If Season 30 is Cutthroat 2, how the draft should go.

So if you do not want to know who is on the Season 30 cast, do not read this.

I am not going to be revealing elimination spoilers, as I do not know them. I keep myself spoiler free so I can write unbiased opinions for you guys, the readers. I love you all that spend the time to skim through what I write, even the haters, I love you all.

For this article, we are going to assume that the 3 Captains are fans who are highly knowledgeable of the Challenge, watched every season, and keep up with all of these people on Social Media.

For this scenario, let’s call our 3 fans, I don’t know, Lexie, Lizzie, and Sarah. Lexie will captain the red team, Lizzie will captain the blue team, and Sarah will captain the grey team. It will be a snake draft with the order of: Lexie, Lizzie, and Sarah.

First Round(Guys Pick)

Lexie selects CT first overall, she needs the veteran leadership, and someone who is great at daily Challenges.
Lizzie selects Jordan second overall, she wants some flair for her team. Jordan’s last time on the Challenge, he won, and has been a cross-fit addict since.
Sarah selects Darrell third overall, he often takes it easy until later in the game, but it’s never bad to have Darrell.

Second Round(Girls Pick)

Sarah selects Cara Maria fourth overall, the girl with best cardio and upper body in the cast. Always good to have a champion.
Lizzie selects Camila fifth overall, a good athlete, best at heights, and a great swimmer.
Lexie selects Jenna sixth overall, never been a bad player. She’s not gonna make waves on her team.

Third Round(Guys Pick)

Lexie selects Derrick K seventh overall, Derrick is looking to bash heads in his return to the Challenge. Great team player.
Lizzie selects Bananas eight overall, while Bananas may be a top tier competitor, and excellent at coaching during daily challenges, he’s a conniving rat who could create turmoil on your team.
Sarah selects LeRoy ninth overall, without Bananas on his team, LeRoy should be fine. Him and Darrell gives Sarah two physical powerhouses.

Fourth Round(Girls Pick)

Sarah selects Ashley tenth overall, fresh off making the final for Invasion, she needs Ashley’s brains, and ability to just perform well.
Lizzie selects Kailah eleventh overall, Kailah is looking like she’s in even better shape than she was on Invasion.
Lexie selects Amanda twelfth overall, she needs some puzzle sense and brains to complement her team.

Fifth Round(Guys Picks)

Lexie selects Hunter thirteenth overall, she’s hoping with CT and Derrick’s tutelage, they can calm him down and unleash his true beast potential.
Lizzie selects Nelson fourteenth overall, she needs to add a little more muscle to her team, and with Bananas on it, maybe he can coach Nelson’s raw strength through the missions.
Sarah selects Devin fifteenth overall, with having Darell and LeRoy already on her team, she’s punting swimming. However, she needs someone with brains to compensate for two guys who are terrible at puzzles.

Sixth Round(Girls Picks)

Sarah selects Tori sixteenth overall, based off of her strong performance on Are You The One Second Chances.
Lizzie selects Veronica seventeenth overall, it has been a long time since we have seen Veronica perform, but she is definitely better than the middle of the crop.
Lexie selects Marie eighteenth overall, hoping she gets a Marie similar to Battle of the Seasons.

Seventh Round(Guys Picks)

Lexie selects Dario nineteenth overall, been pretty solid in daily missions, possibly higher ceiling than Cory and Tony.
Lizzie selects Tony twentieth overall, considering she already has Bananas and Jordan, she wants to consolidate the market on good looking guys.
Sarah selects Cory twenty-first overall, him making two finals in three seasons is pretty good, but he’s warranted a lot of reasons to not pick him too — bad at puzzles, not a team player, bad endurance.

Eight Round(Girls Picks)

Sarah selects Aneesa twenty-second overall, best case scenario you throw her into a ton of eliminations, worst case scenario she ends up there at the final to bring you down.
Lizzie selects Britni twenty-third overall, taking a shot that she is not terrible, but in reality she will see a good amount of eliminations as a rookie.
Lexie selects LaToya twenty-fourth overall, LaToya beat Jemmye in an elimination. This is the reasoning.

Ninth Round(Guys Picks)

Lexie selects Shane twenty-fifth overall, adds pizzazz to her team.
Lizzie selects Derrick H twenty-sixth overall, adding a 6'3 200 lb guy is always good.
Sarah selects Chris twenty-seventh overall, last kid on the playground.

Tenth Round(Girls Picks)

Sarah selects Alicia twenty-eight overall, hoping she isn’t as bad a Jemmye.
Lizzie selects Jemmye twenty-ninth overall, because she is not Simone.
Lexie selects Simone thirtieth overall, because she is Simone.

How teams now look:

Red Team: CT, Derrick K, Hunter, Dario, Shane R, Jenna, Amanda, Marie, LaToya, and Simone.

Blue Team: Jordan, Bananas, Nelson, Tony, Derrick H, Camila, Kailah, Veronica, Britni, and Jemmye.

Grey Team: Darrell, LeRoy, Devin, Cory, Chris, Cara Maria, Ashley, Tori, Aneesa, and Alicia.

From what it looks like, the Red Team is stacked from the male standpoint, where their girls trail off quite a bit, unless Marie is able to channel her Battle of the Seasons self.

The Blue Team is the most balanced team, the least amount of weaknesses among the teams.

The Grey team has the worst guys out all the groupings, however, their girls are much better than the rest of the teams, and we saw in the first Cutthroat, that the grey team was able to win due to the strength of their females.

Who do you think would win?



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