Wiseley — 3 seasons, 1 time Champ, 4–1 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Exes 2, 3rd Rivals 2, defeating Zach in an elimination (Exes 2). Last appearance: Season 26 Exes 2. This seems a bit out of the ordinary, but I really enjoy Jordan’s cocky attitude. He came into the Challenge so hot leading his rookie duo to a strong 3rd place finish on his first season. He got too cocky on Free Agents and played himself, losing to his seasonal nemesis, Bananas. Exes 2 he proved to be an incredible competitor when he keeping his mouth shut, and helping Sarah win her first Challenge. His body is better than ever now and he would be one of the best male competitors if he came back. The problem is that he really thinks he could be a good model or actor. Jordan is so cocky that he fills the Champ role so well!
  4. Frank Sweeney — 3 seasons, 1 time Champ, 3–0 elimination record, biggest achievements: 1st Battle of the Season, 2nd Rivals 2, never been eliminated. Last appearance: Season 25 Free Agents. There is a good amount of speculation that Frank will not be back on a Challenge due to him spilling too much tea about production and spoilers in interviews. He is in crazy shape currently and he is the perfect hurricane for this show. As much as people dislike him, he has never been eliminated on a Challenge. America needs Frank back on the Challenge and as a champ until he finally gets eliminated.
  5. Brad Fiorenza — 8 seasons, 1 time Champ, 4–2 elimination record, biggest achievements: 2nd the Duel 1, 2nd the Duel 2, 1st Cutthroat. Last appearance: Season 20 Cutthroat. The concept is of Champs versus Underdogs is a big one in the Challenge universe. It is really tough for some good challengers to actually win, and for Brad that was especially true. The dude had so much bad luck. He lost on Duel 1(a stacked season) due to a penalty shoot out. He lost on Gauntlet 3 due to Big Easy. He lost on Duel 2 in a 100 meter sprint against Evan. On the Ruins, despite being the level of a champ, he was put on the shitty challenger team. It would be great to see Brad finally recognized as a winner.

Honorable Mention: Mark Long and Jamie Banks



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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre


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