Interview with Michael Halpern (Are You The One? Season 5)

After the AYTO Season 5 cast lost the money on the final night, you heard the ultimate realization come out in the words of “HOLY CRAP” by a Mr. Michael Halpern. The man was known from the first episode for being the girl to peak the interest of Gianna after her interest in Hayden was beginning to flame out. That would later turn. He was also known for an indiscretion at an after-show that when revealed by Carolina got her in the bad graces of MTV.

As the season went on, Michael’s went from being a total jerk towards a hilarious dude who would call out some of the guys on the cast. His last episode was famous for his “fight” with Derrick H, who he made look small. Derrick is 6'3 and 200 lbs, Michael made him look small in comparison.

Michael will be pursuing law school in the fall, so not sure if we will get him on another Reality Show. His interview was hilariously real and one that AYTO fans will enjoy. Challenge fans should be pushing for Michael. The dude is massive, guessing around 6'6 and can definitely smash some heads if push came to shove. If you cannot notice from the photos, he is massive.

Q: First off, thank you for answering these questions, I truly appreciate it. Now, how have you been Post-AYTO? What is it like to have people randomly say they hate or love you?

Michael: I don’t really think any which way about it because it’s familiar territory. I appreciate people who show me love and feel terrible for those who have the compulsion to hate. I don’t know what fuels a person to go out of their way to write negative things online but I’m sure they’re miserable.

Q: Your season of AYTO has famously been really sloppy during the season, and especially after the season with social media trashing. How do you think people would have acted with each other if you guys had won the million dollars?

Michael: I don’t think 20–30 grand after taxes would’ve drastically changed people’s personalities. Most of the people in the house didn’t take confrontation well. In their real lives they only debate and argue when tweeting. So they gave confessionals and waited silently until their phones were returned after filming.

Q: Who from your season do you still talk to and hang with? Who from your season would you turn the other way if you saw them?

Michael: Tyler and I are still good friends and drinking buddies. Hannah and I FaceTime a lot (giving each other life advice and support). Kari and I still talk and visit each other, she’s definitely a significant person in my life. I wouldn’t turn away from anyone but I know there’s a gang of people who would turn away from me.

Q From the looks of Instagram, you’ve been putting in a ton of work in at the gym. Is it possible we get you on a Challenge one day?

Michael: I’ve always been a huge gym rat, even though I slimmed down for AYTO. Honestly.. before I did the show I had never heard of ayto or the challenge. I heard people saying I’m gonna do this and maybe I’ll get on the challenge and I’m like what is that? Even though I’d probably dominate physically, not sure if I’m outlandish enough for it. I’d probably just sit back and make fun of people for being try-hards.

Q: I saw you posted that you were signing up for classes and are going to Law School. Congrats dude. Have you always been interested in becoming a lawyer or has it been new inspiration?

Michael: I was headed to law school last august when I got the call for the show. At first I thanked them for the opportunity but told them the timing was off. They called me back and sounded like they really wanted me so I took a chance and put off school. I’m glad I did because even though we didn’t win the money it was a great experience.

Q: What is your biggest regret from your AYTO season, and what are you most proud of?

Michael: I don’t have any regrets, if I had a problem with someone I always said something. When it came to finding a relationship, there just really wasn’t anyone there for me. The thing I’m most proud of was being the voice of reason in the house and bringing light to things others would sweep under the rug, no matter who it pissed off.

Q: In terms of your MTV hotlist, who are the 3 girls that if available, you’d want to date/hook up with the most?

Michael: No comment. I understand there’s a lot of extracurricular activity after the show between people and seasons. Reality chicks are one and the same.

Q: Before this over, two weird questions. I want to know what you think of all the memes people made of you from your AYTO season?

Michael: I thought the memes were hilarious and I use them sometimes.



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