Quick Pre-Episode 4 Challenge Dirty 30 Power Rankings

Just watched the new episode of Game of Thrones. Hyped as fuck. LET’S GO!


  1. Chris Tamburello (CT) — You have to like that he comes in a couple days late and wins his first two challenges with a fluffier dad bod than last time.
  2. Derrick Kosinski (Diesel) — He won the first two challenges of the season and got picked first for the third. All the Challenge girls loved him on Twitter. It’s a good time to be Derrick.
  3. Jordan Wiseley (Bananas Jr) — We have not seen much from the Exes 2 Champion. Still a beast, and it’s better that there is no target on his back.

4. Johnny Bananas (Backpack) — In the newest MTV trailers for this week’s episode, we get a scene where vets are talking about how they think the young Bucs will be gathering votes against him. In another scene, Cory gets in his face drunk, along with Nelson. He’s still the Champ, but he has a target on him.

5. Hunter Barfield (Mini Gorilla) — At 5'6 and 205 lbs of muscle, Hunter has killed the game physically. He might be the best athlete on the field this season. Too bad he can’t do sudoku, and his social game isn’t all there.

6. Nelson Thomas (Wayans Bro #12) — He’s shown to have improved quite a bit in daily challenges from last season to this season.

7. LeRoy Garrett (RoyLee) — LeRoy’s back may never be the same. It is only a small sample size. We have not seen him be the LeRoy of old at all. We will be able to tell once he sees an elimination.

8. Darrell Taylor (The King) — Being in the Redemption House sets back your ranking.

9. Dario Medrano (A-Rod) — By siding with the veterans, Dario has given himself an extra week or two of safety.

10. Cory Wharton (the Gigolo) — He’s eliminated four people. That means the target on his back is huge. The positive is that on the girl side, 3/11 girls in the house are girls he has slept with. Nice.

11. Tony Raines (Tony two kids) — He’s literally not won anything. He did not win any three stages of the Purge and lost the first 2 challenges. He’s won as much as the people in the Redemption House.

12. Chris Ammon (Ammo) — At least he’s not in the Redemption House.

13. Devin Walker (Big D) — His game is over. Darrell is in the Redemption House. #TuesdayTinis

14. Derrick Henry (Tori’s Ex BF) — RIP Torrick 2017.


  1. Cara Maria Sorbello (Horse Girl) — Any complaints?
  2. Tori Deal (The Real Deal) — 3 of 3 in career daily Challenges? Has a smaller target as a rookie than Camila? Incredible.
  3. Camila Nakagawa (Cory #3) — She’s still in great shape and would be a tough out even if thrown into elimination. Defending Cory is not the best look for her long-term.
  4. Aneesa Ferreira (Cory #1) — So Aneesa has won 2/3 daily challenges this season, and probably would have won 3/3 if not for a technicality. Maybe she brings it this season.
  5. Kailah Casillas (Cory #2) — In awesome shape. Don’t ever let her pick teams for a Challenge again.
  6. Marie Roda (St. Thomas) — Hasn’t done terribly in any of the Challenges while staying under the radar.
  7. Jenna Compono (Bambi) — She has not done well in any of the daily missions thus far. Besides the final part of the purge, she’s done quite terribly.
  8. Veronica Portillo (Queen) — Road Rules is not dead. She wrestled Britni in the hallway last week to seal her team the victory in last week’s challenge and her safety.
  9. Britni Thorton (Are You The One) — She won an elimination last week! Congrats!
  10. Nicole Ramos (Nany’s Cousin) — While she won the wall daily mission, she straight up was not picked for the following challenge.
  11. Amanda Garcia (Pop Off Queen) — The current favorite to make it back from the Redemption House.
  12. Jemmye Carroll (Twitter Fingers) — I have a theory that Jemmye is actively trying to put up the worst season from a physical standpoint ever. So far, she is succeeding.
  13. Briana LaCuesta (Ashley’s Replacement) — She had more time in the house than the people in the Redemption House.
  14. LaToya Jackson (Toya) — Sigh. I do not see her making it back from Redemption.



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