Temptation Island Episode 2 Recap: Relationship Breakdowns

Episode 2 of Temptation Island is in the books and we were fed well. We got an Angels/Devils lingerie party, we got cowboys flipping girls, men get double-cheeked up on Tuesday, and a man crying in the club. I examine the status of the four couples relationships along with some notes on some of the singles from this week. Let’s go!

Kristen & Julian

I feel much more optimistically about this pair after Episode 2 than I did Episode 1. Both of them enjoy the attention they are getting from the opposite sex but are completely respectful. Just because the temptation is staring you in the eyes, there is no need to dive in right away. Kristen getting mad at the guy making a mess on night one was an iconic moment. As much as I love partying and having a good time, the idea of a messy house with sticky floors sends nerves down my spine. Based on the Angels & Devils party, you could tell Julian enjoys being the life of the party and in the middle of it all, yet, in the back of his mind, his focus is still on Kristen, which is a positive.

Erin & Corey

For Corey, we know Erin is the one who was pushing for them to go on this show, which is not even a Red Flag warning; that’s your car has driven off a cliff already, hopefully, you don’t die type of warning. Then his girlfriend picks a guy who looks similar to him except with a beard and is a former soccer player (like her). Again, I’d say these are bad signs; however, the bad sign was going on this show and thinking that you would stay together. Erin did stay respectful on her first date; it feels more like she’s invested in getting to know the singles versus Corey, who is trying to embrace the time despite Erin being in his head 24/7.

Corey seems like a fantastic guy, and I think that as the show plays out, he might be the most eligible bachelor of the bunch since he genuinely gives off good vibes. For any Bachelor fans, he somewhat reminds of Adam Gottshalk, where Adam wasn’t the best-looking guy, except because he had a fantastic personality and was an actual human-being, women flocked to him immediately. If Corey detaches himself more from Erin, then that could be him.

Erica & Kendal

Kendal continually saying he came onto Temptation Island with no rules is like when you are on a diet and randomly declare that you are on vacation or a cheat day. Yeah, you and your significant can agree on a loose basis of no rules. Except there are always unspoken rules when it comes to being a regular human in a relationship. There is mutual respect that should be there from the onset. Erica is enjoying the attention she is getting from the men, appreciates the compliments, and understood that she’s got a great body. At the same time, she knows Kendal is her man, and if she rubs up on someone else on night one/two, it’s not a great look.

Meanwhile, Kendal is getting a firm grip of both of Alexcys cheeks during a lap-dance in front of everyone else. Honestly, the lap-dance they gave to each other did not cross a line because Kendal was dared to give her a lap-dance. It’s the moment where he decides to grab onto her ass that displays more intent, and because he did it in front of everyone, it is almost an open invitation to the other women that is ready to be tempted. (I know she put his hand on it first, but he doubled down and got a better grip even). As the women said in their confessional, Kendal seems as though he is willing to risk it all, and they are willing to risk it back.

Chelsea & Thomas

If you are Thomas, it has to be a massive positive that the guy Chelsea picked to go on a date with looks like you. Now, you might be wondering why I am positive about that choice for Thomas and not Corey? Well, that’s because their relationships differ in huge ways, Chelsea is the one afraid of losing Thomas to his flirty ways, and Erin is the one looking for something potentially more exciting than Corey.

While Chelsea got annoyed by the Tablet Video of Thomas painting her in a bad light by telling the story about how he got a girls number at a networking event (the truth is likely somewhere in the middle of how they each told it), had they shown the clip of Thomas aggressively telling a girl that he had no intent on leaving without Chelsea, then she would have been over the moon happy. The producers really do a good job of manipulating this show, making great television for us viewers. Also, Thomas was way too aggressive and dismissive towards that woman who asked a playful question. Simultaneously, if you were dating him, you would want him to take a confident stand (just less dickish).

Sidenote: I thought Chelsea was a gorgeous woman in Episode 1 already. However, once she switched into the bikini, she jumped a couple of tiers of hotness. Chelsea has a BODY. Sheesh.

Stand Out Singles:

Alexcys: Huge turnaround from Week 1 to Week 2. At first, I thought she was all bark and no bite. This week, she came in hot, immediately got attached to Kendal, and looked great in her costume. She also had a hot make-out with Katrina.

Lex: Seems like a chill dude. He really won’t get anywhere until Erica detaches herself from Kendal (which might be never).

Nicole: The fact Erin thought Amanda was a good choice for Corey and that she was cute really tells you that she is confident that she has him in the palm of her band still.

Griffin: Remember when I said that just because you have something in common with someone, it doesn’t mean that you two are right for one another? Well, I don’t think Erin got that memo because she is only looking for checkmarks.

Lauryn: Got taken on a date. She did not get to say much, if anything. (I think she liked the eggs at breakfast)

Dr. Blake: On paper, Dr. Blake is a catch for Chelsea. Physically her type, and they have a lot in common. Although, I can’t seem to shake a feeling of a lack of spark/chemistry that is not forced. Just because you have things in common doesn’t always mean you are right for someone.

Jesse: There is an amiable quality to Jesse. So much so that it feels like Kristen picked him because she can comfortably keep him in the friend zone.

Amanda: Similar to Lauren, I didn’t see much from her.

Katrina: Kissed a girl. It was hot.

Cowboy: I don’t know what his name is, but he flipped Chelsea, and it was kind of hot. Yeehaw.


The biggest disappointment was that of the 4 women picked to go on dates, three were blonde, and the other was the most basic brunette (sorry, Lauryn, you are pretty). None of the gorgeous women of color were picked, which may ultimately come down to them not being outgoing enough. In their defense, maybe the men can’t handle some of those women because damn, they are fine.

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