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I was lucky enough to get an interview with the beautiful Carolina Duarte from Are You The One? Season 5. On Carolina’s season she was known for thinking everyone was her match once her relationship with the person would progress. There have been many people like that in AYTO history, including Tori Deal, the biggest AYTO female star.

The interesting thing about Carolina is that on AYTO she was truly open to finding love, something that most of the people only say to further their image. On the first day she was given a date with a guy named Joey, who might have been the 11th best looking guy in the house, out of 11. She was apprehensive at first, but as she got to know him a bit more, there became a better connection. When she finally found her perfect match with Hayden, she was so happy. It felt good to watch this girl who actually trying to find her perfect match get it.

Unfortunately, her perfect match loved another, and dumped her the moment after they lost the million dollars. It was a low move, and only a month or two later they sent her to Australia to be on AYTO Second Chance where she was partnered with Hayden. Hayden did her dirty again by stealing their winnings of $30,000 dollars four episodes in. He played with her emotions. Carolina wanted to play the game, and all he cared about was himself.

Carolina is perfect for reality television in that she finds her way in the middle of drama while never with the intent of it. In our age of camera whores vying for attention, Carolina ends up there through natural interest and blind bad luck. Not the best for her, but great for television. She is a sweetheart who is looking for a good time, and his hoping to get a little something on the side.

Her interview answers were great. She was truly a fan of AYTO before coming on, and really got invested in the show.

Q & A

Q: How are you doing these days post AYTO and post AYTO Second Chances? What’s next for you?

Carolina: I’m great! Finally past all the drama that reality television brings and only focusing on the positives. I am moving to California with Shannon soon and I couldn’t be more excited!

Q: Before auditioning for AYTO, were you a fan of the show or any other reality television shows?

Carolina: Oh yeah I was a huge fan of AYTO , I’m a sucker for reality TV and I got the idea for applying by watching an episode with my friend.

Q: I see that Brazilian pride is big for you. How does it feel to have all the AYTO Brasil fans behind you?

Carolina: It’s awesome, honestly Brazil is a huge part of me. My whole family is there and I love the culture. It feels amazing having the show aired there and feeling the support from my home country.

Q: What was the process of getting cast to AYTO for you?

Carolina: It was long. So long. I started it in June and only found out I was on the show the end of September. The whole time I kept telling myself I was too boring for a show like that, but I guess they saw something in me that I didn’t see. Haha.

Q: What are you favorite shows and snacks? Like when you’re going to couch after a long day and just want to watch Netflix with your pet.

Carolina: I Netflix & chill with my puppy, Frank all the time. Right now I just binge watched Riverdale and I love OITNB. Also I’m a sucker for the bachelor/bachelorette . Frank just enjoys watching to see if I drop any popcorn for him.

Q: Did you go on AYTO as a stepping stone, or for fun? Some people want to promote themselves and use the show as platform, or did you go for a vacation?

Carolina: I thought of the show as a free vacation , that’s why when we lost it wasn’t the end of the world for me, cause I never expected anything out of it besides a good time and maybe a good guy.

Q: So you’ve had a diverse taste in guys on the show. What do you look for in a person? Physically, what is something that just catches your eye in guys?

Carolina: I love a sexy, mysterious guy. I don’t like the loudest guy in the room. Or douchey vibes. A nice stomach is a must, haha. I don’t know, I am open to a lot of things, but I love old school gentlemen the most.

Q: Do you think that if you guys had won the money, there would be less resentment among the Season 5 cast?

Carolina: Oh forsure, if we won there would still be drama but no one would care as much to make it be known cause at the end of the day, we all got money in the bank. Too bad that’s not the case. Lol.

Q: Who are the best people you’ve met during the AYTO experience?

Carolina: It’s weird cause the ones I was closest too during filming are not the ones I’m close to now. People are fake, nothing I can do about that. But now I love the ones who remained real, like Shannon, Alicia, Ozzy, Derrick, Kam, and Michael.

Q: Who is hottest guy and girl in AYTO history?

Carolina: Oh gosh… I have to say Cam Bruckman for the guy...he’s just so cute and sweet! And for the girls I have to say Mikala , she’s so beautiful inside and out.

Q: Were you contacted for the Challenge Dirty 30? And would you be open to doing a Challenge?

Carolina: I can’t say if I was or wasn’t, but I would always be down for a challenge. MTV hates me though, so that probably won’t be happening. Oh well…their loss.

Q: Before the interview ends, is there something that you want people to know about you that they have not heard. Or a bigger message that you want to send to people.

Carolina: I just want the haters to know that I guarantee you wouldn’t hate me if you met me in person. Don’t judge someone based off a “reality” TV show. And I love all the ones who support me!



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