The 10 guy eliminations we don’t want…WE NEED

This past Champs vs Pros season gave us the elimination we had been waiting a decade for in Wes vs Bananas. On Invasion we got Bananas vs Darrell, Cara Maria vs Laurel, Darrell vs CT, and so on. What are the eliminations we need the most on the male side of the Dirty 30?

10 CT vs Ammo

Ammo wears pants with a size 27–28 waist, while CT is a 250 lb behemoth. This would be a fun elimination for only the pure size difference. CT has recently put on some extra stuffing. Ammo becomes skinnier by the day. It would be highly interesting to watch these two in an endurance competition.

9 Nelson vs Tony

These two were chippy on Invasion of the Champions. Both wanted to be the alphas of the show now that Bananas & Co were not around. Nelson won the battle as Tony went home fourth out of all the Underdogs, and didn’t make it halfway. This season, we could get an elimination match-up between the two. Tony is 6'3, where Nelson is around 5'8 or 5'9. Nelson is an elimination powerhouse so far in his Challenge career, stacking numbers of 4 wins and 1 loss. Tony is 1–1, and often can’t even see an elimination due to him always getting himself out of the game.

8 CT vs Bananas

Would be higher if we had not seen it multiple times already.

7 LeRoy vs Hunter

MTV posted this photo on the Challenge Twittter.

I cannot tell if this is a daily mission or an elimination. Hunter is a 5'6 ball of muscle, where LeRoy is a 6'1 beast who has inflicted pain and injuries to his opponents in elimination. In this picture, I found out that I really wanted a Hunter/LeRoy elimination, and I didn’t even know it.

6 Jordan vs Tony

For some reason, Tony thinks that he is the best looking guy in the house who is God’s gift to Earth. The last time someone came in that cocky to the Challenge, it was Jordan Wiseley. Jordan was able to prove himself and show why he might be one of the best competitors ever to be on the Challenge. Tony has never done anything on the Challenge to deserve respect or clout. He has all the tools in front of him to do well.

Tony is big, strong, fast, and coordinated, but he gets in his own way as he is lazy and does everything without thinking. Jordan is an incredible natural athlete, though he’s had to overcome a ton. The way Jordan is able to figure how to do all the challenges and eliminations with only one hand shows his mental fortitude. Tony would complain and make excuses of his shoes being uncomfortable, where as Jordan literally is missing a good part of his hand.

5 Nelson vs Bananas

Nelson is hungry to dethrone Bananas, like Jordan was on Free Agents. After a strong finish last season, it his goal to be victorious over the face of the franchise. A pole wrestle between the two would be the ultimate battle. Bananas loves to make fun of Nelson’s stupidity. It would be great to watch Nelson take the win on this one.

4 Derrick K vs Hunter

The original pit bull versus the new age pit bull. Height has always been the weakness of these two. Then again, when you watch them compete, it shows you that height doesn’t matter, all you need is heart, muscles, and some badass in you.

Hunter has gotten much more muscular and ripped than Derrick ever has, though Derrick knows how to use his body, is able to wrestle people, and is known for his powerful legs.

3 Bananas vs Jordan

This elimination match-up was so hyped during the original Free Agents, and since this is basically Free Agents 2, it only feels right that these two need to see each other in elimination. The fact we were forced to watch these two compete in Wall Brawl was disappointing. We need to see these two hitting each other, not a wall.

2 Darrell vs CT

Last season people were disappointed to watch Darrell face CT in Knot So Fast. While Knot So Fast is one the greatest Challenge eliminations, it was not a satisfying finish for fans of the show who wanted a bloody elimination between the two of the all time Challenge heavyweights.

I personally would love to watch a Tug of War type elimination between the two. CT able to use his size, where Darrell can take advantage of athleticism and fitness.

1 CT vs LeRoy

In terms of “eliminations”, the most dominant competitors in eliminations are CT and LeRoy. LeRoy is a monster built to succeed in them. He beat Wes twice, Bananas twice, Zach (DQ), Reilly, and Cohutta. LeRoy is tied for the second most elimination wins at 7, and none of them have been against weak competitors. Heck, all of his wins are against above average players. He’s also won in Balls In, Hall Brawl, and Pole Wrestle (twice), the most physical game in the franchise.

CT has wins over Darrell, Shane, LeRoy, and Evan (twice).

When these two faced each other on Free Agents, they also played Wall Brawl. Good elimination, except when you have the heavyweight it’s a waste.



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