The 30 dirtiest things done by Johnny Bananas

I did an article where I wrote the dirtiest thing done by every dirty 30 cast member.

I left Johnny’s blank as I felt no reason to put one, when he’s done multiple deeds that have made him the dirtiest player in Challenge history.

I saw someone comment the other day that Johnny Bananas is the greatest heel in Challenge history. Which I cannot comprehend, if he is the heel, then is the person being terrorized the fans? Kidding aside, Bananas has proven throughout his record setting 15 Challenge appearances to be quite an asshole and a dirty rat of player.

So let’s celebrate it? Let’s shame it? I don’t know, but here are the 30 dirtiest things done by the Banana man himself.

DISCLAIMER: To make a point, I made all of this right off of the top of my head. Didn’t rewatch anything, this is all from memory. If there is something I am missing, comment them in on whatever platform you found this.

1 Rivals 3 — Stealing the money from Sarah
This obviously had to be here. Treating your partner like shit throughout the first half of a Challenge to fake reconcile for the cameras, then eventually steal $137,500 dollars from to act as if what she did on Exes 2 was the same thing, that’s not right.

2 Exes 2 — Being a bitch after getting thrown into the final elimination
Bananas made Sarah’s life miserable (as did Nia) after he was thrown into the final elimination by Sarah. He acted as if she completely ended his game and their friendship, when he still had the chance to vie for his game in elimination. He’s the same guy who tried to weasel in Derrick/Kenny into the final Ruins elimination, and here he is acting as if what Sarah did was the “dirtiest” move in Challenge history.

3 The Island — Calling every girl a dumb bitch
Makes sense, right?

4 The Island — Terrorizing Tonya
When Tonya appeared on the Island, she had just been divorced, and obviously was not in the best mental state. What did Johnny do? Called her a dumb bitch, mocking her with Kenny, essentially some hardcore bullying.

5 The Island — Telling Evelyn to shove her telescope up her ass

6 The Island — Bullying KellyAnne
When he wasn’t bullying the other girls, he’d often curse out, who’d he affectionately call a “dumb bitch”, so original. Sad part is they may have hooked up.

7 The Island — Tossing Evelyn’s key to the ground after it being stolen
Ev is known for her famous speech on the Island where she said “fuck you” to the KDJ alliance, and stole Bananas key. What class did he show? Tossing the key to the ground.

8 The Island — Cutting Paula out of the boat
It was Johnny, Kenny, Paula, Johanna, and Derrick from day one. Abram also around, and kinda Dunbar. They let Ev have Dunbar’s key, but once it hit the final, they could have took Paula with them.

9 Exes 1 — Doing laundry with Camila
I support people hooking up on the Challenge. Not when they cheat on their girlfriends at home.

10 Bloodlines — Filming Cara and Thomas
It’s one thing for Cara to accidentally blurt out that he took Camila’s virginity, it’s another to film someone without consent.

11 RW Key West — The fights between him and Paula
I’ll say this, Bananas was genuine on his Key West season. He was a straight shooter who was sometimes tough with Paula, but he said some things that showed he actually cared about her health. However, she’d sometimes just go after him when drunk, and he’d stoop to her level, leading to a ton of Paula tears and insecurities.

12 Exes 2 — Overjoyed after a Wes injury
While Wes was way too excited after Bananas was eliminated by LeRoy on Exes 2 the first time, Johnny and Nany showed too much joy after Wes was down on the ground with a possibly neck/head injury.

13 Exes 2 — Throwing a mission, so you can throw your best friend into elimination
When Bananas returned to the game on Exes 2, he decides to throw the mission to give Sarah the win, so that she can put LeRoy against Wes without any guilt on his conscience.

14 Rivals 1 — Tossing cookies at Mike Mike
Mike was such a nice guy, making him explode like that was a real asshole thing of Bananas and Tyler.

15 Torturing Robin
This was throughout many Challenges, but man, Johnny was a dick to Robin over the years.

16 Cutthroat — Throwing Katie into elimination after a major injury
Bananas was the de-facto leader of the blue team who made most of the team decisions. They put Katie Doyle in elimination after she got two black eyes from her fall in the water.

17 The Ruins — Messing with Tonya
Kenny and Evan are the ones who got banned. Johnny’s treatment of Tonya when she mentally wasn’t in the best state was ugly.

18 Bloodlines — Bringing his cousin onto the show
When Bananas brought his ass-hat cousin onto the show, it only elevated his own asshole status. They were terrible towards women, and all around greasy.

19 Rivals 3 — Picking on Camila
Camila/Tony should get 99.9% of the blame for getting themselves DQ’d on Rivals 3. When Vince knocked over Camila, then Bananas did nothing to help, only mocking her..

20 Exes 1 — Throwing Wes into the first elimination
He hates Wes, but throwing a veteran into the first elimination is so out of nowhere. Wes wanted to do it on multiple Challenges, and he didn’t out of respect to the veteran status. Bananas doesn’t play like that.

21 Rivals 3, et al — Adderall usage
It is known that Johnny has used adderall to give himself an advantage, from staying awake, to performing well with puzzles.

22 Champs vs Pros — Not having any words after losing to Wes
You came on for charity, speak about it, or at least show some respect towards Wes. Not speaking was a bitch move, showing he’s a poor sport who will also bitch when others aren’t.

23 Champs vs Pros — Getting into it with CM Punk
CM Punk is a WWE Champion, millionaire, and a nice guy who came on this show as a favor, giving you better exposure. Don’t be an asshole, trying to get in a wrestler’s face will get you power bombed.

24 Free Agents — Throwing Cara Maria into elimination with a broken hand
Nany did not want to vote Cara Maria in, feeling sympathy for her. What did Bananas do? He stayed stubborn, forcing Nany to vote in Cara or else it was her ass in elimination.

25 Battle of the Seasons — Bellyaching on Twitter about how a win isn’t a win without him there
A totally pretentious claim. I’d love to see Landon, Darrell, or someone else claim this when Bananas is on a Challenge they aren’t. A win is a win.

26 Free Agents — Putting Cara Maria in a chokehold during the first mission
Every time I watch Free Agents, this moment messes me up, like I understand you want to win, but putting a 5'4 girl in a chokehold? Why?

27 Exes 2 — Hooking up with Nany in the exile house
Again, don’t cheat on your girlfriend.

28 The Homophobia and Body Shaming of Women
Not cool, right? The homophobia is basically gone these days though.

29 Never protecting a female ally
Nany, Camila, Paula, and so many others have defended Johnny. When their names come up, he’s never been one to protect them.

Jesus Christ, this guy really took all the money from his partner, he didn’t even offer like part of it to her. If she stole it from him, I don’t know what would have happened.