Temptation Island Episode 1 Relationships Breakdown

Allan Aguirre
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Episode 1 of Temptation Island (Season 3 or Season 6) is in the books, and it seems as though we are setting up for a fun season. After a rough 2020, being able to turn off my brain and watch the unstable relationships of attractive people devolve in front of our eyes is always welcomed. I will say, I forgot that Episode 1 is mostly only an episode to establish the existing relationships (which it should be). The animalist part of my brain wants to see them getting drunk, throwing parties, and hooking up already. Patience is a virtue, and in due time, we will get those moments, and because they built the relationships up within this episode, the break-ups and hook-ups will be all the more satisfying.

For this article, I decided to give a quick breakdown/forecast of the couples based on the first episode.

Kristen Ramos & Julian Allen

Based on the trailer shown at the end of Episode 1, it very much seems though Julian will be fully embracing all the temptations thrown at him. The trailer hints at Julian getting in a threesome (with two women), and in the opening episode, we learned that he has been unfaithful to her in the past. It is quite evident that Kristen still loves him based on the fact that she has stayed with him after he has cheated on her twice that she knows of (let alone potentially unknown affairs). Part of it is they have been dating for 11 years, and because of that, it is hard to move on to someone else. Nevertheless, based on the trailer, Julian is living a bachelor life.

I hope that Kristen gets on the same page as him and enjoys the Island and its suitors. The girl is gorgeous and seems like a total catch.

Erin Smith & Corey Sobczyk

This relationship was over before they stepped foot on the Island. In their intro, Erin talks about how she is used to dating pro athletes and celebrities and wonders whether she is ready to settle down for a boring life with a guy who honestly does not seem that boring. Corey is boring compared to a Pro Athlete, but compared to me and my friends, who spend hours every weekend playing video games and talking about Better Call Saul Season 6 theories, this man is a born thrill-seeker. In the intro, they say she was pushing hard for them to go on the show, which reeks of “I somehow convinced the boyfriend that I am trying to dump to come on this show so I can get more social media followers.”

However, if you watch the trailer, it looks as though another woman takes an interest in Corey, which for Erin, makes him look not so dull. Their relationship is reminiscent of Ashley and Casey from the previous season, except with Corey in the Ashley role and Erin in the Casey role.

Erica Washington & Kendal Kirkland

Based on Twitter, most people assume Kendal is mentally single already. I agree with those on Twitter; Kendal seems self-centered and self-serving, so that it is probably a major positive in the business world. Kendal seems like a guy who will one day net over a million dollars annually while also paying loads in alimony to multiple ex-wives. He is the type of guy I would be cool being friends with; I just would not suggest any of my female friends date him.

I enjoyed Erica in the opening episode. She is gorgeous, had great charisma, and then “Don’t drop a dime for a nickel line” was the highlight of the episode for me, and I understand why they named the episode after it. Looks-wise, she somewhat reminds me of Nurys Mateo from Are You The One Season 6 and Ex on the Beach Season 2. Erica has huge long-term reality television potential. You could envision her doing other shows after this if she plays her cards right. Her relationship status? Probably going to be single after this show based on the way Kendal is operating in the trailer.

Chelsea Orcutt & Thomas Gipson

Thomas is 37 years old, and this is his first long-term relationship (only been a year). He is known for being flirty and now is on Temptation Island. Sorry, Chelsea, this is likely not the man you are marrying, which is completely fine. You get to live on an island with good food, good drinks, and attractive men who want to woo you. Based on the trailer, I think they are both going to have fun.

Actually, when thinking about it, I would not be shocked if they both hook up with the singles and then still go home together in the end or reconnect after the show. If anything, this experience could create some transparency in an unstable relationship.

Standout Singles

TULA — Woof. They put Tula first for a reason. The girl is a total smokeshow.

DAVID — The guy spanked his own ass, and it was a weak slap. If you are going to do something that cringy, at least commit to it.

SOPHIA — Spicy as hell. Another smokeshow. She has a lot of natural confidence based on her walk alone.

SHAQUILLE — Fantastic body. The only problem is he says he is 25 when he looks 35.

ALEXCYS — Weak ice-breaker. Pointing at a woman and saying she was going to hook up with her man probably sounded cool in her head when in actuality, her delivery and confidence were not all the way there.

TOM — Italian guy who said he wanted to show what his hands could do in the kitchen. He got a good reaction from the women and not a great reaction from the men.



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