Interview with Britni Thornton (Challenge Vendettas)

The next Vendettas interview from this season is the wonderful Britni Thornton. The girl is an absolute firecracker who truly appreciates everything about the show. She loves the fan interaction, she loves travelling, she loves being around the hot guys (specifically one), and loves to compete. She is taking her one appearance from Dirty 30, and pushing forward to do even better on Vendettas and for the future. Hope you all enjoy this interview!

Q: You went from not being on a show for over two years to filming two shows in eight months, essentially, all whilst breaking up with your boyfriend (of 2 yrs), buying a house, and planning lots of stuff on the horizon, in between. How are you feeling?

Britni: I feel freaking fabulous! Once I came on the show, everything in my life went from bad to good really fast. Unfortunately, growing and gaining a lot of opportunities from The Challenge made my ex (Chuck) very jealous, so he left and took the storm with him.

Q: From social media, everyone can tell that you and Brad have something going on. Might not have a label yet, but there is something though. How did that come to be?

Britni: Brad and I actually met at the hotel the night before flying out to location for Vendettas. We immediately hit it off and started on the show with a “thing”, aha. Now we are officially together and happy!

Q: What was it like watching your elimination with Briana on TV? It was obviously a very close match, but on TV you could see Briana was one tug away from winning. One tug could have been the difference between being in the main house for five days versus eight weeks.

Britni: Rewatching it still gives me butterflies! Literally. Luckily, I had Johnny seriously coaching me the whole time. CT told me before that “look follow your gut, ALWAYS listen to your gut” and I knew I needed to take my time because I KNEW endurance was going end up being the judge of it all. Luckily, I knew that and listened to it and knew to take my time and not rush, because in the end, it came down to who had a little bit more endurance.

Q: While your AYTO season remains fresh in the memory of many fans, did you ever think you might never get on a Challenge? It was rumored you and Hunter were alternates for season 29.

Britni: We were! Hunter and I would have been Nelson and Amanda, but unfortunately I had an old knee wound and couldn’t perform. It made me sad to miss out on the chance, but THANK GOD they never gave up on me though!

Q: Did you grow up watching MTV or any other reality television? If so, how excited would younger Britni have been if you told her that you’d grow up to be on the show.

Britni: She’d be laughing so hard! Haha. I was SO shy till about 13/14 years old, so that girl wouldn’t believe me at all; and even 18 year old me would have been like “I can barely walk up that hill”

Q How many seasons do you see yourself doing? Do you see yourself doing three or four and then moving on, or do you want to do them until the wheels fall off?

Britni: TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF BABY! I am young, I have no kids! Why not? Plus I absolutely love it, I love the cast, crew, every little aspect about doing these shows!

Q: Why was AYTO 3 so awesome? Not only was the season very good, but you, Devin, Hunter, Nelson, and Amanda have all done great on the Challenge, in both competition and entertainment. Also, as an aside, who is the better AYTO competitor between Hunter and Nelson?

Britni: I mean come on, it’s obvious that we’re all just naturally awesome. Haha. Truly, I think it because we’re all naturally super competitive people, all WHILE stirring up some drama, whether it’s from being naked all the time (okay, maybe that’s just me) or getting into fights.
Between Hunter and Nelson… YIKES! All I’ll say is… Surprisingly, it really comes down to whoever can keep their tempers under control. When Hunter wins and gets going, he is always popping off. Love those guys.

Q: As a big Games of Thrones fan, what did you think of Season 7?(Spoiler to those behind, the season did end over six months ago, though).

Britni IT WAS AMAZING! Talk about epic. The love scene between Khaleesi and Jon… that was depressing … we need Khal for that. I really thought when her dragon died that Jon was also going to! I was seriously the girl on her knees in front of the tv screaming and crying (not kidding). When the Stark girls took out Littlefinger, I was jumping for joy.

Q: For Britni, what is the next step? The thing you want to accomplish in 2018.

Britni: Win. I want to win this year. Not sure which season. But that’s it. I’ve actually been working out this time around. I’ve done pretty well before for never working out prior, so now I’m STOKED to see what I can bring to the table on the next challenge I’m on. These small performances have inspired me to make a big one.

Q: The final question is what is the one thing you’ve learned from doing these shows? Also, thank you so much for taking the time and responding.

Britni: Females can seriously do everything a man can. It’s one thing I love most about the challenges. You see the guys struggling and we are struggling right there with them. Our weights are mostly the same, our distances are the same, everything! Hey we wanted equality, right?



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