Podcast Interview with Yes Duffy (The Challenge All Stars Champion)

Allan Aguirre
2 min readJun 17, 2022


Hey everyone, Yes Duffy graciously gave me some time to interview him on my Podcast (Caffeine Confessionals). He is thoughtful and transparent throughout the interview and it was a fun experience. Above is the YouTube Video version of the podcast, and below is the Apple/Spotify links.

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Here is a breakdown with the rough time stamps of all the different subjects we talk about throughout the interview in case you want to jump around and listen to a certain part of the podcast specifically:

1–5 Minute Mark: General introductions. Yes talks about his entrance back into the Challenge universe and the experience of getting to do All-Stars 1.

5 Minute Mark: We talk about how crucial the opening challenge of All-Stars 1 was, where Yes could have easily been a first boot instead of the season’s winner.

7–12 Minute Mark: He talks about the vibe and experience in the house for the first All-Stars season compared to All-Stars 3.

12–15 Minute Mark: We discuss the importance of problem-solving in daily challenges.

15–24 Minute Mark: Yes gives his thoughts on the importance of communication when competing. We also talk about his relationship with players such as Jemmye, Veronica, and Jordan.

24–32 Minute Mark: The Battle of the Es’s. Yes talks about his experience and “rivalry” with Wes from this season. He admits to maybe taking Wes too seriously yet gives an honest and logical take on why he didn’t trust him.

33–38 Minute Mark: Together, we talk about what went wrong during his elimination against Wes, what the editing didn’t show, and how intense their battle actually was.

38–42 Minute Mark: We begin to wrap up and talk about the world’s current housing/homeless crisis.

42–45 Minute Mark: Closing remarks and goodbyes.

Hope you enjoyed the podcast. Here is other content from the channel if you wanna check it out:



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