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Allan Aguirre
5 min readApr 17, 2018


If any of you have watched MTV UK’s original version of Ex on the Beach, you are likely excited to see the franchise finally come over to America. Ex on the Beach UK will differ in many ways from the American version. The main difference is the television standards. British television does not shy away from foul language and the culture is more open about sexuality. Melissa Reeves caught a lot of attention on the Challenge Vendettas for being so open sexually, hooking up with both men and women. This type of hooking up is incredibly common, here is a clip of Ex on the Beach UK character Stephen Bear looking over his hook-ups from the show:

It is difficult to expect MTV to achieve the same show without the basically R rated standards of Ex on the Beach UK. However, MTV is relying on their mixing of familiar reality faces and hot people to put on the craziest US dating show in recent history.

Let’s watch the best trailer they have put out so far and then review the cast:

Biggest Faces

Cory Wharton (5 seasons of the Challenge, Real World Ex-Plosion)

After a couple quick losses on the Challenge, Cory is rehabbing by doing what he does best — putting in work in the bedroom. He is notorious for his many hookups and will be juggling between Alicia Wright (ex) and Taylor Selfridge based on the trailers. Cory’s first reality show also had the concept of bringing in one of his exes halfway into the show.

Chase McNary (the Bachelorette) & Jasmine Goode (the Bachelor)

Coming to us from the Bachelor franchise are Chase and Jasmine. Chase finished in the top four of Jojo’s season of the Bachelorette and was even considered for the role of Bachelor. He is a rugged man with a love for music. Jasmine is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader with a desire for camera time. She pushed the limits of Bachelor in Paradise, it will be fun to see what she does on Ex on the Beach.

Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother), Angela Babicz (Bad Girls Club), Faith Stowers (Vanderpump Rules)

Three stars from various reality shows are trying to extend their fifteen minutes. All of them were a bit controversial on their original shows. MTV is bringing them all in for their dramatic flair and their hot bods. Angela’s ex is Derrick Henry (AYTO), Paulie’s is Lexi Marsella, and Faith’s is Marcus Rosenzweig.

Familiar Friends

AYTO Family — Derrick Henry, Alicia Wright, Taylor Selfridge, Andre Siemers, (Season 5) Shanley McIntee (Season 1), Cameron Kolbo (Season 4) Joe Torgerson (Season 6)

At this point Are You The One? seems more like a show built to funnel into Ex on the Beach than it is an actual dating show. Alicia is coming on as Cory’s Ex, though she has had moments with both Derrick (Angela’s ex) and Andre (Taylor’s Ex). Taylor is also “exes” with both Cameron and Joe. Shanley fits into place as Cameron’s ex. When did all of this happen? I don’t know, sometime in LA in the last two years.

New Faces

Victoria Alario (New York Fashion Blogger) & Luis Rivera (ex)

Tor’i Brooks (Dunker and Model) & Haley Read (presumably Tor’i’s ex)

Chris Pearson “Creature Ferris” (DJ and Creature) & Chelsko Thompson (Musician and ex)

Marco Delvecchio (Jasmine’s ex), Lexi Marsella (Paulie’s ex), Skyler Mikkelson (Chase’s ex), June Robinson (someone’s ex), Marcus Rosenzweig (Faith’s ex)

It will be fun to see what this hot group of singles will do once pitted against their exes and fed volumes of free alcohol. Here are a couple more videos to leave you with until Thursday about best features, worst dates, etc.



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