Ranking the remaining AYTO Second Chances Competitors Based Solely off of Hotness.

This is opinion based. But hopefully you read it, and it upsets you.

  1. Adam “Panther” Kuhn
    Guys like to make fun of Adam’s small hands like trolls who make fun of Megan Fox’s thumbs. In the AYTO house he has spit weak game when it comes to girls, but it never mattered when he looks like Ashton Kutcher, and has a crazy good body.
  1. Carolina “slept with Nate” Duarte
    I have always thought Carolina has a good heart. She has opened herself on these shows and is willing to fall for guys. She just wants someone to like her back, and how bad is that? However, it was sad that she slept with Nate, the lamest guy in AYTO history. Joey was cool, because Joey was a nice guy who was funny. Nate’s just a punk.
    Carolina has killer eyes, eyebrows, lips, and a beautiful stare.

2. Asaf “Kosher” Goren
Gee golly, he’s hot.

2. Tori Deal
First, why do they keep making jokes that Tori is a “bigger” girl. She is in amazing shape, like perfect size that a lot of people strive for. Nice curves, a booty, and a great smile. Sometimes the noises she makes annoy me, but she’s freaking hot.

3. Cameron “Ex Boyfriend” Kolbo
His relationship with Mikala is over, and it’s never clear whether they still like each other, but this show really dragged out issues for them. In my mind, Cameron is overrated. But he is very tall with great hair. Tall guys get an unfair boost when it comes to how good looking they are, and Cameron definitely benefits from that.

3. Alicia “Fantasy Suite” Wright
I was too busy disliking Alicia on her AYTO season to notice that she had a killer smile, awesome lips, and sparkling eyes. She’s a real beauty with a killer booty.

4. Devin “Dad Bod” Walker
Here comes the big separator between the guys who are good looking, versus the guys who are in awesome shape. His personality is part of his look, and it just wins. He consistently overachieves, as he just has that charm.

4. Shanley “Panda” McIntee
I think we all strive to be as funny as Shanley has been on this season of AYTO. She’s pretty over the reality tv experience, but also knows that it’s too good of a gig to pass up. Loving her hair recently.

5. Hayden “Corn Field” Weaver
Hayden is the guy you meet off of Tinder because you liked his profile picture. You want to date him, and possibly marry him, but you don’t want to hook up til like the 5th date.

5. Mikala “Ex Girl Friend” Thomas
In all honesty, if I was in the AYTO house, the girl I’d have my eye on is Mikala. A short cute brown girl with a great bod and goofy smile is my type. But in this house, she just ends up 5th, which shows you how hot the girls on MTV are.

6. Mike “Birthday” Cerasani
He’s a sweet dude with a killer bod. Just something freaks me out about him. Maybe it’s his eyes.

6. Kaylen “Momma Bear” Zahara
Have not been the biggest fan of the way she has treated Asaf this season, but I love her style, and I love her eyes. Booty too!

7. Morgan “Bobblehead” St. Pierre
No shits given for 6 pack, he has a literal bobble head. This guy is Johnny Bravo as a human being. Also heard some creepy stuff about him.

7. Rashida “Devin’s Partner” Beach

Sweet girl. Very fun, very pretty.



26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.

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Allan Aguirre

26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.