Power Ranking The Second Chances

I’m going to do this power ranking for Second Chances a lot less informed and a lot more opinionated in comparison to my Challenge reviews which are mostly objective. However, I am very excited to watch this show next Wednesday, and am incredibly grateful to see that they changed the name of the show. AYTO: All Star Challenge was a terrible name and flippant copy-paste from the Challenge. The general idea of the AYTO Second Chances show is that it’s a competiton where they will do challenges that are physical, mental, etc, and when a team gets eliminated they can choose to split the money, steal the money from one another, or continue competing. The one trick is that if both people choose to steal the money, then nobody gets money. Alright, here are my rankings:

  1. Adam Kuhn and Shanley McIntee(Season 1) I was not a big fan of Shanley on her first season of AYTO, and also disliked how Adam treated Brittany. On the other hand, I do believe this pair has grown up a lot in the past four years and are probably in the best mind-set to win this game. Adam performed incredibly well on the Challenge, so Second Chances will be a walk in the park? It seems to be more of a game of intelligence and honesty, and Adam is kind of a little weasel, but overall they should be one of the most mature teams in the game.
  2. Devin Walker and Rashida Beach(Season 3) We know that when given the chance to take money from his partner that Devin would rather split it. He is the smartest guy ever cast on AYTO(not saying much), and even though he’s an asshole, people admit he’s actually quite intelligent. Since the game is less based of off complete athleticism, his dad bod might excel in this game.
  3. Asaf Goren and Kaylen Zahara(Season 4) In my opinion this is one of the most fun couples to be on this season. Post AYTO, I’ve warmed up a bit to Asaf and think he’s a little bit adorable. Kaylen is just as powerful of a personality, and hopefully they have a good showing.
  4. Derrick Henry and Cassandra Martinez(Season 5) Derrick deserves a true second chance after the finale of AYTO. He did not get serious about the game until it was too late. Besides that he was an enjoyable presence in the house that made me smile. Cassandra is just adorable and I would kill to date her.
  5. Cameron Kolbo an Mikala Thomas(Season 4) Can this pair get a second chance at love? Seriously, these two made such a cute couple, and I really want them to try again. Having been in an actual relationship that ended, there could be some wounds that are re-opened during this game.
  6. Nate Siebenmark and Ellie Puckett(Season 2) Who in the world does not love Ellie? She is such a sweet girl who captured my heart on AYTO season 2. However, Nate is a loser with a bad attitude. He was a wimp on AYTO, and he was kept in the game on the Challenge for so long as people wanted him as the lay-up for the final. Then again, having been on the Challenge, he has an edge on almost all the other competitors.
  7. Morgan St. Pierre and Tori Deal(Season 4) They tried to date in real life and she banged his roommate Mike C.(AYTO 3 and RW Bad Blood). The duo has an obviously chemistry with each other, but considering how soon they broke up, they will probably crumble under the pressure. Tori is a beautiful girl, and as much as they may not like each other, I don’t see either one trying to steal money from each other.
  8. Hayden Weaver and Carolina Duarte(Season 5) He may be dating Gianna, but Hayden and Carolina was a couple that I actually liked. Gianna seemed a bit fake, and was not the best towards Hayden. Carolina might have jumped around a lot, but when she was with a guy, she treated them like her world. Not the healthiest quality, but a one I admire nonetheless. I could imagine Carolina stealing the money from Hayden though.
  9. Giovanni Rivera and Francesca Duncan(Season 4) Simply put, Gio is an idiot, and Francesca is a beauty.
  10. Mike Cerasani and Alicia Wright(Season 5) My opinion of Mike shifted hard throughout the season. I hated his personality angle to start the season, and overall viewed him as a lower. However, he opened his heart up later in the season, and gained the most respect that I could give someone on a season of AYTO. Alicia is a snake, and Mike should steal the money before she does.



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Allan Aguirre

Allan Aguirre


26 years old. I blog about MTV's the Challenge and will dabble into other subjects occasionally. Follow me on Twitter for the occasional bad joke.