Let’s get excited for the Challenge Champs vs Stars

After nineteen weeks straight of the Challenge Dirty 30 preceded by Invasion and Champs vs Pros, the Challenge has seemingly never ended. Trying to decipher differences between all the shows has become a complete blur. The Challenge used to be something people waited months for in order to get a new season. These days it has become a weekly ritual.

What is exciting is that after the never-ending Dirty 30 season, Champs vs Stars actually looks to be a refreshing change of pace. By bringing in huge personalities: Terrell Owens, Josh Murray, RiFF RaFF, and Ariane Cameron, the shows adds a drama element that wasn’t there with Champs vs Pros. Yes, Lolo Jones was crazy, but she could also easily dominate the Challenge competitors. Ariane Cameron is a great performer and while she isn’t an elite wrestler, she is in great shape — her going up against a beast like Emily Schromm is exciting. Terrell Owens is a premier athlete, but the Challenge requires a ton of on the fly ingenuity. Watching him get out-smarted by CT or Wes is an exciting prospect.

Each team has their lay-ups. The Stars have the Wild N Out Stars (Matt Rife and Justin Valentine), and the Champs have Cory, Jenna, and Aneesa (who are not actual champs).

The trailers building up to the show have been great too:

While only being fifteen seconds we get a bunch of quick shots of different scenes and different challenges. The design of the competition looks like the Olympics meets the Challenge. By making the Miz the host of the show, they create the perfect balance of both Champ and Star (as he is both). His presence is a bit cartoon-ish and he would drag on fans during a regular seasons. The Miz is perfect for this short iteration of the show where he can be a star while the Champs and Stars squabble among each other.

This was easily my favorite mini teaser:

Yes, only six seconds of Bananas and Wes talking shit of each other. Why is it perfect? Because as stale as Bananas gets on these shows, Wes brings the best out of him. CT doesn’t care enough to go against him these days, and others aren’t good enough too challenge his political and social stronghold in the main game. He’s beatable in eliminations, not in the social element.

Except when Wes is around, he acts almost like a demon come to torment the natural state of the game. Wes doesn’t like to vote in rookies, loves to keep lay-ups in, will make one week alliances, and is never afraid to go into elimination. He is the anti-Bananas. Wes carried Champs vs Pros, let’s see if he can do it again this season.

The longest trailer that we have seen is forty seconds long. The first challenge will be a truck pull between the two teams. Anchoring the Champs are CT, Zach, Aneesa, and Emily, while pulling for the Stars is Josh Murray, Terrell Owens, Kim Glass, and Michelle Waterson.

We get to see the heavyweights of each group literally show off who is stronger in the first challenge. The jerseys of the two teams are a great touch by production. Light blue jerseys for the Champs contrasting the orange creamsicle jersey of the Stars adds a bit of vibrancy and color to the show. In the confessionals with Terrell Owens and Emily Schromm, they make the background look like it’s the press conference of a football game to give the show a jokingly serious look. The Challenge has an awesome blend of levity and seriousness that keeps both hardcore and casual fans engaged.

With the direction that the Challenge is going in, shows like this to keep the franchise both relevant and lighthearted are important for its future. For traditionalists, the Challenge has always been Real World vs Road Rules. However, with the developments of new reality shows, the Challenge is becoming the reality super show that puts together the best reality starts into our favorite competition. It’s a good time to be a fan of the Challenge, even if it feels a bit much.

Also, this came out as I was about to post this:

Bananas vs a WWE Diva is the rivalry that I never knew I needed in my life.



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Allan Aguirre

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